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  1. Yar der flin der flur der yammer yammer. Just practicing my Swedish.
  2. Dear Bill, Thanks for the comments. It was my thought back when I acquired the steel that it would probably benefit from a heat treat regime similar to spheroidizing 52100 due to its alloys. I may have been wrong as I do not even qualify as an amateur metallurgist. I understood that Crucible had asked Kevin Cashen to work on a heat treat that would optimize its properties but I guess nothing ever came of that. Patrick D
  3. Dear Doug, Thank you for the kind thoughts. I suspect that if one was to get the heat treat nailed down this steel would produce some excellent knives. Patrick
  4. Dear Jerrod, Thank you for you insight, I appreciate your response. I may be mistaken but I do not think this steel is produced any longer. At least, I could not find it on Crucible’s website. I will say that it does not move as easily under the hammer as some other steels and its alloy composition probably does not allow you to maximize its performance with a simple heat treatment regime. I do sincerely apologize for the bumping, I was not intentionally trying to violate the forum rules.
  5. Dear Friends, I wish to apologize to all forum members for bumping my sales posts. I did not know that it is not permitted on this forum as it is on other forums. It will not happen again.
  6. I have the following 5 blocks of desert ironwood for sale: Block 1 - 12&1/8” x 2&7/8”x 2&1/8” very good contrast - $45 plus cost of shipping; Block 2 - 11&3/4” x 2&7/8” x 2&1/8” - good contrast and figure - $45 plus cost of shipping; Block 3 - 11&1/8” x 2&3/4” x 2&1/4” - very good contrast - $45 plus cost of shipping; Block 4 - 11&7/8” x 2&7/8” x 2&1/8” - fewest checks - $45 plus cost of shipping; and Block 5 - 12”x 3” x 1&5/8” - very good contrast and figure, most checks - $30 plus cost of shipping. All 5 blocks for $190 plus shipping. You should easily be able to get 3 to 4 knife handle sized blocks from Blocks 1 - 4 and 2 - 3 blocks from Block 5. See attached pictures.
  7. Friends, I have four bars of 2”x .250” x 72”, four bars of 1.25” x .250” x 67”, and three bars of 1” x .250” x 72” Cru Forge V steel. I will sell the eleven bars of steel for $400 plus cost of packing and shipping.
  8. The remaining 6 rounds are sold pending receipt of funds.
  9. Dear Rudson, Yes, I have 6 rounds remaining.
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