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  1. JeffM

    WIP - Sami influenced gift knives

    Looking forward to seeing the finished product
  2. JeffM

    Seeking advice

    Personally when I do a stacked leather handle I soak each piece of leather in acrylic resin as I am forming the stack....once dried it is hard as a rock and polishes out nicely.... Joel I dumped a couple of slabs of walnut in my stabilizing pot this weekend so if you send me a private message with your mailing address when they have finished stabilizing I will send them off to you to play with Best Regards Jeff
  3. JeffM

    Iron worker conversion

    Has anyone here ever taken a used ironworker and made custom dies for it to convert an ironworker into a forging press??? If you have how has it been working for you?? Link below is the type of ironworker I am looking at https://www.elitemetaltools.com/tool-shop/products/metalpro-ironworker?sku=MP4000&gclid=Cj0KCQjwhPfkBRD0ARIsAAcYycFOwEuHV4JNgiDLdDLLC8XM3vPRefy0Fz47mFvpuafqpxPUScss30waAvUzEALw_wcB
  4. JeffM

    Thought fer the day, / add yours if you like

    It's not a job it's and adventure (usually followed shortly thereafter by a deployment into some god forsaken hell hole)
  5. JeffM

    Seeking advice

    Hey Joel How about if I send you a stabilized set and you can play around with them and see if you like them..
  6. JeffM

    Seeking advice

    FRP doesn't really buff out to a nice glossy sheen....why not stabilize the walnut so you're working with a known quality??
  7. JeffM

    Finish or Not

    Looking for some opinions here...essentially should I finish this out or just toss it aside The Damascus is a layer of 52100 ball bearings ....2 layers of 15n20 around the ball bearings and 1095 powder steel to fill the voids in the can first picture is after forging I hit it with a wire brush and just a quick etch to see pattern develop. even with some additional sanding I am not getting the pop and color difference I was hoping for...way to shiny in my opinion could be just the wrong mixture of materials or did I do something wrong??? scales are just loose fitted right now made from spalted pecan wood and brass pins (and yes they still need to be contoured and polished to be complete) not sure if I want to keep trying to improve the finish on the blade or just make another one.... Any thoughts or comments from the masses???
  8. JeffM

    304 / 308 Stainless

    doesn't work at all...it's low carbon. stainless steel groups for knife making are usually the 440C a distant 2nd would be the semi-stainless tool steels like D2 W1 O1 etc... When it comes to D2 tool steel I can tell you from experience you better have a lot of patience....because it is inherently abrasive resistant due to the chromium and vanadium it takes a lot of effort to get a good working profile...the upside is once you get a sharp edge it holds the edge really well The best you could use it for would be fittings or bolsters The stretch would be if you're really good at san mai you could use it as the exterior cladding to sandwich a piece of high carbon steel in the middle for the blade edge
  9. JeffM

    Belt grinder Q's

    OBM grinders makes a piece of equipment that should easily fit within your budget and it works well
  10. JeffM

    Seeking advice

    Hi Joel The only way I use black walnut is to stabilize it first with cactus juice. Without stabilizing I have run into the same thing that you see...very porous material.
  11. JeffM

    Forging in the wind

    any concerns with heat accumulation in the rafters of your shop when you forge indoors???
  12. JeffM

    couple of Q's on resin scales

    AAO customs shop is only a mile away from my shop and the hybrid resin / stabilized wood scales are very durable. Here's an example of a similar set of knife scales made with stabilized maple and turquoise resin that I just finished up last week
  13. JeffM

    Available Knives for Sale

    Hey Gary welcome to the world of etsy..... Nice looking work you have posted out there
  14. JeffM

    couple of Q's on resin scales

    the honeycomb is thin sheet metal that needs to be properly etched before pouring the resin. these scales are very brittle. I tested some thinking I could add them to my line of knife scales that I make in my shop after repeated failures with the little resin cubes popping out of the honeycombs I quit trying to develop it as a salable product.... they polish up really nice and look really cool but not very durable for the way my knives are used...
  15. JeffM

    KITH 2019 sign up

    We will try our luck. 1 . Conner Michaux 2 Bruno 3. Brian Dougherty  4. Alex Middleton 5. MichaelP  6. Will Drake 7. Zeb Camper  8. Joël Mercier 9. Jeremy Blohm  10. Geoff Keyes 11. Jason Volkert 12. Pieter-Paul Derks 13. Michael Ward  14. Robert Dowse 15. Alan Longmire 16. Chris Briggs 17. ¿Nikolai Briggs? 18. Jeff Heinen  19. Estados de joshua  20. JJ Simon 21. Clifford Bre wer  22. Charles du Preez  23. Luke Sorensen 24. Chad Scott 25. Luke Shearer 26. Josep Mª Martorell 27. Jeff Muhl