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  1. KITH WIP- kusarigama

    LOL....I don't own it I found the video on youtube...but ya gotta admit if you could put a good quality blade together AND have it stun someone at the same time it cuts them...it would be highly amusing...
  2. KITH WIP- kusarigama

    Call it the sword of stunning...
  3. KITH WIP- kusarigama

    ship them in 2 separate boxes a few weeks apart...
  4. first piece

    I use the McGraw Hill MetalWorking hand book it has a section dedicated to heat treating and tables for a lot of different steels
  5. buffing compound

    Spot on correct Wes if your blade is above the center line of the buffer you run the risk of having it thrown back at you...Personally in addition to keeping the blade below the center line of the buffer I make sure my body is never directly infront of the buffing wheel...Ie...I stand off the the side a bit
  6. Hunting Knife Critique

    Well I've been silent for a few months as I went back to the drawing board and tried a few different experiments and worked with the input you guys gave me... After some trial and error here is the first knife of 2018....1095 steel quenched and hardened...acid etched then stone washed...the handles are synthetic alumalight I bought the blanks from AAOCustoms and did the forming and pinning using 1/8" brass rod along with 2 part slow cure epoxy to set the handles in place
  7. KITH 2018 poll

    Sounds like a perfectly good reason to get the forge running and bang on some metal.
  8. KITH 2018 poll

    Let me know where to sign up for this...It will be my first KITH experience but should be interesting
  9. Possible stupid question

    Hey even if the blade is complicated and doesn't turn out perfect you should still enjoy yourself and chalk it up to a learning experience... The guys around here will all give you good advice and steer you in the right direction to help your learning curve along
  10. Dunno What to Call This

    Toad Sticker....
  11. Neighborhood Nerd Competes on FiF

    Nice work Gabe good to see you pull out a win....On the more humorous side of things the pommel in your hand looks like you're holding a big set of balls....LOL
  12. Damascus variation

    Wish me luck this experiment is gonna happen this weekend...Not sure how it will turn out...LOL.....for all I know this may turn out to be a drinking kinda problem before I'm done
  13. Hello, everyone!

    Hey Dan It would be interesting seeing your progress even as you go thru the learning curve. For me personally I've received a lot of good input that I can incorporate into future projects.
  14. 6" SS San mai St8 hunter

    Hi Gabriel Point of curiosity here for me...is there a purpose behind not having the brass guard snugged up tight against the back edge of the blade??? Overall I like the look of the wood and brass as the contrast each other and also how it matches up with the San Mai construction of the blade... Just curious about the guard
  15. Knives away to new homes

    Looks like those knives are ready for some serious field dressing work...Nice JOB....