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  1. Kreg

    paypal tips??

    Sooooooo if I just want to recieve money and not spend....they can just load the funds on to a debit card?? I like the sound of that a lot better than linking them with my bank.
  2. Kreg

    paypal tips??

    Sooooooo paypal doesn send the money to my bank?? How do I get my $ then....I dont get it. lol
  3. Kreg

    paypal tips??

    Just finished another "competition" blade. Its to the point now that I have so many knives I am having a hard time even starting another one. Time to try and sell a few. Any tips on what to do or what not to do? Should I start a separate bank account just for it? Do they take a percentage....I assume its not free. How do I start.....paypal.com?
  4. Kreg

    What do I need specifically

    On that list all I have is a welder, torch and band saw(for wood) Had these prior to blade making and seldom use anything but the band saw for handles. I made my forge for about 300.00....and that was buying my 2 burners. Cut my blades out with an angle grinder...most all of what I do is stock removal. I did recently pick up a 2 x 72 grinder....and it has a buffing wheel on it. An anvil is next on my hit list. I have a drill press.....but most of the time I just use a cordless. Be aware on the band saw that ones made to cut metal move way slower than a wood saw. My band saw wont even hardly scratch metal. Sounds like you are planing on diving in with both feel. lol
  5. Kreg

    Burner Placement

    Iron out of the ground is 2750
  6. Kreg

    Burner Placement

    I am no expert....but I think that hot enough to forge weld. I think steel melts at about 2350. Edit.....I guess melting point is more like 2500* I am pretty sure when I asked Alan or someone told me the higher the carbon....the lower forging temp....which struck me as the opposite of what I would have guessed.
  7. It doesnt eliminate hand sanding....but if you go from 36 grit to a trizac a 300 to an a100 to a30. It will save a ton of hand sanding. I may even try and revisit hamon-ville. lol
  8. I would go with yes.....just like any tool its only as good as the operator. Waaaaaaaaaay faster than draw filing. Patients has never been my strong suit. lol
  9. Beats the stuffing outta draw filing. The first couple I started with the belt...and finished em with the file. Then I decided if I couldnt finish one start to finish on the belt the blade was gonna get tossed. Even with a jig I am constantly making adjustments.
  10. Mine was also wider than the belt...and the platen had rounded corners...and wasnt even parallel with the belt. I epoxied a hardened piece of 1084 to mine. The only complaint I have is that the disc sander fell off.....literally.
  11. I am pretty sure I remember taking a guard or 2 off....not that it really matters.
  12. I have ground dozens of blades on my 2x 42 Dayton. Even though I have a 2 x 72 now. I do my final sharpen on the dayton with if layin on its side so the belt is horizontal...and going away from me. Its been over a year....but I am not remembering any assembly
  13. Kreg

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Finished a couple kitchen blades. The one is just taken to a trizac a30...the other is down to 400 grit. Sander/grinder finally showed up. Its a touchy mofo....didnt think I was ever gonna get it to track for a bit. Ended up picking up a new/used kitchen table....got the top sanded now need to do the sides and chairs.
  14. Kreg

    Two blades with PW bars

    The suspense is killin me. lol
  15. Kreg

    Two blades with PW bars

    I will take the second one if its still available....and if not I will take the first one =)