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  1. Welding Machine?

    I have had a miller buz box/stick welder since I was a bout 18 (51 now). I inherited a mig/flux wire deal from my dad when he passed. I didnt know I could mig until I used my brother in laws mig with argon. Long story short if you decide to go mig I recommend going with the argon. Not impressed with the flux wire at all =/ Would love to get a tig someday.....
  2. What did you do in your shop today?

    Finished this hunter over the weekend. Its going to my brothers friend......he thinks he has an anvil for me. I told him I am getting the better end of the deal.....sounds like its 100 lbs plus. Hopefully my next post will be some anvil porn =)
  3. Higonokami

    Nice lookin blade....is that a hops plant. I need to make some beer soon.
  4. I want to order some knife supplies today steel,ferric,pins, guard material ect. I was going to order some satinite also to try that instead of rutlands for my next hamon attempt ....but I am guessing the freight will be killer. I havent really shopped yet...maybe I can get a small amount. I can get cast o light locally.....and have one spot in my forge that needs touched up any way where my probe comes through. Anyone know if it will work? What your guys knife supply store of choice? I usually go to the barron for my steel....but was thinking of a one stop shop on this one.
  5. Blade steels

    Try google draw filing jig. Its not much more than a flat board and a large screw with an eyelet hole. Then you attach the file to a metal rod....and can raise and lower the screw to adjust the angle. I usually use one to fix the imperfections in my grinding.
  6. Thoughts on this forge

    Thats what I thought....even at that the big hole in the side has me confused. The same guy says he has an anvil for me. Hopefully his anvil pans out better than this "forge"
  7. Thoughts on this forge

    Having issues editing for some reason.....I uploaded that photo from my phone and dont type well on it. My brothers friend gave me this....he is convinced it was his grandpas forge. Its a little tough to see in the pic butt the near end has about an 8" hole. To be honest it looks more like a bbq or smoker to me. I already have a propane forge....but if I ever decide to try something larger its gonna limit me
  8. First successful forge weld

    10-4....I didnt know if that or the 5160 was the center.....that should work well. Love the san mai look. Looking forward to see how it turns out.
  9. First successful forge weld

    I am probably not telling you anything you didnt already know....but if that is 5160 how do you plan to heat treat it. I think the target temp for it is 75* or so higher than 1095 ....not positive on w2. I THINK its similar to the 1095 temp. Looks good am stuck though.
  10. Stainless San mai

    I guess if this is a thing it must be top secret. lol
  11. Stainless San mai

    Think I read once that a thin sheet of nickle will help the two bond. Is that true...and where would a fella get a thin sheet of nickle if it is. Hopefully thats not a thread jack
  12. 304/1084 San mai inspired by jambiya

    Love the look of the carbon stainless san mai. Beautiful blade. I would like to hear more about the handle. Is it impregnated with something after the leather wrap?
  13. Respirator Q

    You read my mind....was thinking of asking if anyone had a list like that. I am happy to see koa isnt even on the list. I just ordered a chunk of that to do a few knives. Thanks Wes. I am probably already living on borrowed time. I laid 3/8 particle board and sheet vinyl for about a decade. I never wore a mask until I started coughing up spots of blood. =/
  14. Respirator Q

    I dont think I will even buy it again. I just ordered a 3m6291 half mask from grainger. Its not anything as elaborate as the positive feed dealios you guys use.....but is an improvement on what I was using.