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  1. If anyone is interested I have some D2 tool steel blanks 0.188" thick for sale size of pieces would be large enough to make anywhere from a 9-10 inch long knife Also have some 4x5 inch chunks of 303 stainless 0.188" thick that could be used to form handle guards or layers in a block handle assembly If you're interested shoot me a private message and we wlll figure out a price along with shipping costs
  2. you could try using a combination of synthetic stone and stabilized wood for a nice contrast
  3. thanks for the tip...when my knife is ready I think I'll try it out...if nothing else I can drink coffee and be productive at the same time
  4. Looks good JJ....but I can't say as I have ever seen damascus etched in instant coffee before...
  5. You could by strips of leather from Tandy Leather Products and make your own strop
  6. Nice looking work....thanks for sharing it with us
  7. Hello Owen

    I'm looking for someone that I can send a hunting knife to and have them critique my work and give me pointers for improvement on things that I may be overlooking....Any suggestions on who would be a good source for such an endeavor??

  8. what did you do to blacken the surface around the edges of the vines???
  9. Awesome work with some very intricate and detailed artwork on the handle....just out of curiosity how long did it take to do all that intricate work on the blade and handle??
  10. Attached is a pic of the first knife that I made. I came to bladesmithing in an odd round about fashion...I spent almost a decade reading and making fixtures for grinding and holding my work contemplating what I wanted for style....then I finally took the plunge and said enough reading and making of fixtures time to take the plunge and give it a try. I used some D2 tool steel heated in my forge and hammered down the taper before many many hours of filing to set the final taper....the guard is over sized because I learned by accident that trying to cut with that knife makes a deep cut in the palm of your hand when it slips...and the tooth pick handle is made from red oak....I literally just pulled the handle design out of thin air on this one...As a side note once the D2 tool steel is quenched and tempered it makes an amazing blade that can take a lot of abuse and stills tay sharp
  11. I own one...works good for putting the finishing edge on a blade...Currently I leave my belt sander set up for coarse or medium grinding and I use that little work sharp system for putting the finishing edge on....that way I don't have to keep swapping belts all the time
  12. Welcome...and I look forward to seeing some samples of that desert wood up for sale...REALLY REALLY nice to see that you're taking charge of your education and earning the money for college....Looking forward to seeing some of your work also
  13. First attempt at using synthetic stone for a handle...does anyone have some tips or tricks up their sleeve for creating a better polished finish???
  14. Very nice work...glad you took the time to show it to us...
  15. thanks Alan...every once in a while I come up with some off the wall ideas for trying new things that drive people insane