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  1. Yikes......The phrase ya get what ya pay for is coming to mind. I am gonna have to block this guy. He is waaaaaay to pushy.
  2. He has sent me a ton of pics...there is another kukri thats pretty kewl too. I may edit a pic or 2. Its only 100....I may be forced to try one...havent got much to lose. I havent gone on yet....but my kid says I should be able to see his paypal reviews.
  3. Vinegar overnight seems to work pretty well for me. Did the first one on accident. lol
  4. Sooooooo a week or so I get hit up on fb....I see the word knife and accept the request. Then this person is sending me private messages asking if I am interested it some blades. I respond something like dude...I have over 40 blades of my own for sale...not interested. Sends me another message yesterday with a pic of this kukuri. I respond....that is pretty kewl...how much is it. He reply's 110.00 shipping and sheath included. I ask if he takes paypal and where he is located. He says he does paypal....and is in UAE. I google UAE because I have never heard of
  5. There are alot of you need to do it freehand guys out there. I look at it like any other tool....like yea I could take that nut and bolt apart with 2 cresent wrenches....but I will choose a ratchet and and electric impact. IMO go ahead and dive in with the jig. I think you will find even with a jig its not as easy as it looks. I do 100 percent of my pre heat treat with a jig....after most all freehand. Its alot less cumbersome freehand. Welcome to the madness.
  6. I will message you their number. Yes.....I live in Heber....work in midvale about 25 yards east of where hooters was...and the kiln is in rose park. I would be interested in a price for something like you are making. I tried to log on from home over the weekend and its telling me I dont know my password. Not sure how I can re set that. I have it wrote on my rolodex at work but it kept saying its wrong.
  7. I am not sure why I cant get the PID pic to post. Its 350.00 I have looked into some heat treating ovens in the past...seems most were in the 2-3 k range....and not this large. Yes....would like to have the option to do stainless....and right now I can only harden about 13" of blade. I kinda thought 500 was a pretty good deal.
  8. Soooooooo I found this kiln the owner says it was in the basement of the house he just bought. Its a paragon with no PID. I have done a little searching and found this pid on amazon. The kiln is 500.00....he sent me a short vid of him turning it on and the elements went red hot pretty much immediately. Its pretty big...he states its 36" tall and 28" in diameter. Do ya all think this will work...see any potential problems ect? pid.webp pid.webp Not sure why is not letting me upload the pid image =/
  9. Horizontal in the vice I just kept knocking through the vice. Put it in vertically .....tightened the vice as tight as I could......and ended up knocking it outta the vice several times. I though not being tempered it would snap fairly easily. I was wrong. lol
  10. Just so ya guys dont think I am a flake......I tried for 20 min to snap that piece last night. It is pretty small.....by the time I cut it off the blade it was/is more like 1/2" x 3/8"
  11. I do most or all of my pre heat treat with jig. Even with a jig I am constantly adjusting....the grind never just falls into place. Post heat treat most if not all of my grinding is freehand. Not sure if this will make sense.....but freehand you arent restricted to being 90* with the belt. You blade is short enough its not gonna be super helpful....but being able to hold the blade 45* both directions helps me to get a more uniform grind.
  12. I just heat treated some of the barrons 52100 last night. Normalized it and thermal cycled it 5 times. There is a small tail(for lack of a better word) below the ricasso.....I do that on purpose because it helps me keep my plunge lines crisper. Its only about 3/4"x3/4". I am gonna cut it off and attempt to snap it. If I am successful I will post some pics. Any suggestions on trying to break something that small? I have NOT tempered it yet....and was just thinking of putting it in the vise horizontally the hitting it in the center with a hammer and chisel.
  13. Or maybe tossing a regular can in the forge a few times to get some scale built up....just thinking out loud.
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