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  1. Just make the blade straight, file the bevels in, and bend it before the quench. While holding the hot blade's tang with tongs; place your blade at a 45° angle on a log with the cutting edge down. Take a thick stick (shwacker) and apply taps to the spine of the knife until you get the desired curve. Run a normalization, let the blade cool, and study it until you find any twists or bends. Fix those cold with wrenches, or in a vice, normalize, quench. I'd love to see the other designs! And btw, please dont look for my Instagram account... I was like 16-17 when I made it and my profile picture is the same I started with. I thought I was cool with my tiny little bicep and rolling stones shirt. You've been warned lol!
  2. Aluminium for food prep I believe is acceptable so long as you are not heating it up and inhaling it I believe. You will only get a tiny amount of oxide on your hand off that little pin anyway. And after all, how long have you been storing your leftovers in it?
  3. Watch a movie, read a book, listen to music, look at other's work, study artifacts, take a walk, or go for a run. Just look around really. I would suggest against letting your jig tell you what to do. When you start figuring out how to work with what you have to make what you want, you unlock an arsenal of materials, finishes, and techniques to add to your work. I'm not saying go crazy, but work your way into it. Try and learn something new with each knife. What do you really wanna make?
  4. I dont think there is a notable secondary grind like the tip of a Japanese sword blade. I could be wrong.
  5. Thanks Dave! Thanks Don! I would have accomplished nothing with out ya'll <3
  6. I taught a kid how to heat treat. I thought it went really well. I showed him how to spark test using a wide range of iron and steels, what grains should not look like, how to spot decalescense, and refine that grain in normalization, how to harden, and finally, what grain should look like. Something about teaching I really enjoy... Imagine, as a kid, finding an old vacant smithy; full of the finest blades you had seen. Things of old, of legend, and beauty. Imagine the joy... But, I say that smithy is real; it just awaits the smith... I hope I helped the kid find him today.
  7. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php%3F/topic/38817-heat-treating-for-beginners-and-the-under-equipt/&ved=2ahUKEwjJ1r3jxPHiAhXDc98KHUPIAWwQFjAAegQIBBAB&usg=AOvVaw2yWAV0FRTrjbQ1YNxeWgLX&cshid=1560809628332 Bam! I knew I'd get to do that someday. Hope this helps!
  8. Shoot! Well, what you dont know can't hurt you right? I was worried about getting it too hot, but that's why I made tacks all the way across the rim from each other and tried my best to just barely fuse that rim to the 3/8" plate. I'll make sure to let the air out and break the bead before I try something like that again. Thanks man!
  9. Next they will be outlawing rocks, all leafless branches should be tipped with tennis balls, all tennis balls must comply to code to ensure optimal fuzzy protectiveness. But there's one problem... who'll cut the tennis balls?
  10. I know I'm overbuilding by now, but it's going good. I'm pretty certain the new plan is gonna work good. Borrowed Geoff's guide set up. Btw, one does not simply buy 5/8"x 5" bolts with full thread. I had to make em out of all thread and plug weld a nut on top.
  11. IIRC they had a blacksmithing program in town when I went. I think it was just a craft school. Everybody wants to be a smith... do-do-do-da-do-doo-dooo-do-doo. That's offa somethin. Ev-ry-bo-dy wants to be a- ____. Something.
  12. Thanks Jeff! Here's the end product. Best I could do with the time I had.
  13. Thanks! I want farmuliar with the guy, but looked him up. Any more complements like that and I wont be able to fit a shirt over my fat head.
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