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  1. Hi there, In this project, I made a knife only from scrap materials and I was wondering what you guys think about it. what did I do right and what did I do wrong, I'm interested in both as it can help me whit my future projects. The wood is cherry and coated with teak oil for anyone wondering :D
  2. Hi Thank you for the suggestions. I have of this moment, changed the the converter flame nozzle to one that's not galvanizedand will be mentioning it in the description of the video. The part about the backfiring flame, was solved in the last part of the video where i explained that the flame acted more like a pulse jet flame. And i fix it by introducing a nozzle to the front and lighting it from the front. I have worked with propane before where i made a fire basin for fire fighting courses, so all the parts propane rated. I'll leave a picture off this in this post.
  3. Hi there, I have just made My first propane torch for a future gas forge project and i was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on how i could improve it. I have already improved it some but maybe there is something i have missed. I am looking forward to any suggestions
  4. I have made a little video about how i restored an old sledegehammer and made it a new costume hammer with a personal touch. If there is any advise on better design for a sledge hammer, then i am open suggestions. I will be able to use it in the future.
  5. Nice, I like that it can be used as a heater when it is not in use, that's something my design can’t because it's open. I do also think that i’m going to make a gas forge in the future as it is what most people suggest as a better alternative
  6. Hi I´m new to this forum and far from a pro, i have made my first forge and was wondering if any of you had some suggestions on modifications i should make to my design to avoid future problems. I have made a video about how i made it and hope it gives a clearer picture of the design. I am looking forward to any suggestions Best Regards René A
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