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  1. on fillet knives I usually heat treat first...then do full flat grinds... after quenching I also sandwich them between 2 thick aluminum plates because otherwise I find my fillet knives can warp on that thin of material
  2. Wow that is a very touching and heart felt thing you have done
  3. Here's what I use as a guideline for 5160 steel May not be a perfect recipe but at least it's a starting point for you 5160 STEEL Preheat: 1150 F / 7 minutes Heat treat: 1525 F / 7 min Oil Quench Temper: 400 F / 1 hour Temper: 375 F / 1 hour Sorry I don't have anything converted to celsius scale
  4. Gary why hot wax your sheaths instead of putting a couple good coats of resolene on them???
  5. nice looking knife Zeb...the handle area detail is excellent
  6. what about engraving the cross into the handle scales and using a complimentary color like gold or silver dye in the resin...I'm pretty sure that would contrast very well with the green micarta
  7. JeffM

    double space

    its not a forum thing Alan its's a spellcheck function in your computer computoors yep spelled it incorrectly just as an example
  8. JeffM

    double space

    tip of the day...if you only hit the enter key once you only get one space.....ROFLMAO
  9. Gary are you stabilizing those bone sections with cactus juice or something similar....or is it going to be dyed and oil sealed???
  10. I just ran into the very same issue recently when I took a class on making pukko knives....as part of the class all of the raw materials were supplied with the end result being create a pukko and associated leather sheath. When I questioned the raw unstabilized birchwood the answer was in the sealing process of using a variation of boiled linseed oil with multiple coats...the way they do pukko sheaths is different as well....the sheath seam is on the flat end of the blade so there is no welt strip to prevent you from cutting the interior of the sheath when you put the knife into the sheath and take it out....and yet the construction process works well....overall I tend to categorize it as simply differences in culture and fabrication techniques..
  11. I would agree that the remark made could be seen as anti-semitic...maybe just a simple word change.....call it heinz57 steel.....I've never heard of anyone getting pissed off about all the unknown ingredients in steak sauce....Just my two cents worth
  12. Beautiful looking knives you have got there Joel....nice to see those walnut scales worked out well for you...
  13. I use a set of spring loaded shears works great for cutting out leather patterns...been using the same set of shears for close to 10 years now
  14. sounds like a shitty experience
  15. yeah...not gonna post any pictures of my shop after seeing this.....I'm way more cluttered and messy
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