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  1. I just did this little adjustment on my phone. I think maybe ditch the finger groove and instead go for a very slight palm swell. So, contrary to my poor drawing it would'nt get bigger in the back, but sort of flow into the guard better.
  2. I dont have much expierience with ivory, but I can dome a pin over like nobody's business. If you do it correctly you really aren't at much risk of cracking anything. you want your pin sticking out maybe 3/4 of its width on each side. I use a ball peen hammer and just carefully peck away at the edges of the pin hitting the middle by accident now and then and the mushroom just slowly snugs up to the handle. I just peck one side for a while, then flip peck the other, then flip, etc. It's a delicate process, I don't smash away until it's tight.
  3. The handle kind of breaks the flow of the blade. When I'm designing a knife, I start with one simple radiused line for the spine/handle junction, then add the details. I would like the look better if it had more ass in the back of the handle. Perhaps just 1/16, or an 8th longer ricasso. Course I would add a droped choil, but now I have changed the intire design. Really the handle is the only part I don't care for. That, and since it's a hidden tang more ricasso will allow for a better fitup to the guard.
  4. Ahhh, but the aspiring young perfectionist Joel Mercier has done a distal taper in a file jig. I can't see myself using one, but if it's what it takes for beginners to get on their feet and start making top notch blades, then I say more power to em'. I struggled for even grinds on knives when I started out (forged some mean RR spike tomahawks though). Looking back i wish I had one.
  5. Thanks Vern. I got an offer for $350 without a sheath. I'm holding out until my "pro" photos get in, but I'm keeping it in mind incase it won't sell for higher. I'm worried about the handle. I think it feels great, but my dad hated it, and my brother inlaw said "it's fine when you're not holding it" . I'm gonna get more opinions, but I can't change it now. That's what I get for trying to be artistic.
  6. Hey guys, still looking for opinions on price. I posted some pics on facebook, and I'm getting comments and PMs from potential buyers. I know most will flake off after they get the price. My 10 an hour wage plus around $70 in consumables puts me around $450 ish. Is that too much? This has to be sold quick mind you. I want all I can get for the cause, but I have to be realistic.
  7. Start with cutting a strip of thin guage copper. Bend it around the ricasso. Trim the exess. solder the band together with hard solder with the seem on the ricasso in line with the blade edge. Cut a piece of copper to slide onto the tang And but up to the collar. Carefully super glue it together. take it off and glue a peice of hard solder on every inside edge. Then glue 2 pieces on the outside edges on the other sides of the tang hole. Use a tiny amount of glue. Pop it in the forge at low heat until the solder melts around all the edges. Cut off the exess and carefully grind file and sand it all flush.
  8. Thanks Scott! The raffle sadly had to be canceled. They couldn't establish a vinue. The organizers had a falling out with the original vinue owners. Tried to use public grounds where the carnival is held every year, but the town said "it wasn't helping anyone" and "it would be hard on the grounds". I'm just going to sell it and donate the money. I would try an auction as long as it had a set reserve price.
  9. Still have some touchup to do. The mill scale I put on the guard is chipping in places. Also I got epoxy on the back of the handle. I'm gonna clean all that up. I wish the handle had a wider profile. not my finest work, but it will have to do. How much would you guys value such a knife paired with a good sheath?
  10. Thanks! Best compliment I think I've ever gotten. Not what I was shooting for, it just kind of happened. But, I could see how my style kind of fits there. Thanks!
  11. wip

    Very clean! I imagine it would make a good hunter.
  12. Looks like it just needs to be shorter to me. I guess it's too late for this one though. I know you'll pull it off in the end.
  13. Put in a very long day. Several four letter words were the only sounds I uttered. But, It is done.... Ish. I'll get more photos when there's more daylight.
  14. Thanks for the info. I always said I am more confident in my HT abilities than all my other skills. And, I'm always preaching to "look for the shadow". It's cool to have some proof. I did notice some alloy banding, so I guess I need to drop my second and third normalization cycle down a bit.
  15. Oh wow.... That's beautiful! I know I couldn't have pre-planned all that in my head and done it without a mig welder. But the piece as a whole is pretty awesome.