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  1. will keep that in mind it's also gonna be a bit cheaper for me then and thats not a bad thing i had another question about tongs a see chain tongs recomended quite a bit are they called bolt tongs as well? I'm looking at builds for them and there not to many but there is a tone for bolt tongs.
  2. Steven the reason i'm going 3 burner is i plan on making fairly long blades in the future i have the option of closing some of the valvles so initally i'd just be using the one. as for placement of the tank if i do built it in a shed i might make a whole through it to pass the hose last thing i want is an explosion in my backyard. if a 20 is about 10ish hours then i'll def want a little bigger i plan on my forging seesion last until my arm gives. since i'm new i'm thinking probably a few days just for a knife. 100pounder would be fun too but i don't see it fit in a Toyota 86 very well.
  3. Thanks Doug i will keep that in mind might opt to go 1-2 40 pounders to start off with and then go from there i would like to forge weld later on but i'll start by just making things first. I appreciate all the help you will most likely hear from me in the near future
  4. Awesome thanks for all the info. if i was to build the shed i think i may leave a big enough hole so that the forge does not come near the wood kinda like a window. would having the would protrude through the shed to the outside work as well or is that even more dangerous. So like remove 2-3 board and have the end stick out a bit. As for caulking the anvil i think the person i bought it from initially had some on it i wasn't sure what the substance was, it was black and rubbery is all that i know. but i will definitely keep that in mind when i'm setup. problem at the moment is the anvil is 250 pounds and the stand is about the same as well. So i'll only do it once its in place as i unfortunately cannot lift 500 pounds on my own. If any of you use propane forges do you know how much forge time you get with different propane tank sizes. I was looking at getting one or 2 100 pounders as i think i heard a 30 or 40 is only good for a 10ish hours. would u recommend it be in the shed or on the outside? after that just need to start banging some metal woo
  5. Hello Everyone, New to the Bladesmithing thing i've been interested in it for a few years and finally have some funds and a location to setup shop. 1. First of all I was loking at either seting up shop outside under one of those cheap gazebo things (see picture not mine but for reference) just to keep sun and rain at bay. i would like your input on this as i don't know if the heat comming from the propane forge would end up melting the tarp as it is a vynil like material. If so i was looking at buildin a half open shed something like this see the image below. You will also see in the pics that i also provided the anvil and stand that i'll be using so its a 250~ pounder I'll be using a 3 burner propane forge. I'm wondering if a an 8x10version of this shed would be big enough and if ventilation would be ok im assuming so as its fairly open. 2. I'm fairly new to this so i'm also looking at the tools i got most of it figured out but tongs are a little confusing to me i'm not sure what the best jaws are for starters i think i'll be mostly using flat stock and railroad spikes. So not sure what kind of mouth that would need i saw there was over 15 different kinds just looking for a few basic pairs. as once i get good a this i'll try to make my own. just looking for a nudge in the right direction. 3. For the anvil i tried to take a decent picture of the face as you can see there is quite a few tiny pitss from usage is it recommende i refinish the top? Would an angle grinder do the job or is it blasphemy. Refinishing faces was one thing i had issues finding info on I've seen quite a few people do it quite a few different ways one used a hand file and then painted it? one angle ground it, one used a cnc router not sure if theres a right way and a wrong way and which way is better. I'm sorry for spaming you guys with all these questions these are all questions ive had for a while and had issues finding answers to. If all goes right i should be geared up these coming months so i thought it might be timed to ask the pros.
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