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  1. Pic of the stuff I got done yesterday. Couldn't get in the forge today. Just mild steel and wasnt so fussed about the twists as not after a pattern. Welded together quite nicely 55cm in length. Hoping to weld on the blade edges tomorrow and start forging out the rough shape.
  2. That's what I thought :/ oh well I'm making a practice sword out of the stuff I got here to get it down pat before doing it with the Damascus. Didn't order any extra to cover screwups.
  3. By the pattern in this instance I'm talking about just the twisted core pattern in the center of the blade.
  4. so I have the steel arriving tomorrow and I'm wondering if a can get an answer about the pattern weld twisted core. Do I grind all 4 sides flat or leave the bits on what will be the faces with the ridges??? Also do I have to use Damascus steel to bring out the pattern? Because I'm looking to save some if I can and iv got some 1040 already twisted where I was experimenting that I'd like to use for the core if I can. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Bits of metal in the eye from angle grinder and yes I always wear safety shield so no idea why I'm so unlucky
  6. That sounds like it could work. Currently making a Damascus bar but I'll try that tonight. Up to 81 layers so far. One more triple should do it.
  7. I couldn't find an end cap to fit so solid weld to back of forge lol and yeah there isn't much but getting in through the holes. I'll have to think of a work around.
  8. OK I had a look at my charcoal forge just now after it had cooled off and I have noticed a serious design flaw. Namely no way to clean ash that drops in the air pipe. On the plus side the charcoal I use isn't leaving huge clinkers. Only a handful after a full days work. Any tips on a work around for the ash problem would be appreciated. So far it seems to mostly be filling the gaps between the hebel bricks and acting as extra refractory.
  9. Love that hamon. Looks brutal as all hell. I know where I'm going for a blade when the zombies rise up.
  10. quick bit of etching. Dunno if the pic shows but actually a nice pattern in the metal.
  11. Waiting on steel to arrive for Damascus for my fathers sword. So decided to try my hand at a small piece of bike chain Damascus. New steel shape for me haha here are some pics coz I went very old school with rail track as anvil and charcoal forge. Its a lot sketchy even though was just a test experiment but nothing a bit of work won't fix haha.
  12. So nearly finished hunting knife. Getting prepped for a major work that will hopefully be the finest blade I have ever made. Pulling out all the stops on this and going to take it slow and easy. First step was doing the design on paper. Took a bit of work and looks like it will come out as a nice sword. Going to make a wooden version to see how it looks put together. As for the Damascus pattern I'm hoping it will look good but time will tell. Going for a twisted core and plain Damascus on edges. And going to use Damascus for the guard and pommel with a wire wrapped hand grip.
  13. To be honest that anvil looks to be in fine shape. Looks better than the bit of rail track I used to use and I churned out some nice blades on it.
  14. I'd go the open faced shed just to shield neighbors from sound. Wrap some chains around base of anvil or magnets. That will leech out some of the ringing. I like the anvil. I'd recommend a look through YouTube at tong making tutorials for what you want. And iv never had to redress an anvil so can't help you there bud. But you should get it done properly not by an angle grinder.
  15. I love this blade. So elegant. Amazing work.
  16. One of the most enjoyable things about blade smithing is building what you need.
  17. So I know there is probably a post about this somewhere but I made a major bungle this morning which shows it isn't just those new to the craft that mess up. I picked up the wrong bar from my cooling rack and placed it on my workbench that I draw my designs and do my handle work on. Hot bar + wooden bench + drawing paper + sandpaper + lengths of wood for handles = costing a fair bit of cash to replace it all plus the fire extinguisher I have to replace. Don't just pick up a length of steel you think is cool. Test it first with a bare hand. (I had my glove on) hold your hand over it to feel if any heat. Keep a fire extinguisher in your shop that is easy to access. Can usually pick them up from a hardware store pretty cheap. Do not make the same stupid mistake I did because I'm looking at around $350 to replace everything that went up in smoke.
  18. His going back to western Australia tomorrow for work. He does fifo so I have 2 weeks to do this knife which will be a nice thing for him to return to and relieves me of any time constraints or rushed work. Also give me a chance at my first attempt at home made Damascus which I'll start tonight. Hopefully get the billet done and draw out a bar then design a blade and guard with pommel tomorrow. I have a handful of amethyst's and silver jewelry laying around (old jewelry my kids mum returned) so might try my hand at fancy handle work.
  19. I had a gut feeling it wouldn't survive the quench but its still disappointing was really coming along as a nice blade. At least I can still use the guard piece on another knife. On the plus side mate still paid me and is gunna have me do a new blade out of leaf sping. Even gunna give an extra $100. Maybe I'll frame this blade and hang it to remind me to only use metal I choose lol
  20. Just did the quench and heard that dreaded clink. Sure enough pulled it out of the oil and and big ass split straight down the centre. What a waste of work
  21. Damn just noticed that tang mess haha I better fix that
  22. Finally some good news. Agreed to change the guard and ditch that stupid spike. Got out the big hammer and got the steel forged thinner and widened it a bit. Also got the guard piece punched and set to slot over the tang.
  23. Lol us Aussies call it paint stripper. And we are the idjits that created the horrible thing lol
  24. Yeah that would be my guess aswell. Out in an open faced shed with respirator on is how I always do my forging. Spending today with my kid so won't have a crack at it til tonight. Thinking I'll break out the 10kg sledge hammer see if that helps any.
  25. That's only a rough sketch. Should only go 4cm from back of the guard to the point so 3.5cm roughly up the blade. I wanted just a plain flat guard but he wants that so his problem to keep it sharp lol. I'll probably sharpen it before attaching the guard and handle.
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