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  1. Thanks guys! It was actually my first try ever at a hamon, I'm pretty happy the way it tourned out, even though it did not fully follow my clay outline
  2. This blade really is awesome for your very first Knife! I like the design and the clean finish
  3. Heya everyone, I am happy to show you my newest creation: A kiridashi with handle wrap and a secondary bevel to bring out the hamon. I really love the look of it! Dont forget to check my Video about the creation of it
  4. The idea for the filing jig is not coming from me, i got it from "Gough Custom" But im always happy when my video can inspire people to do something!
  5. Thank you all for your positive feedback! It is quite motivating to hear this from very experienced knifemakers I would be more than honored
  6. I have to thank you for your kind words I am happy if my viewers are happy
  7. Thanks for the suggestions! I will look them up for sure
  8. Very interesting material choice - It almost looks like sand...
  9. Hey ho guys, I have gotten myself a set of micro mesh sheets today, and regarding that these are rather expensive i wanted to know whether or not Micro Mesh is wearing out just like regular sandpaper, or if it has a great reusability... Also, how should i clean them if they are in fact reusable many times? Jonas
  10. I have found a very simple "tool" to flare them out, you can take the heads of two screws, glue them on something hard and use them as the mentioned "tube flaring dies". I hope one can understand what i am trying to express I even like the screws more, because its not a simple continuous degree, it creates a courved flare...
  11. amazing as always I cant wait to see the full picture
  12. Check out my youtube channel - Bloodforge Knives -

  13. Awesome planning Mark especially the "make dagger" seems to be very helpful
  14. Hm you may be right... Im going to add further instructions in future Videos. But I also think that just by watching it you can learn something, get curious about the things you don't understand and look them up. Thats how I got into Knifemaking in the first place
  15. Ahhhh, thank you I tried to follow the old "how to post a video" - post on this forum with embedding and stuff...
  16. Greetings everyone, I wanted to share with you my first video on my channel - Bloodforge Knives. It shows the making of a nordic style knife, and is oriented more towards an audience of beginning Knifemakers, or just people that like to watch interesting craftsmanship. I would be happy if you would give it a try, and maybe leave some feedback! Cheers. edit: can someone help me out with how to post the video directly to the forum without uploading the whole file? im king of lost
  17. Looks good! I personally like a dagger to be a little less broad, but thats just my preference.
  18. Heya guys, I have forever been very frustrated about not being able to make decent quality pictures of my work, mostly because i felt there was a lack of contrast between the knives and the background. I now had the idea to just insert a contrasting image background via Gimp, and in my opinion it turned out pretty well... So I'm thinking about doing this for every future knife, but what do you think, do you feel like that it is a negative thing ? I added the original picture for comparison.
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