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  1. Thank you! I guess it did take quite awhile. Alot of grinding and buying stuff i decided i needed after i had started. I am a plumber and do new construction, so rebar is free for the taking. I got an armload off the stuff each piece about 3'. I will post some more pictures when its all the way finished. I kind of wish i would have put a guard of some sort on it. It looks sorta like a giant steak knife.
  2. I have been researching this site for quite some time and a few weeks ago i built my first forge and venturi burner. Last night i finally got a chance to forge a blade. Its rebar so i wasnt able to heat treat it. I thought i would start with rebar for practice. It turned out better than i expected, now i wish i would have gotten better metal. The grips were a broken hammer handle. I havent stained or polished it yet.
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