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  1. Just a lil update. No delams, but some pitting that's not coming out on one side. Someday I'll work on a hilt. The pattern looks nice and tight at least. I'm pretty proud for it to be my first successful double edged pattern welded sword
  2. I'm still unsure if the scabbard should get sword fittings or sax fittings. I think it would look a lot better if it had like a leather throat to ease that hard line where it meets the handle... What do you guys think?
  3. Thank you guys a ton! I actually skipped the lining, and got it together today. It fits really nice. I'll probably just shape it up and wrap it in leather. Thanks!
  4. Got some work done on this again. A question for those in the know: its customary to wrap the core in linin (hope I spelled that right, I'm illiterate I know) and then leather, right? What thickness of leather? And, would you reccomend lining the interior with felt? Thanks!
  5. Hey! Its weak where the grains dont match. I had it delaminate. So the part in the middle at least should be solid wood
  6. That was a bad idea. Plywood definitely isnt the thing to use...
  7. Some work I did on my bed cover this afternoon with "hardwood plywood". I had some maple I guess I could have used, but as they say "if you ain't cheatin' you ain't tryin' ". So the plan Is to file the interior into a wedge and then just drop the lid on it. Round it off good and wrap it in thin leather I guess.
  8. Thanks all! I figure I'll make a wooden core scabbard since it's a couple inches shy of sword length. I think the blade is 24" right now. So I guess I need to do some research on what I'm doing! Hopefully I can do some cool metal fittings. Its gonna be a while though. Knives have been in a losing fight to guitar and some personal stuff for the last year. I may not keep my shop for much longer. Depends on how some things shake out. Thanks for the interest guys!
  9. Thanks! Well, the handle is carved. Need to buy leather next I guess.
  10. Wow! Those are so clean! Love the sheaths!
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