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  1. I hate beer. Yes I'm terrible lol but you would hate beer too if your first was Foster's lol
  2. A standard axle is 1040 I believe but this is way tougher than Any car axle I've used before.
  3. He thinks the guard will help grip whatever he uses it on and the spike is because to use his words "would look badass". Asked him where he got the steel. Apparently it is the centre slice of a stub axle from one of the dump trucks out at the mine he works at. If anyone can tell me a guess as to the steel maybe it will help me. And yeah I told him its gunna take me longer and no guarantee that at the end he wouldn't end up with a shattered blade. Explained all the issues I'm having with the steel. His happy to pay even if it doesn't work out so either way I win lol
  4. Rough sketch of what he wanted. Just doing my head in that he wouldn't ditch the spike or change the stupid guard.
  5. So a mate hit me up to make him a hunting knife. Was very specific on what he wanted and wasnt open to change that would make it quicker or easier. He provided the steel and idk what it is but damn it is horrible to forge with. A bitch to get it to a bright yellow and even then it is like hitting cold steel. These are the results after 3 hours today. Barely got a rough shape out of it and kind of flattened out the piece for the guard. 12mm thick so ill be back to the forge tomorrow night to thin it out more. Wants 25cm by 5cm by 6mm blade And going to need to come up with a way to attach the s
  6. After looking I would have to agree.
  7. http://worldbayonets.com/Bayonet_Identification_Guide/bayonet_identification_guide.html Good source for you to identify it.
  8. Looks good. This is the charcoal forge I mocked up. Don't use it much yet since I use a gas forge but I'm going to be using it a lot more now iv found it can reach welding temps. And bonus is I can use it as a fire to heat the shed when I'm not heat treating using an old exhaust fan setup to provide air flow.
  9. Just finished the tanto for my kids mum for mothers day. I'm not happy with how the scabbard turned out. I dont do wood scabbards but I wanted a bit more of a display factor for it that leather just doesn't do with me. The engraving in the scabbard says penguin in Kannada. Its my nickname for her. Was displeased to find a few Scratch's in one side of the blade after I polished it. The etching was done by me but my eldest scratched it into the nail polish so not my fault for the messiness lol haven't put a makers mark on this blade. Felt it wouldn't be right. Feel free to Let me know your opini
  10. Agreed the karambit will slice straight into the veins in your leg or throat easy enough and its game over from there.
  11. Omg those pics are amazing. You have real talent with photography. I'm Definitely going to have to add it as a destination when i go over to the states next Feb on holiday. Thank you for sharing.
  12. Handle attached with wood plugs and multibond to hold in place. Hoping to finish the scabbard tonight and finish polishing up the blade tomorrow.
  13. Well I tried 3 times to get the hamon to show but unfortunately it has escaped me this time. Don't want to run the risk of cracking the blade but sanded up nice and bit of a mirror finish so far and etched in the message for my kids mum. Next step work on the handle and scabbard.
  14. Filed in the edge and sanded down to 80 grit today. Just heat treated and quenched with my first attempt at a hamon. Knocked off as much clay as I could now to sand it up. Ignore the paper lol figuring out a design for longer forge.
  15. Blade is 23 and a half centimetres with tang being 7cm. Thickness is 4mm
  16. I was originally going for a wakizashi but metal wasnt playing nice with the extra length so back in the forge and straightened it out and shortened the blade for a long tanto. Forgot to take pics of forging process but pretty simple. This is it after final shaping of blade and filing out dents and Knicks. Tomorrow begins the terribly slow process of filing in the edge and fattening up that tang and hopefully get started on sanding the blade.
  17. http://jewelrymakingjournal.com/coloring-metal-with-alcohol-ink-tutorial/ Was looking at jewelry making and came across this so I'm wondering if anyone has tried it on a blade and if it held.
  18. Came across something online and I'm curious to find out if anyone has used alcohol ink to dye a blade. If so how did it turn out?
  19. Everyone calls me Whitla. Even my own family. Dropped out of school at 15. Moved out of my parents home at the same time. I'm a general labourer in NSW Australia. 26 year old Separated father to 2 who are my entire world. Had a terrible relationship with their mum after we split. (Mostly my fault). But that's all in the past now we are really good friends. I've always been fascinated by handmade blades as long as I can remember. I have or rather had extreme anger issues. I'm talking volcanic destruction. It was affecting every part of my life in a negative way. Cost me friends famil
  20. This is the blade I was meant to make for my kids mum for mothers day (separated but still really good friends). First blade had a crack when i was sanding it so i scrapped that piece and grabbed a new bit of leaf. somehow it has ended up as a 52cm blade with a very slight curve that very closely resembles a wakizashi. Maybe just maybe I used to much metal lol So that is what I have decided to make it. Now I have 0 experience with this type of blade. Iv never done anything on this size and never done a scabbard out of wood. Also never done a hamon. So my questions are
  21. Well it has saved me a lot of time and effort so thank you lol. I do all my finish work by hand so anything that can reduce the work is a plus for me.
  22. Total agreement here. Don't buy any metal. Just use scrap bits to start because you will without fail totally screw up. We all have been there and done that haha. But in saying that I would go with scrap leaf springs or REO bar for your first true forge. Iv found They respond better for a newbie and is more forgiving when fixing up a mess up. Try doing a throwing knife out of REO bar as first serious forge. Plenty of vids on YouTube and its a nice simple blade. Just my 2c
  23. That filing jig you have set up is amazing aswell lol that was my first project this morning haha definitely made it easier doing my file work and it gave me cleaner edges. Going for a mirror finish on this blade. Got the rough blank done this afternoon. Going with tasmanian oak, red gum and aluminium for the handle. Considering doing a sheathe out of the same aswell.
  24. dude that knife is nice. Useful and looks beautiful. Mothers day is coming up and I think iv found the perfect gift for my kids mum. Thank you.
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