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  1. I am looking for Intermediate to advanced Bladesmiths that I can interview and/or get video/instruction for new site www.bladesmithing101.com this site will be a one place stop for new to advanced smiths to get instruction, or learn a new skill/technique, see interviews, product reviews, and challenges. The site is under construction and if selling a knife...it will link to my other site...bladesmiths.net which will be for exclusively selling members knives. I will do everything I can to get us and our craft the exposure it deserves. If u have anything u want to see...or interviews u want, let
  2. My new site is launching in a couple weeks www.bladesmithing101.com. I hope to be able to link to this site, as this site got me started, and I love Bladesmithforum. I am launching a site that will be for both beginners and Advanced Smiths alike. I am looking for people to interview and do tutorials, to help further our craft, and to bring recognition to bad ass bladesmiths. I am not doing for profit, just for love of the craft, and to show the world the skill that goes into making knives. Like I said, I don't, and will not try to take traffic away from this forum, but would rather direct peop
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