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  1. Health issues with coal vs propane.

    Thanks guys! I keep flip - flopping on whether or not I'm going to build it or not. We'll see……
  2. Health issues with coal vs propane.

    Ok I would like to build a coal forge but am concerned about having serious health issues with coal in the long run. Is coal really more dangerous (With proper ventilation.) then say propane or welding fumes? I have two barn doors that open the width of the barn on one side and a normal door on the other. I am also planning on rigging some kind of hood the vent the smoke out the doors. I know coal smoke CAN be dangerous but I also know propane can kill you just as easily. Have you guys that run a coal forge had serious health issues because of it? I just don't want to die a early death because I decided to use coal. Lol.
  3. Two New Hawks

    I would also love to know how you got the criss-cross pattern! Great work!
  4. Your favorite project to date.

    Well I searched and didn't find a thread like this so hopefully there isn't one going on! Thought it would be cool for everyone to post there favorite blacksmith/blade smith project to date. As long as you pounded hot metal to make it post it here! Daniel.
  5. Dogbone Dagger Work In Progress

    This thing is going to be killer! Keep up the great work!
  6. Gjermundbu helmet

    I would also love to see a WIP!
  7. Gjermundbu helmet

    Wow! That's amazing! It always astounds me the talent all you guys have! Daniel.
  8. Jamb Knife, Take-Down Concept

    Sweeet! That handle looks like it would fit the hand very well! Also love the pommel and guard! Well done! Daniel.
  9. Howdy!

    Thanks for the tip! I know it's not the best start, but I figured it would get me started!
  10. Howdy!

    Howdy! I'm excited to start my forging journey! I've made a few stock removal knives but just haven't gotten the satisfaction from all the grinding that I think I'll get from forging. So what I'm planning on getting, for a forge I'm going to make a small 2 brick forge with a torch in the back for heat. Anvil I'm going to get a price of railroad track. Also I think I'll use a barrel filled with sand for a base for the anvil. 50. Cal ammo box for ht. And safety equipment, and tools such as hammers and tongs. Am I missing anything! Any help is appreciated! Looking forward to getting to know all of you! Daniel.