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  1. I have tried to edit my orig post 4 times....the wood under the blade is wild olive just so there is no confusion there.
  2. The title pretty much states my question. The local metal super market sells 1095 fairly cheap....shipping prices from the barron to utah are pretty brutal. Most my blades lately are that or unused leaf springs from a local spring shop I buy for 4$ a pound. I have been having pretty good luck in just brine....I will go in real fast for a differential and then after about 1 second I slowly plunge the rest of the blade in. I did a quick etch and this one has a decent hamon.(that I sanded off) This one has a casting void on the bottom of the bolster so I guess its gonna be my lette
  3. Looks great to me. I pretty much wont make a knife now that doesnt have a bolster. I am trying to figure out how you did that bolster/guard combo. Did ya just run the bolsters long in the guard area....then sammich another piece of brass in the center to fill the void...then pin the 3 together as well as on the blade??
  4. Thats up there.....more like barley wine than beer. What yeast did ya use that will tolerate that much alcohol?
  5. One last dumb question. Is the weight of the plate(s) sufficient alone. Or do I need to come up with some kind of clamping system? Its a pretty stout chunk....and I think I decided to split it the long way.
  6. Thanks guys....will probably just split it the long way. One of the vids I watched some dude stuck like 5 or 6 blades in his plates. I was thinking if I did it the short way I could almost get a 14.5" blade in on a 45* angle.
  7. Soooo I went to the metal supermarket looking for something I can turn into a quench plate(s) I picked up a 1" thick piece of 6160 thats 11.5"x 18" My dilemma is which way to split it. If I go the 18 way it will be less than 6" wide. I dont think I can do more than 2 or 3 blades at once. How much space should be between blades when doing more than 1. The oven is 14.5 deep so if I split it the other was a portion of the handle will stick out....is that an issue?? While I was there I snagged a piece of 1095. I had some parks until it evaporated .lol...soooo I went
  8. Hmmmm....I took over a blade...told him I made it. He didnt ask me if it was stainless or not ect. I saw your post about having your name on/in your mark....now I am re thinking things.
  9. I am trying to launch a websight. Thinking something simple like Kreg's Kustom Blades. How would one go about researching if something like the initials K.K.B were already taken/used. I am not much of an artist but I googled this up. I just paid a visit to the engraving place across the street. He talked like if I brought in a dozen at a time he would do it for 3.50 a blade. Any reason I would NOT want to go the engraving route for my makers mark?
  10. Well.....I just ordered a 14.5 deep paragon from Jantz. I dont even know what the going rate for HT on stainless is...but I will hook anyone on here up if they want something done. Does ael-b benefit from cyro? Where the heck do ya buy liquid nitrogen? lol
  11. The barron sent me some ael-b on accident. I gave one a go in my forge and it only got sorta hard. I am sooooo wanting to order a knife oven right now....my visa is twitching. lol
  12. Thanks for you input Alan. I think I will pull the trigger on some aeb-l. I am gonna sent it out.....I really wanted to get a HT oven but I dont think it would ever pay for itself. The one thread that did pull up when I tried the search was the one where you recommended Paul Bos...the rest seamed pretty much un related.
  13. Soooooo I have a dozen or so "hunting" knives ready for me to start learning/making sheaths. And so far it reminds me of something my kid said when she was about 5....she told me once "but I cant want to" lol I have a cleaver and a pearing blade design that I am diggin. Think I wanna make a few sets with matching handles and see how they do on consignment at a store by my house. This has probably already been beat to death.....I didnt have much luck when typing in best stainless using the search function. What would be THE best....and what do you think is the best bang for
  14. My only complaint is if I am standing/grinding on the tight side of the machine the belt stays solid. When I am on the left side the belt wants to push to the right as I grind. It makes consistent plunge lines from side to side a real challenge. I usually end up having to blast one back to meet the other with and angle grinder. If anyone know what may help this I am all ears. I re fied my house to turn my upstairs into a studio apt. If I have any thing left I think I am gonna upgrade. My pet peve is when I buy a tool and then end up having to buy another/spen
  15. Beautiful country......thanks for sharing.
  16. I gotta ask....what did ya give a dirt nap to here. I cant think of anything near hear that would be that size and that color. I picked up a barrel burner 26 nostler in a browning x-bolt that isnt even sighted in yet. I havent tried real hard yet because it only has 40 rounds down the barrel. Sure my velocities are still changing with the copper build up.
  17. A couple of last questions. Are those just standard bricks....or some kind of fire brick/blocks? The place I buy my refractory stuff from says the largest fire blocks they have are 9"x4.5"x3" Also for a blower....would a leaf blower work? If not I am open for suggestions there.
  18. That last post of mine I kept hitting submit reply....it appeared it was never gonna work so I gave up. lol I really wanna try this. Sounds like you do not put all of the steel in at once. Do you just lay it on top of the coals...or do you try and stuff it down a bit. What is it your bricks are setting on.....is it of any importance. I picked up another propane tank a few months ago. Do you think that would make a good furnace if I stood it on end? I have left over wool and refractory cement from my forge build.....would that be beneficial? Is there a reason
  19. I may need to try this soon. Forgive my ignorance but what fuel is in the furnace....just hardwood? I may need to try this soon. Forgive my ignorance but what fuel is in the furnace....just hardwood? I may need to try this soon. Forgive my ignorance but what fuel is in the furnace....just hardwood? I may need to try this soon. Forgive my ignorance but what fuel is in the furnace....just hardwood? I may need to try this soon. Forgive my ignorance but what fuel is in the furnace....just hardwood? I may need to try this soon. Forgive my ignorance but what fuel i
  20. I just filled out your become a seller page....hit register....and am not sure if I got registered or not. Just took me back to the same page with no prompt saying it was successful.
  21. I recently made this blade for my boys gf...she wants to buy it for herself for her birthday later this month. Its a similar shape to a previous knife I made...but she wanted one of my pinecone handles. What is the preferred method for something like that? Cast in a pressure pot? Stabilize the cone by itself then cast. In the past and with this one I just cut a beer can in half and filled it about half way with casting resin and a little black dye from west systems.
  22. I get it....at the end of the day you will be needing to grind the finished bevel. Soooooo if you master that you wont be ruining your forged blades. Kind of like walking before you run for lack of a better way to put it. Have fun with it.
  23. I am still pretty new at it myself. I would master stock removal before ya move on to heat and beat. A file and a file jig are great right up until you have a hardened blade. I would suggest making something like a 2x42 grinder a priority over the anvil. Maybe some day I will buy or make some tongs =)
  24. This has probably been beat to death but I have a few questions. If anyone can post a link of a prior thread that covers this that would be spectacular. I have a guy in south africa that I have bought a grip of what he is claiming to be Peruvian pepper burl. I have made a dozen or so blades with it and have about 20 more sets of scales cut and ready to stabilize. Some of these I "canned" in a mason jar with minwax wood hardener. Some I filled the voids with polyester casting resin. I tried to do both on a few and the 2 dont play well together. First question.....if you have
  25. Yikes......The phrase ya get what ya pay for is coming to mind. I am gonna have to block this guy. He is waaaaaay to pushy.
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