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  1. Zeb Camper

    The smallest knife I've ever made

    Thanks y'all! Several family members want one now lol. I imagine I'll be commissioned to make more soon.
  2. Zeb Camper

    Blacksmith's knife

    I forged this blade from 1084 and 15n20 a while back for a Christmas gift. I ended up keeping the blade because the recipient never came in to pick it up. It's since become my favorite leather cutting knife. It holds an edge very well and is very handy. It will be missed. I got this design from Owen Bush's work, and later read online that these were found in Roman era Germany. Not sure the specific time; I think that's a time frame of around 700 years or more lol! The sheath has a vertical belt loop on the back side. The price is $150 plus shipping. I accept PayPal. Thanks!
  3. Zeb Camper

    Knifemaker Interview Series, a biography workshop

    Dude! Wow! Im-freaking-pressive!
  4. Zeb Camper

    Wrought san mai knife now with sheath.

    Pics of sheath included above. Price remains the same. Truly a steal for a blade like this. If it doesnt sell in a week I'm taking it down and taking better photos to repost at a higher price. My stupidity and need of cash is your good fortune!
  5. Zeb Camper

    The smallest knife I've ever made

    Thanks Jason! Its curly maple dyed with rusty vinegar water and sealed with boiled linseed oil. Got the sheath pretty much done. Got a different sheath done earlier too. Well those pics are from before I cleaned the edges up but oh well...
  6. Hey guys! I just finished a neat lil' knife for as a commission for a guy. He insisted there be no embellishment on the blade what so ever. Call me crazy but I quite like it. It's very close to my KITH design just by chance. It seems very handy. I'll post a pic of the sheath when I get it done tomorrow. Let me know what you think.
  7. Zeb Camper

    Knifemaker Interview Series, a biography workshop

    What was that big seax you reproduced? Bengoth? Or little bealings? That big one you made with the central twist. A beautiful piece whatever it was!
  8. Zeb Camper

    Celtic Iron 3

    Is that a ww2 helmet being used as an ash bucket? Pretty sweet! You probably found it I'm guessing where you live there is plenty of that stuff.
  9. Zeb Camper

    Knife Makers Tongs- TAKE TWO- W I P

    I see you kinda tried the wrong method for forging the boss. You want the reins to come in at the top of the boss and the jaws at the bottom. To do this you would shape your jaw (as im sure you did) by hanging some material off the anvil and striking with half the hammer face hanging off the anvil and half on. Then, move to that flat horn so that you can hang your bit off the anvil and repeat the same minouver to form the front of the boss the exact same way as you did the jaw, only forging on the edge of the anvil nearest to you. Then flip the tongs over and hang the boss off the anvil and forge that step in. Make sense?
  10. Zeb Camper

    Celtic Iron 3

    Awesome Ibor!
  11. Zeb Camper

    Starting a New Mosaic

    Looks awesome Garry!
  12. It is mighty trippy! Nice job!
  13. Zeb Camper

    Little Edc WIP

    You'll have to use sand paper or stone. I think you were using a grinding stone before? Use really aggressive paper or the stone first to get to about the right thickness, then go through finer grits.
  14. Zeb Camper

    Japanese Style Work/not a one trick pony