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  1. Kreg Whitehead

    BLO and Turpentine soak?

    I am about to have 8 or 10 filet knives water jetted out of some stainless saw blades I acquired and was going to use some walnut that was given to me(in trade for a filet knife) Maybe I will pick up some Tung oil. I was kicking around the idea of thinning some fiberglass resin with some acetone...painting that on the handle....then sanding it after it dries. Any one ever tried something like that?? Hopefully thats on topic here. I was going to start a thread and ask.....but figured I would throw it out here.
  2. Kreg Whitehead

    propane buner not acting proper

    I like the hot spots.....I am getting Much better watching for the phase change. I usually heat the handle first. I am not sure how you guys can even heat a blade with out one(hot spot)......tip is gonna get to critical way before the thicker part of the blade. Like you said.....personal preference. As far as the chimney dealio....my lines have quick disconnect couplers so thats a non issue unless I am to dumb to unhook em.
  3. Kreg Whitehead

    propane buner not acting proper

    I think burner position is more of a preference. I have 2 burners at 12.00.....my only regret is not putting them closer so it would make one larger hot spot instead of 2. When it comes time to reline my forge I am gonna bring the back burner forward about 6 inches. If I read your post right....you are saying having them at 12;00 is dangerous?!?
  4. Kreg Whitehead

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Finally happy with how my hamon's are coming out. Got another one finished yesterday.....and quenched and did a quick test etch on this other blade. It appears I have tons of activity.....cant wait to try and polish this one out.
  5. Kreg Whitehead

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Thats a great looking blade Joel. I had a pretty good long weekend. Finally got a hamon I am happy with. Finally made all my pins vanish in the bolster
  6. Kreg Whitehead

    Knife Scales Finally....

    I will try to hold my handle at a 45 to the belt for a couple of passes to get things started. Then I put my blade in a wood clamp or a vise. Then about a 1" strip of 80 grit. With both hands go straight down one hand at a time. Kinda hard to explain......imagine an old fashion shoe shine motion.
  7. Kreg Whitehead

    Best bang for the buck plasma cutter

    1/16 isnt bad. Out of curiosity should I be concerned about blued steel from the grinder like this...
  8. Kreg Whitehead

    Best bang for the buck plasma cutter

    I know all you manly men beat your blades into shape. I am lucky to straighten out a leaf spring. lol I found one from eastwood company for 479.00 that claims it works up to 3/8 of an inch. Is there any reason I would not want to use a plasma cutter to profile blades??
  9. Kreg Whitehead

    Blade-smith tools

    I started with a 2 x 42 dayton that has served me well. I think it was around a buck 50. I recently upgraded to a grizzly 2 x 72...but I still use the 2x 42 for my final edge. I lay it down with the belt going away from me....cant really figure out how to do that to my 2x 72 Welcome to the madness. Imo this is the best blade forum out there.
  10. Kreg Whitehead

    Sickle-Blade Short-Sword

    Schaweet.....what is that handle made of??
  11. Kreg Whitehead

    W2 q's

    The place that sells the houghtonquenchantk or what ever it is wants 251.00 plus shipping for a 5 gal pale. I found a place that sells parks 50 by the gallon for 51.00. Is one gallon enough or will I need 2 or more. Right now I quench in a 1 gallon metal container that had paint thinner orig. Do you guys heat the parks 50 or use it room temp. Think I remember seeing a vid saying to keep it under 120*.
  12. Kreg Whitehead

    Whats going on here??

    I guess there could have been something on the blade stopping the etch. Its hard to photograph. I have some 1500 grit silicon carbide coming next week. I will try that and etch again and see if it comes back. Figured I would do a little practice/experimenting on this blade.
  13. Kreg Whitehead

    Whats going on here??

    Soooooo my w2 blade the splotch got worse not better after grinding the bevel. The last inch and a half or so doesnt skate a file. If they will ever return my call I am gonna order some fast oil. I am not convinced the water was the only culprit. Maybe my blade needed a longer soak...now I have a splotch on the other sides as well. The main reason for my post is what do you make of these shiny spots in this blade I did a few years back.
  14. Kreg Whitehead

    White Out as anti-scale

    I havent put it to the test yet....but I have 2 cans that I have built up a whole lotta scale on in my forge while working on other blades. I will just have to deal with the lid I weld on the top.
  15. Kreg Whitehead

    Name Changes?

    If ya like you can add my last name .....Whitehead. Anyone on here feel free to add me on FB...I already am with a couple of ya over there.