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  1. What did you do in your shop today?

    I really like that seax! It's got swag! I need to make a lighting box someday myself. I usually pack up my finished blade and walk into the woods to a few spots I have for taking pictures. Lighting has to be perfect. clear or partially cloudy at just before dusk.
  2. Arctic Fire Backup Blade Finish

    Hey Dave, I'm still on the edge of my seat in suspense. Like the others, I really like how you've weathered that ring. Do you mind if I ask how you did that? Thanks
  3. Knifemaker Interview Series, a biography workshop

    I'm sure he's a very busy guy. But, if he doesn't reply like 2 years from now, perhaps Ben could pick someone else? I have really enjoyed this thread. Everyone has very interesting origins. Far more interesting than my own for the most part. I bet Mr. Neilson is no exception!
  4. Shear Steel Files?

    Very interesting. I like the shape of the tanto by the way.
  5. Three unique Kiridashis

    Your getting very good with that carving! I want to see more stuff from you! Good luck on the sale, and congrats to the new owner!
  6. The wolf seax

    Love the waves! Nice sheaths too!
  7. Finally, a Knife For Me

    Looks clean! I like the handle a ton. And I envy your ability to finish an old "ruined" project and then keep it. I have yet to keep anything I have made. I am just too critical of my work and it pains me to hold on to anything for too long.
  8. Show Your Anvil

    Lots of fine equiptment here! Here is the best by far! Just kidding, but it's got family ties, and I would never part with it. I want to retire the old girl, but I'm too broke to afford a new one just yet. It's still kicking, it's horn was broken off sometime throughout the ages. I was told by Alan Longmire this anvil is a mousehole made sometime around the 1820s. I just monted it properly on an oak stump yesterday.
  9. Camp knife

    That sheath is cleaaan! Knife aint too bad either!
  10. Unknown Mark on a Friend's Knife

    Was he out to blow them up, or test longevity of the barrel?
  11. Unknown Mark on a Friend's Knife

    Sorry, yes! It was meant for the Arisaka type 99. (series 38 I think, not 100% on that) Incase someone isn't fully informed on the different models of Arisakas (seems like I'm a tad rusty myself) look this up to double check me, before you go quoting anything!!!
  12. Unknown Mark on a Friend's Knife

    I felt bad for not giving more information so here goes... During the latter part of the war, precious resources like steel and labor were scarce and they needed to produce weapons fast, cheap, and with as little resource as possible. So with the type 99 arisaka rifle (series 38 I think, but don't quote me), they shortened the barrel, left the upper wooden handguard off, left the front sight protecter off, and just left off any unnecessary parts (it may not have had and adjustable rear sight, but I only used to be a gun nut). And the same went for it's bayonet, crude profiling, no fuller, a flat guard, and it was just left rough. Some have doubed the late war rifle and bayonet the "last ditch" bayonet and rifle. It was manufactured in 45 by "Toyoda Automatic Loom Works" under Kokura Army Arsenal supervision. The scabbards are held together with string
  13. Unknown Mark on a Friend's Knife

    These are still somewhat valuable. You could expect to see $250 or more for it. I would do some looking to be sure. I would say the "pattern welds" are deep drawfile, or scraper marks etched via time and lack of care. Very cool piece!
  14. Unknown Mark on a Friend's Knife

    It was manufactured in 1945 by Toyota and was put out with the sub standard shorter model 99 rifle (but will still fit other 99s) these were rushed production (hence the sub-starndard fit and finish work).
  15. Unknown Mark on a Friend's Knife

    Its a late-war Japanese type 30 bayonet