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  1. That is good to know thank you for your input Geoff
  2. Yes, of course i would glue everything together I was just wondering whether a copper tube was too weak in any way
  3. Heya guys, I am thinking about using copper tubes (outer diameter: 5mm, inner diameter: 4mm) for handle pins. I just love the look of a Knife with hollow pins, where the ends are squashed outwards into the wood - this is propably not the technical term for this, but im afraid my english doesnt go further... Im adding a picture so you can see what i mean: I know that with steel tubes this can create a very strong bond, but im not sure about the copper tubes... Does anyone have experience with that? Recommendations? I would love to read your input
  4. Absolutely stunning! I do have one question, do you draw these floral designs perfectly on paper and then trace them onto the scabbard, or do you freehand them onto the wood and only use your paper sketches as references? I always feel on the safer side when tracing everything from a paper pattern...
  5. Great stuff! how did you blacken the guard and pommel?
  6. I really like the shape of your blade, and im looking forward to see your finished knife
  7. Wonderful stuff, thank you for sharing the steps with us!
  8. This looks already very nice! Can you tell me what thickness you chose for the steel?
  9. Nice! Im looking forward to see this piece in its finished beauty
  10. I really like your work, especially the first one, what an amazing Sheath!
  11. An absolutely beautiful axe, i really love the Design
  12. Dankeschön I am really happy to have found this amazing forum!
  13. Thank you Brian, and... thank you brian Your words are really flattering me, but I do not think that age is that important regarding the "level" of fit and finish, or craftsmanship in general. In my opinion it mostly comes down to -as you mentioned- patience, and a certain perfectionist trait in a person... Im sorry for my english by the way, should you find any grammar or spelling mistakes feel free to keep them
  14. Thank you for your words, but I am afraid you are wrong, the other Blade in the last picture is actually my 3rd Knife...
  15. Hello Guys, I am a 19 year old knifemaker from Germany, and this is my first post in this forum. I just wanted to show you my recent work because i am very proud of what I have managed to craft with my hands over roughly a month... there have been many ups and downs in making this piece, because many things i did were new to me, the segmented structure of the Handle as well as the knotwork in both wood and leather. This is the 7th knife i have made so far, and i would really love to read your feedback and critique Jonas PS: In case you are wondering what the Runes mean, one inscription says "fire", the other says "ancient flame"
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