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  1. Don Hanson's W-2

    The rounds are approximately 7"x 2 and 1/2".
  2. Don Hanson's W-2

    Price reduction to $350 plus shipping for the 6 remaining rounds. The price for 3 rounds remains unchanged.
  3. Don Hanson's W-2

    I have six rounds left and will sell them for $375 plus shipping. I will also sell 3 for $200 plus shipping.
  4. Don Hanson's W-2

    Another 3 rounds are sold pending receipt of payment.
  5. Don Hanson's W-2

    I have 9 remaining rounds of Don Hanson's W-2 that I will sell in one lot for $550.00 plus shipping and handling.
  6. Don Hanson's W-2

    Dan, The price is $200.00 for 3 rounds. Shipping via USPS is $13.60.
  7. Don Hanson's W-2

    Three of the rounds are sold pending receipt of payment. I am willing to split the remaining nine into tranches of three bars.
  8. I have approximately 132 lbs of Don Hanson's W-2 in 12 large rounds that I purchased from him several years ago. I will sell it for $800.00 plus shipping. This offer is open to anyone residing in the United States.