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  1. https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/shopping/catalog/drives_-a-_soft_starters/ac_variable_frequency_drives_(vfd)/micro/drive_units/cfw100c04p2s220g2 VFD similar to the link attached will do the job for you...single phase input
  2. what type of wood??? Also, before I stabilize wood I have it air dry for 8-10 months before I slice it into scales and stabilize the wood Shutting off the vacuum is what allows the cactus juice to go into the wood pores where air and moisture were eliminated during the vacuum cycle it is not like starting over Your process as described seems correct...but you must have a high moisture content in the wood or it is extremely porous soft wood
  3. Overall looks good minor tweaks based on personal preferences but the big question is how does it feel in your hand...can you reverse the knife direction comfortably without any loss of grip....and no less important are you happy with what it looks like....
  4. C Craft if it's any consolation I budget for a new pair of magnifier glasses for up close work every month.... I keep breaking them over and over and over....
  5. For what it's worth unless a customer wants a knife in a custom wooden gift box for kitchen knives....it gets a sheath...plain no frills sheaths I include with the cost of the knife...if they want custom tooling or designs incorporated into a more artistic type of sheath then I charge for tooling costs...and yep boy scouts definitely have a leather working merit badge too
  6. C Craft I get all my belt clips from tandy leather I buy them in bulk 20-30 pieces at a time
  7. Just different ways of accomplishing the same task. What Joshua is referring to as the kip is in reality a thin layer of material that lines the inside of the sheath area and specifically covers the metal clip when it is on the inside of the sheath. In some instances you may not use a metal clip at all you could just use a leather fold over loop stitched top and bottom.
  8. 8-9 ounce veg tanned leather / hand stitched with quick attach metal belt clip
  9. I wish I could grow cactus plants that big...
  10. To: All knifemakers and blacksmiths From: Santa
  11. I'm going to add a bit more to the safety notes here.... 0.50 amps is all it takes to kill you dead as a doornail.....voltage is not the issue at all...in fact most law enforcement tasers hit you with 10,000 volts / 0.00 amps....in the world of welding its the amperage that generates the heat that allows the welding process to take place...the electrical voltage simply supplies the pressure to move the weld bead...long story short you're playing with some fire there... 2nd point is if you've never experienced weld flash...you will soon learn to appreciate the value of a good quality welding lens...BTW this one almost invariably requires a trip to the hospital and several days of pain relief eyedrops
  12. chuckles....gotta go way back to the 19th century and early to chase down the history of draw knives and how they were used
  13. LOL...buy a generator to run the power hammer...and pay cash for the belts....no traceability on electrical usage or charges....cash is king...LOL
  14. on fillet knives I usually heat treat first...then do full flat grinds... after quenching I also sandwich them between 2 thick aluminum plates because otherwise I find my fillet knives can warp on that thin of material
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