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  1. Thanks...so guards and pommels but keep it away from the blade edge since it is not a hardenable material
  2. Does anyone have experience using 303 stainless steel in knife making... I have acquired close to 80 lbs of 303 stainless scrap and drop material Wondering if it's any good for knives Any information would be helpful Thanks
  3. Hi Alex Attached is a picture of the filing fixture I use for profiling blades before going into final sharpening and heating treating the file is bolted to a long rod that passes thru an eyebolt so I can adjust the height and angle of the file as I work
  4. Thanks for the advice JJ...for me this is a learning experience to stretch my skills and knowledge....so I may just fall flat on my face and give it a try for the sake of curiosity just to see what the results look like
  5. Has anyone considered using refractory concrete to create a molded open top canister for forging rectangular billets of damascus steel instead of using steel tubing to create the billets??? Considering trying this in a propane forge instead of doing canister welding.. If so what are the odds of being successful??? Any useful insights or safety considerations would be appreciated
  6. Just posting a pic of my newest knife made from D2 tool steel with brass guard and solid oak handle
  7. Custom made leather sheath
  8. 151/2" long made from D2 tool steel with brass guard and micarata stone handle in black onyx
  9. Hunting knife made from D2 tool steel overall length is approx. 8 1/2" with a solid brass guard and oak handle