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  1. Zeb Camper

    "I ain't got a good anvil..."

    He holds Mjölnir!!!
  2. Zeb Camper

    Bayonet Identification?

    I'm learning more about it as we speak. As far as dating it goes; they engraved "Styer 18xx" on the spine of the blade. It may well be too corroded to read. As far as a value goes... I just saw one in better shape priced for $50. I will do more research to help; as well as satisfy my own curiosity. But for now, I gotta sleep. What a cool blade!
  3. Zeb Camper

    Bayonet Identification?

    And here's one made in 1886: I think 1886 might be your year.
  4. Zeb Camper

    Bayonet Identification?

    Wait!!! It's a Styer 1888 Krapatschech bayonet made in Austria. Used by the Portuguese.... I think.
  5. Zeb Camper

    Bayonet Identification?

    Sorry, I got nothin' Need more clues. Markings, where your grandfather served, what time he served, etc.
  6. Zeb Camper

    How to make a serpent pattern seax

    How embarrassing! I tried "serpent seax site bladesmiths forum" but didn't get much of anything. Never occured to me to try "sword". Thanks Alan, you're the man!
  7. Zeb Camper

    How to make a serpent pattern seax

    Thanks a ton James! I'm glad to see the method is tried and true. That sword looks pretty killer! Have you made any more progress on it? Edit: sorry, never crossed my mind that the thread was more than 1 page long... looks great!
  8. Zeb Camper

    How to make a serpent pattern seax

    And just to be clear, my plan of attack was to go like the bottom drawing in my first post: Forge and twist 2 low layer billets and weld them together for the serpent's body forge 2 triangle bars to be welded to the top and bottom of the serpent weld it all together and draw it out into a flat bar.
  9. Zeb Camper

    How to make a serpent pattern seax

    Cool! Would you mind going further in depth as to which way you did it please? I didn't figure on having much waste at all. I was going to forge the triangles via a triangular top tool rather than cutting them out. I've already done something similar to make "wolf's teeth". Thanks!
  10. Zeb Camper

    How to make a serpent pattern seax

    Hey guys, I searched the web for a while, but couldn't find a clear answer anywhere. I was wondering how one goes about making a serpant pattern (like in a seax, or a sword). I gave it some thought and I know I want to make it the way the originals may have been done. That said, I tried to think up the path of least resistance first. Triangles are easier to forge evenly than hills... Stretched out far enough; I think triangles turn into hills. What do you guys think? I think the bottom drawing would be easier to forge.
  11. Zeb Camper

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Thanks man! Hey, I saw it's your birthday but didn't have time earlier to say happy birthday.... Happy birthday! The knife looks good!
  12. Zeb Camper

    [WIP] Tanto style blade

    White vinegar is more acidic. Warm white vinegar will work the fastest, but patience is a big part of hamons. polish is equally (if not more) important than etching. It's looking awesome Michal!
  13. Zeb Camper

    Scramasax. Pattern welded blade with ornamented handle WIP

    Amazing! The central twist bar has such a nice contrast to the other 2, and that dragon carving is awesome! The cast bronze hardware is also very cool!
  14. Zeb Camper

    "I ain't got a good anvil..."

    Do you mind if I ask what you mean by "forging on the road"?
  15. Zeb Camper

    "I ain't got a good anvil..."

    Oh you're seein it right. I used a 16 lb one as an anvil at one time. If you're really passionate about something; you can always find a way.