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  1. JeffM

    Tidr Tonn - "Tooth of Time"

    Looks like a great piece of workmanship....any Norwegian would be happy to wear that for special occasions
  2. JeffM

    2x72 Belt Grinder

    After a couple of years of using a small 1x30 belt grinder and a manual filing jig I finally too the plunge and built a 2x72 grinder... Started with the basic EERF grinder design and then made some of the bolt holes tapped and threaded instead of bolt together along with a 50 lbs air shock for belt tension... The biggest change though was instead of using a NEMA 56C motor and speed control....I used an existing 8" variable speed hardwheel grinder 1 HP. Converting the left side to drive my belt grinder and using the right side as a cloth wheel buffer....now my little 1x30 and 6" buffer can get reassigned to light duty and enjoy their semi retirement
  3. makes a good flat surface for setting rivets
  4. JeffM

    Things you might not know can kill you

    Add in there some caution about the types or brass you come across as well.... Some types of brass have lead added up to 3.5% of metal content so that the brass is easier to machine... melt that same brass down in your forge and you'll be spraying lead fumes around your shop...
  5. JeffM

    Propane forge

    yes those are firebricks stacked for the vertical walls... the base and bottom are all poured refractory concrete...
  6. JeffM

    Propane forge

    I would use refractory concrete and KAO-wool... attached is a picture of a forge I made re-purposing an old BBQ grill....you may be able to get some useful ideas from it.
  7. JeffM

    Forge upgrades

    Nice looking set-up Garry...I like the versatility of what you've done...Attached is a side view picture of my 2 burner forge... from the looks of it....I can use your same basic ideas and incorporate those modifications into my forge as well
  8. JeffM

    EDC, chore knife

    Looks good Geoff...when you get done with your stack of half done blades that are hanging around you can start working on my stack....that way I can stay inside and hibernate until the white stuff goes away and it's warm outside again..
  9. JeffM

    Forge upgrades

    Thanks for the info Garry....you're tracking my thought process really close....my unstated 2nd step once I had stable temp control and monitoring is going to be trying to heat treat 440c stainless blades...right now I pay $75.00 minimum lot charges...so sending out 2-3 knives at a time is getting pretty spendy....Plan X is that I look at buying a heat treat kiln from Paragon in the maybe not so distant future...then I just keep the forge and heat treating in separate pieces of equipment...
  10. JeffM

    Forge upgrades

    Thinking of drilling thru the sidewall of my gas forge and installing a digital pyrometer then throttling gas flow to control temperature and make the forge more multi-purpose.. Has anyone here done that already. If so how did it work and were there any problems you ran into??
  11. JeffM

    Power hammer build questions

    Geoff please do post some pictures of your build...I would be interested in looking at the design a bit closer
  12. JeffM

    Polishing and finishing question

    Thanks for the PDF file Josh.... I may have to try this out on a few pieces of scrap to see if I can get it to work with my existing set-up
  13. JeffM

    Laminated\Damascus blades

    Another set of remarkable work...that blade is amazing
  14. JeffM

    Ever thought about selling blade blanks?

    WOW...I would definitely by those damascus blades and finish them off with handles and sheaths...his damascus work is amazing
  15. JeffM

    new pattern

    WOW...these Damascus patterns are outstanding....