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  1. I am working on this blade made out of some of the concrete blade steel. It cam out of the quench reasonably straight. The next time I will have some kind of fixture set up to clamp the blade in when I take it out of the oil. What's a good angle do ya think I should shoot for here? The blade is a little under 1/8" and right now its ground about 3/8" up the blade. Once upon a time Joel put a post up that was kind of a cheat sheet for if the blade is x amount thick....and the bevel is y amount tall....then the angle =z I could probably use a re fresher course on
  2. Super interesting.....thanks. Is the chrome going to make it hard or impossible if I try and use it in a sanmai as the outer layers? I guess the 100 dolla question after that is whats it going to etch like...but I can test that easy enough. Is it safe to say that if I oil quench it it wont be as hard....or is that an impossible question to predict.
  3. Thanks for the pic. I will have to see if I can do that. If I was going to keep ol griz I would want a larger work rest like you have. I think if I move my work rest back enough to hang the blade down like that....my 2.5" angle iron wont be super stable on it. Pretty kewl set up for sure. I just use a torpedo level and some notes for what to grind things at.
  4. Soooooo...I just got back from a machine shop that said they would do a hardness test for 10 a pop. He comes back and tells me the sample I heat treated and quenched in water last night tested in the 55-57 rockwell range. I was hoping for more but I guess that isnt terrible. What will I lose tempering ...another couple? I am on the fence here......wondering if that too low. Soooooo ...then he says would ya like to know what it is. Of course I said yes. So he shoots it with his x ray dealio and gets this. Then with a kind of surprised look on his face he says you m
  5. Gosh.....I dont wanna muddy up this guys thread.....but I am all ears if you can explain how ya do that. Either on here or DM. And if not I will survive....I just cant see how. Funny how alot of guys bash a jig.....then I run into guys that will only grind their production blades with a robotic arm. lol I dont care much for the my way or high way attitude.
  6. I do most of my grinding with a jig.....my hi tech jig is an aluminum piece of angle iron and some vice grips. I can freehand ok-ish once I have an established bevel.....but I doubt I will ever be as accurate as my jig. I hear alot of guys bashing on guys using a jig.....I look at it like any other tool. Just because some other guy can take off lug nuts with his teeth doesnt make it a better job than the guy using a wrench. Some things will have to be done freehand....dont get me wrong....like the tip on that tanto. Just my half a cent.
  7. I was told a good machine shop should have hardness testing equipment. I called quite a few yesterday.....one guy said he would test for 10 bucks a shot. Most said no cant help ya. The last guy that told me no I said dont you need to know the hardness of what you are trying to machine? He paused and said.....ya I have a hardness tester...but its so expensive that I dont want to mess with your knives. I think I am gonna cut the machette I drew out last night.....then profile a pairing knife and toss it in the paragon and have him test both. What temp do you guys think w
  8. They are doing some work at the unit next to my work. Long story short I just got these 3 blades in trade for an in and out burger. I am having a good blade day.....right after that my buddy sent me a tracking number for a box full of IPE he had left off a deck he did last year. I am kind of surprised I never see that on blades.....I am guessing its because its a little plane jane. If its durable enough for an out door deck I think it would be great on kitchen knives and filet blades. Any way are these worthy? If so should I try and grind and not get em hot. Or are the
  9. What ya going to quench it in? 15n20 is typically done in regular oil where as 1095 likes something a little faster. I had partial success with canola but I am pretty sure it wasnt optimal.
  10. For some reason I can see any of the pics.....maybe its my security settings here at work.
  11. The title is a little mis leading....I orig. ground and heat treated this blade 2 or 3 years ago. It was my fav chopper until my kid tried to cut screws hidden some chair legs. Sooooo the other day I reground and put a new handle on it. The cutting edge lost 3/8" or so and I THINK there are some spots near the edge that are real close. I can put up a pic after the first etch if ya guys want. It appears to me the last inch or so didnt get hard. Thats not a huge surprise I can only heat treat about 12-13" of blade...and when I pulled this one out of the brine it looked l
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