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  1. Got some work done on this again. A question for those in the know: its customary to wrap the core in linin (hope I spelled that right, I'm illiterate I know) and then leather, right? What thickness of leather? And, would you reccomend lining the interior with felt? Thanks!
  2. Hey! Its weak where the grains dont match. I had it delaminate. So the part in the middle at least should be solid wood
  3. That was a bad idea. Plywood definitely isnt the thing to use...
  4. Some work I did on my bed cover this afternoon with "hardwood plywood". I had some maple I guess I could have used, but as they say "if you ain't cheatin' you ain't tryin' ". So the plan Is to file the interior into a wedge and then just drop the lid on it. Round it off good and wrap it in thin leather I guess.
  5. Thanks all! I figure I'll make a wooden core scabbard since it's a couple inches shy of sword length. I think the blade is 24" right now. So I guess I need to do some research on what I'm doing! Hopefully I can do some cool metal fittings. Its gonna be a while though. Knives have been in a losing fight to guitar and some personal stuff for the last year. I may not keep my shop for much longer. Depends on how some things shake out. Thanks for the interest guys!
  6. Thanks! Well, the handle is carved. Need to buy leather next I guess.
  7. Wow! Those are so clean! Love the sheaths!
  8. Oh boy! I'll be watching with interest!
  9. Thanks guys! You're too nice! I might be able to get started on the other side tomorrow or some over the weekend.
  10. Thanks! If by "sabering" you mean chipout, then yes there in those tight ribs I got a little chipping, then switched from the v chisel to a scalpel. The carving is my interpretation of the carvings on a ship in a museum in oslo Norway. They aren't an exact copy, and the design also got some inspiration from anglo Saxon carvings. Still need to clean it all up, so it should all get neater. Do you mean the blade seems thick?
  11. Here's where I left this! Got some carving done today.
  12. Hey Joshua! I used to be with you on that. Maybe I still am in a way. I get epiphanies on what's right and wrong pretty often. So long as the insight you express is your own I guess... I had a long conversation with a guy in sales marketing last weekend and came to some conclusion (right or not) its really what market you would prefer to appeal to I guess. My only line of thought on a knife with a defect is you can chase the "flaw" (in this case an uncertainty in design that maybe only you see), or you can let it go to someone who's gonna love it anyway. I did this with a sheath I had someone
  13. Doesn't look bad to me, but not the typical look I go for. And, the look I go for is just a copy of the makers that I admire. You're at a crossroads. If you intend to keep it; I would fix it how you want. If you're thinking of selling; you might just let it go. Overall, looking good!
  14. Gotta be pretty close to welding for that stuff. On my big broadsax I actually had to flux and weld the wrought spine back together while forging it to shape. It can be tricky stuff especially if its high P like what I got. You can always fold it over itself and draw it out a few times to refine it. Just weld it back together the best you can, forge it into flatbar, put a little water on the anvil, get your hammer wet, put the bar right in the puddle and hammer the scale off, wire brush and flux. Fold and weld. Repeat as needed.
  15. I drove an hour to buy another cheap guitar yesterday...Turned out to be a flop. The guitar buzzed really bad, and someone already did a bubba style fret level on it, so needs refretting, so I made some tools to pull the frets, on top of that the neck had a terrible S bow/warp that I was able to adjust with the truss rod and sanding with a beam. So the neck is just about perfect, and I got some of the frets made up and ready to go back in. The body is made of plywood. Something about the guitar lends it a very deep, hot , and heavy tone. I'm guessing the pickups and perhaps the plywood.
  16. Looks awesome man!
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