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  1. Kreg

    What did you do in your shop today?

    I am a little concerned that I may scratch the guard....and am a little concerned at how thick the handle its self is. Having said that my competition blade is the same material/thickness and it feels nice in the hand. I have it drilled for 2 pins. I think I can make it happen....if not I can always para-cord it. It was originally a hidden tang. The knife got knocked to the floor the very day I put it on on the alumalight exploded. Then I cracked one peening the pin. Then had a third one fail in testing. So this is round 4. lol
  2. Kreg

    Veld knife with first hamon WIP

    Thats a nice looking hamon. As far as a filing guide....I just made my own out of some thick 5160. I drilled...filed/ground it.... then hardened it. It may not be as hard as a carbide deal....but it works and is replaceable/dispendable. I may try for another hamon soon. I was surprised at how little clay it takes....in my experience I watered down some rutlands on one blade. I ended up with 3 drips on one side of the blade.....like under 1/64 th or less. I did my best to scrape all 3 off with my finger nail.....and all 3 made a line.
  3. Kreg

    kiln Q

    I may be able to at 1900 ish I may try again because I have more. Like I said before I thought I did pretty good holding it there. It just doesnt skate a file as well as my other blades. At 1500 is I cant turn it down low enough to stay there with both burners going once the forge has come up to temp.
  4. Kreg

    What did you do in your shop today?

    I finished up a blade and handle over the weekend.....and got the handle welded on my bowie. I just ordered some scales for the bowie. I am bored at work ...I may edit in a pic. Any one know what kind of wood is on the handle that I just finished? My wood guy just called it mystery wood. As far as the bowie....I have only seen one other frame handle build and off memory it didnt involve a welder. Is there any reason I would not want to do it this way for future reference. I didn't see any reason to do more than tack it...its not going anywhere.
  5. Kreg

    kiln Q

    Sorry.....no home computer. Its a 2 burner. It will go that and more as far as 1976*. A few months back I melted half a burner tip or bell or what ever they are called. Was trying some canister damascus that never worked out. I tried a stainless blade with a muffle and probe. I thunk I nailed it...and its harder that it was but I dont think I got it all the way hard. Being able to soak at a specific temp with out wonder appeals to me....but I dont want to waste my money if its not gonna work well.
  6. Kreg

    kiln Q

    I got shipped some ael-b or what ever its called on accident.
  7. Kreg

    kiln Q

    Thanks for weighing in Joshua. I just offered her 350.00...and she wouldnt take it. I guess I will stick with my propane set up. Was kind of excited to do some stainless ...seems like the piece I tried required 10 min at 1976*. I got it hard-ish....but it dosnt skate a file with the same zing that my steel blades do.
  8. Kreg

    kiln Q

    I havent bought it yet....but I think I am going to. I messaged her for dimensions. It looks like it will hold an 18" blade....or at least I hope it will.
  9. Kreg

    kiln Q

    Sooooooooo I have an opportunity to pick this up for 400.00. She says it goes to 2400*. I am pretty confident now with my propane forge.....but being able to do stainless and soaking higher carbon steel. appeals to me. Just wondering if there is any reason I would not want to use something like this....and if its a good price.
  10. Kreg

    I'm fired up! (forge build w/ pics)

    I have anvil envy. I watched a vid of a guy using a magnet on his anvil....was surprised how much difference it made.
  11. Kreg

    How to protect a thermocouple from scale

    I am pretty sure this is what I bought. It says its good to 2220.* or something like that.....mine has read past that.
  12. Kreg

    Straightening without denting

    I have straightened 2 blades this way in the oven/temper. I use a piece of angle iron.
  13. Kreg

    Belts or what?

    I am not sure what speed my daytona 2x42 is. I would get a little blade bump with some normal 220. My trizac's dont seem to do it nearly as bad for some reason. I go up to a30/ 600 grit. I am glad you started this thread......dont think I have been applying enough pressure on the zirconia.
  14. Kreg


    I tried to do some research before ever joining here. I watched dozens of vids. None of them covered any kind of normalizing or thermal cycling....with out this place I would be messing that up still. Thanks for your help Zeb. Joshua if ya ever figure it out let me know. I might as well drop a pic of my choppa.....hope to be done sanding/shaping it tonight. I dont wanna side track this thread....but am curious if a buffer and alumalight is a good or bad idea.
  15. Kreg


    OK....i have been wanting to ask for a while now...what is fintinob. lol x10 on this place rocks. I signed up on t least one other forum. Been so long since I tried to post there I cant even remember my log in. I have been here long enough that I have seen the same ol questions....what kind of steel should I use ect. A while back I asked about respirators. Jarrod could have just said why dont ya try a search.....instead he posted not one but several links. I could go on......Alan and Zeb have been particularly helpful. I am big into performance boating. The new guys always ask the same stuff there also...should I run a thermostat ect Anyways.... just wanted to take the opportunity here to say thanks also.