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  1. Zeb Camper

    Beer = better forging?

    I thought that statement I made about tequila would be a tad controversial! My buddy likes the aged patróns and repasados and such. He's especially proud of his expesive Don Julio. I tried it and I reported back "tastes like I'm drinking a plank" I just haven't drank the right one I'm sure! I'll tell my buddy about the La Serpiente Emplumada you speak of. After your recomendation about that Suntori I'm inclined to trust your good taste!
  2. Zeb Camper

    Raffle to help a fellow maker

    Sorry to hear that Geoff. You ought to get set up with PayPal. It's super easy. I would've bought a ticket or 2 but I just forgot about it. When the money is easier to spend that problem goes away though. People can buy a ticket from wherever they are if you make the transaction possible via the web. I would consider trying this again. I can help walk you through the PayPal setup and help spread the word if youd like.
  3. Zeb Camper

    Beer = better forging?

    Lol yeah I forgot that part!
  4. Zeb Camper

    Beer = better forging?

    For those who don't like stout whisky, you've probably been drinking it wrong. If you want to actually taste it without it burning, you have to follow a technique (some don't have too, but trust me it helps). First you stir it around (seems right) then you inhale the scent (don't sniff hard) then exhale and hold your breath for the tasting. Take a little in and let it hit your tongue (it's not Listerine but swish once). Swallow and inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth taking note of the flavor as you do. I promise if you do this you'll enjoy what you drink rather than making a sickly face and shaking your head. Hope this helps someone! Edit: and I just wanted to add with really stiff bourbons and scotches; having it on the rocks really enhances the flavor and tames the drink a bit. I think that's why I stir mine; to mix the water from the ice in and open that flavor up. I still swish a neat drink around though; seems right lol. I like it either way, but a neat drink tends to empty faster in my case... One is more likely to preform a blasphemous act like shooting that's for tequila lol!
  5. Zeb Camper

    2 x 48” multitool grinder attachment

    I own the 2x42 craftsman grinder. It required some platen modificactions before it proved useful for grinding plunges. I still use it and it does pretty well, but takes a long time to grind things with it. Finer grits leave belt bump, so I hand sand from 220 up. I don't think they sell it anymore, but if you could find a used one, I'd buy it. No doubt it is nothing compared to a 2×72, but it does the job.
  6. Would a 5 hp motor be too much for a grinder? If this motor will work for that I may just keep it. I bought it a while ago so it's money kind of forgotten about.
  7. That's Amazon's fault. It said 1725 in the description, but when I got it is said 3,4- whatever rpm. I just forgot about it until the other day. I shoulda sent it back but I think I let my excitement get the better of me. I guess I'll try to sell this motor and buy a new one. I know a VFD could be a possibility but I think a high speed motor running at half speed is know to run a little hot. Plus I think a VFD is just as expensive as the motor. Maybe for the next. This one is a little too finished to modify that heavily. It'd be easier to start over. Like I said, everything is working together here. Change even one thing and you effect clearances of all the other parts. Thanks guys!
  8. I had another thought. If my wheel grabs better it will run dangerously fast with higher pressure on the pedal. A simple fix you might say; dont step so hard. But, when you use less pressure it will burn more rubber. Decrease wheel size to accommodate the high speed and end up with more slippage, and more burnt rubber. I think the simplest solution is to buy a motor with a lower rpm. Go from 3400 to 1725 and it would make a huge difference I'm sure. Make the knurling on it kind of aggressive. What do you think?
  9. Zeb Camper

    Mini Bowie

    I still think the front of the handle is too blocky. I would like to see the front finger groove move up a little. And the cross section become a bit more egg shaped. Other than that it's a good lookin little knife!
  10. I never thought of that! Thanks man. I already bought that aluminium for the new wheel though. I'll have to measure everything and make sure the extention will work. I'll see how much my machinist will charge and if it's cheaper to buy the extention that's what I'll do. Thanks!
  11. The problem is that I can't get the motor any closer to the tire because of clearance issues with the motor and the side of the tire. So I need a longer aluminium drive wheel. If I change tires it essentially means starting over. Nothing will fit where it used to. The spring won't have clearance from the tire, I'll have to make a new tup, the motor mount will be too high, I'll have to attach a new spindle which will be too close to the machine causing me to have to move the anvil back. Also I'll have to move the hammer guide back. As you can see it's never easy.
  12. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. I think I'm gonna sell this hammer after I finish it. I'm gonna go ahead and finish it out right and get it running even smoother by adding weight to the anvil and getting the drive wheel/tire situation figured out. It May run just fine after knurling accompanied by more surface area on the tire. There are a few things I wish I had done differently, but it will still make somebody a great affordable hammer for rough forging. I think I've got several good ideas for the next hammer. I want to build a Cadillac of a hammer. Slow and powerful. I know where some cheap hunks of giant steel are.
  13. Oh it's got the oomph! See for yourself. 20180907_150851(1)(1)(1).mp4
  14. Why not? I'm pretty ignorant on the subject, but it still seems like a decent idea to me. Those are belt driven right? Is it knurled where the belt sits? Are the wood blocks on yours acting as the brake? Do they cradle each side of the tire? I think I'm gonna add something like that to mine sometime.