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  1. Kreg

    Sneak Peek, Opinions..

    Wicked hamon...what steel??
  2. Kreg

    Edge thickness pre ht/quench ?

    Thanks for the answers fellas =)
  3. Kreg

    Edge thickness pre ht/quench ?

    I did last night....and every thing seems fine. In person the edge looks a third the size of the penny. Just was curious how thick you guys leave your edge before ht/and quench...and if there is a reason I would want the edge thicker....like dime size. I did have one w2 blade that I took pretty thin and one part of the edge seemed soft ish......like maybe it cooled down before the quench....or maybe decarb?? To be honest I completely sharpened this blade and realized on the way home last night it had not even been HT. I guess that one reason I shouldnt work on 6 knives at once, lol I had to knock the edge back on the belt.....and was struggling with trying to decide how far backward I wanted to go. Nothing like doing things twice......
  4. I have always heard/read something like a dime or .020. Long story short I put this blade a side a while back because the grind went so sideways on me I didnt think I could fix it. I ht/and quenched it last night with a way thin edge. I didnt have a dime (story of my life) =) But here is a pic of it next to a penny. Is there a reason I shouldnt ht/quench this thin. This stock/steel is pretty thin to start with. I wanted 1/8 and all they had at the time was .110 ot .100....cant remember. He called it a fat 3/32 nds
  5. Kreg

    Eastern Fusion "Ancient" Dagger

    WOW....Pretty damn sexy.
  6. Kreg

    Dayton 2x 42 grinder issues

    There is an inspection plate of sorts on the bottom.....I will unbolt it tonight and see what it reveals.
  7. Kreg

    Dayton 2x 42 grinder issues

    Thats what I was afraid of. I will try plan b Looks like plan b is a no go.... Its on my phone......not sure why I cant stick it here =/ IMG_2003.3gp
  8. Kreg

    Dayton 2x 42 grinder issues

    I am guessing you guys cant see that link???
  9. Kreg

    Chef knives and temp control

    I have read a few times a hand held pyrometer isnt gonna help much in blade making. I think it has something to do with the scale screwing with the readings.
  10. Kreg

    Finally, a high carbon steel!

    From what I think I understand....the chromium is a detriment when it comes to forge welding....like with 5160. Its not impossible....just makes it more difficult ...kinda like a stainless san mai. As far as the brightly etched metal in damascus.......USUALLY thats 15n20
  11. Kreg

    Dayton 2x 42 grinder issues

    Mine is a 2 wheel.....I will try to post a vid. A pic wont help much. There is a bottom plate has 4 screws....guess I will take it off and see if it reveals anything https://www.facebook.com/jarred.whitehead/videos/1836799326367761/ edit.....let me know if that link works or not.....works for me but its a FB deal....so who knows.
  12. Kreg

    Dayton 2x 42 grinder issues

    I will see what I can come up with........stuck at work for six more hours. Basically I can wiggle and jiggle the main part of the grinder.....like its come loose from the base.
  13. I was joking on fb that my kukri was probably gonna kill my grinder. Yesterday after finishing grinding with my jig....I went to lay the grinder horizontal with the belt going away from me to put the final edge on it. Long story short the main body...the part where the on off switch is is loose from the base. I noticed a few weeks ago the 6" disk seemed loose...which I thought was odd because it get very low use in comparison the the belt. I am now thinking these 2 issues are directly related. Do you guys think I just need to take it apart and try to tighten something.....or is she toast. For the record if it is gone I got my $ worth out of it......I have ground for days on that poor thing. lol If its helpful maybe I can get my kid to send me a vid of whats going on with it.
  14. Kreg

    What did you do in your shop today?

    FINALLY finished grinding the kukri. Got another kitchen blade ready for a bolster and handle. Grinding out another blade.....my kid calls it my pirate knife.lol I suppose it looks like more of a skinner than anything. Just pulled the trigger on some more killer scales from my handle guy on fb.
  15. Kreg

    Shopping for new belt grinder...

    I have a 2 x 42. I would love a 2x 72 if for nothing else so I can run 24 grit belts. I have burnt out a small fortune in 36 grit. I dont know what rpm mine goes but the finer grits I tend to get "blade bump" And like Alan said its scary easy to get a black/blue edge.