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  1. Kreg Whitehead

    Sharpening Tips & Tricks

    I tried to post a link...apparently I did something wrong. I don't own a stone.....every thing is done on a grinder and buffing wheel. I struggled until someone hooked me up with a youtube vid....How to sharpen knives so they are surgically sharp.
  2. Kreg Whitehead

    2x72 belt grinder to buy

    Got my grizzly new for around 7 bones.
  3. Kreg Whitehead

    New to Knife Making

    I recently picked up a grizzly for around 700.00 if I remember right. It was the best priced one I could find. Welcome to the madness......
  4. Kreg Whitehead

    304 / 308 Stainless

    I meant stainless in general......
  5. Kreg Whitehead

    Seeking advice

    Anyone ever thin some fiberglass resin with acetone? Maybe a coat or 3 sanding between. I would need to use resin with wax so it doesnt dry sticky. Only reason I ask I am making a bunch of filet knives....and have a bunch of walnut laying around. Made one for the guy who gave me the wood. Just finished grinding one for the guy that gave me all the saw blades. My bro wants to buy one....and gonna make myself one. I would think the glass could be buffed once dry.......unless it builds too much heat
  6. Kreg Whitehead

    304 / 308 Stainless

    It may not be impossible......but I dont think you are gonna heat treat any without an oven. Stainless is much more complicated than carbon steel.
  7. Kreg Whitehead

    Stock Removal Knife Questions~

    I think most will agree that stock removal is a good place to start. You can forge a perfect blade....then screw it up grinding. Think of it like learning to walk before you can run.
  8. I turned my buffer so the wheel is going away from me.....that way it it does get caught/tossed the blade going away and not coming at me.
  9. I get all my scales from RCI Industries on FB.....Rob Carper. He has some killer stuff. More than once have I bought scales and not even had a blade in the works. lol Edit; I guess it Rob Carpet Industries now. He does alot of hybrid stuff like this.
  10. Kreg Whitehead

    What is A Copper wash?

    The blade there is mine. I ended up not caring for it and sanded it off.....so I can tell ya anything about durability. I dissolved an old wheat cent as mentioned in the other thread.....no electricity or current was used at all.
  11. Kreg Whitehead


    Thanks for the links.....if I ever get a tax return I think I am gonna have to grab one.
  12. Kreg Whitehead


    I think I may have to have one if my tax return ever comes......I wonder if it has a big brother. I was thinking of going to the 250-300 dolla range.
  13. Kreg Whitehead

    What Steels For tool Making/Starting out

    Unless you have some parks 50 I would go with something other than 1095 or w2. Its not impossible to harden 1095 in canola....but I dont think your going to get a blade as strong as say 1084 I just redid a 1095 blade I orig hardened about a year ago. Although it skated a file pretty well after canola. There was a noticeable difference after the parks 50.....mostly the sound the file made on the edge....if that makes any sense.
  14. Kreg Whitehead

    Help me finish this. Carving/lil bushcrafter WIP (edited)

    I have successfully fixed a few warps while tempering. I over correct the warp slightly by sammiching a coin between a the blade and a piece of angle iron. If I dont get it all in the first temper I use a thicker coin or add another. I am sure the 3 pin deal can work....but I am sceeered I will snap a blade.
  15. Kreg Whitehead

    Hell forges?

    Here is a shot with the burners off....I consider this more than a small area of heat. To each his own.....I use my hot spot as a tool...not a hindrance to me at all.