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  1. Hopefully not a turn for the worst.
  2. More progress. Handle roughed out and added the antler to the back end with an alignment peg made of that old black oak root I found. So it has antler on each end now.
  3. Oh yeah, that's all it needed.
  4. More progress. Got a hamon in the little guy.
  5. Ok. I guess it's done then. The rest of my family and best friend said the same. I think I'm mostly concerned about scratches on the handle. Its poplar. OTOH, it's an art knife and no one will seriously use it. Thanks guys!
  6. We try to protect our vital organs from anything hot or sharp. Its necessary...
  7. Thanks for your service, and happy late birthday!
  8. I didnt do this today, but I requested advice earlier here about this knife... does it need a buttcap? Made of silver, wrought, or damascus? I added silver wire btw.
  9. You went for a pretty wild buttcap there. I think what you see is "missing" might be the very artistic butt clashing with the more utilitarian style of the rest of the knife. It warrants extra handle ornamentation. But I do like it!
  10. Too cool Kris! Nice anvil! How heavy is that cross peen?
  11. Could cut the handle off at the base of the tang and burn it enough to open a crack and melt epoxy and reuse the blade. What if you made some modeling clay or plasticine examples for the guy to hold? Even if the cross section is turd shaped he should be able to get a feel for it.
  12. Classy as ever! I still think you would benefit from a better background/lighting.
  13. My advice would be to do yourself a favor and buy an actual blower. I bought mine from blacksmiths depot. It is a costly venture compared to a hair dryer I'm afraid, but you can also use it for a coal/charcoal forge, or melting/smelting operations. I bought the 100 BTU which I run mostly closed off by way of gate valve on my blown burner. 50 btu would have been plenty. I dont regret the purchase. Good luck! Edit: it may have actually been 100cfm... or $100... I dont really recall. I hope someone with a little more wit might steer you in the right direction.
  14. Zeb Camper

    Baby Seax

    I remember that first knife too! This one is just leaps and bounds ahead. Im glad I'm getting to see you develop into the great maker you will be!
  15. Thanks ya'll! I forged 2 more small blades while tempering that blade with the rest of the 3 bar billet. Waiting on antler now.
  16. Thanks for the advice guys! I may thin the bars a touch more before twisting and go with your reccomended dimensions. It sounds like to me I could take 30" bars and twist them rather than tackle the full 40+" bar. I think I may try twisting mild steel first. I had a thought that I could twist the whole thing at once. The ends will be looser, naturally. So I'll let the center cool, reheat the ends (one at a time), and twist again to try and get consistency. I dont own a torch. I may also try welding a wrapped edge with 3/8" mild steel. I'm real nervouse about doing it at 1/4". And we are talking about square right? As far as the pattern goes, I want just the classic star pattern right and left hand twists that you get with maybe 20% removal. I'm not out to try and do a veneer over wrought with it or anything crazy yet. I'll be lucky to get this thing done with no serious problems! I'm just using 1075 and 15n20 for the twists and 1084 for the edge bar. Thanks again guys!
  17. Awesome job! That's seriously cool! I may have to attempt something similar someday!
  18. I'm running a little behind, but I got some done on this. Since March I've rebuilt the power hammer to move all the metal I need and I've been slowly making moves with the time I can find to get the damascus made up and drawn out. So far I've got two 9/16-5/8" bars drawn out to around 4 foot but I borrowed some from one bar to make some other knives making it maybe 43". How does one twist a bar this long evenly? Once I twist the bar, and resquare it to 3/8", how long of bars should I need? Should I just weld it all up, cut off what I dont need, and then fish mouth it? About what dementions might my preform be? The step right before fullering and beveling? Thanks for any and all advice. Nervouse about this one.
  19. I think it was 8 idk. I took a right and left hand twist to start, but the weld failed. So I separated the 2, forged them flat, and folded them onto themselves. So it's a stack of 4 total at this point. Left left, right right. Drew those out, cut them in half and restacked making an 8 layer. So left, left right, right, left, left, right, right. A lot of people seem to dig the look; a pleasent outcome for what seemed like a trainwreck!
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