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  1. Yeah, absolutely! Until a couple years ago; I made everything on a modified length of railroad track. If you already have a good 100+lb anvil, I would put that money elsewhere. I always think back to those swordsmiths of old hammering out 32" pattern welded swords on an anvil about the size of your fist. I would typically like to disagree that you need better equipment to do better work. However, I will say with high layered damascus, or just a large amount of damascus (swords); you cant possibly forge out a 5lb brick of steel by hand (unless you were real determined). Even with a striker it sucks. FWIW, I love a power hammer. Never owned a press, but I set welds by hand anyway. I can feel what's going on and I have a little more control and accuracy by setting welds by hand (at least for what I do). I've only lost 2 billets to a bad weld so far. So I get it set then pop it in the hammer & let it eat! Good luck!
  2. Full flat! You won't regret it! You can do the bulk of it on Bernie. You got belts yet?
  3. Really cool! I bet it was tough keeping that blade straight through heat treatment! Looks great!
  4. At what point did they switch from tachi to katana? Anyone? Cool stuff, Steve!
  5. I sanded the guitar top back down. Now I'm thinking it needs a black vinegaroon stain around the outside, with brown left in the sawcuts, and blonde on the raised bits in the middle...Sand the very edges to blonde for a bit of a relic vibe. Maybe a damascus pickguard... That would necessitate the electronics cover be damascus which would mean the jack plate needs 'mascus. Maybe use wrought...
  6. I dont really see much problem letting loose once in a while. As long as you're not heaving your guts up and waking up in a puddle! I think when you find yourself drinking more than two or three beers per night ALONE though, that's probably alcoholism. Self control is key. I lacked that from age 18-21 lol. I know a girl that calls carona lite "the finest sparkling water". Shes right! I always say it starts with a single decision, and the first 2 weeks is hardest. It takes about two weeks to form a good habit. I actually for the past 3 years or so have took up running during the warm months and continuing to diet in the winter. But every spring it's a test of will power for about two weeks, and then i find it hard to stop when the days become too short and it's too cold.
  7. Get out of the sunlight and cut that air down!
  8. Files and paper from here. Got some millscale ground off and a quick etch. The pattern is mostly centered up.
  9. I always manage to miss all the cool stuff! Really nice!
  10. Looks really good to me, Jake!
  11. Well, I went to church, walked out of a revalations service with a smile, the weather is beautiful, so I went for a run, now I think I'll go clean the shop out of all the sawdust from the guitar and do some filing on a couple sword blades. The guitar looks horrible btw. So, I cant look at it anymore for a lil'. Something about it just looks wrong. I think I killed its character with stain. My buddy thinks I need to bury it in clear resin and make a coffee table lol.
  12. Best to get hooked on good highs. Gratification from hard work, friendships, endorphins from exercise, satisfaction from goals met, purpose in routines, hobbies and I play little mind games with myself all the time. You can get addicted to making good choices as well as bad ones!
  13. Really like the style ! it's a style my brain cant seem to grasp well enough to mimic. Looking forward to seeing it done!
  14. I had a ka-bar once that I didn't really care about. Years ago I threw it at a tree (hoping to stick it) and when I retrieved it it was bent at about a 30° angle. That I think was due to the sharp 90° angle at the ricasso. A little webbing at that junction and if it were recessed into the guard and it woud've still bent, but not as easily. The blade did bend back true. I assume ka-bar leaves their tangs soft. But, you know, dont use this knife out of context and it should be cool. When you start getting into 15+" blades though, it's best to do everything you can to make it more durable. Best o' luck!
  15. I figured I would revive this old post. I once had old vinegaroon that stained maple brown, but turned oak black. In fact I died leather black and the curly maple handle brown for a seax I made. After a while I assume it lost its acidity, and so I added more vinegar just recently. Now it turns everything black. Oak, maple, and it even turns basswood a dark shade of grey and pine light grey. I made two concoctions, the revived old one with more rust than iron, and a new one with iron shop dust. They both look about the same. What's the secret? Thanks in advance!
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