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  1. I got mine running. I mounted it to a 10" 3/8" thick piece of channel from work. I did it at work and didnt have a belt to test it, but went ahead and squared everything up, and layed a piece of flat bar from the bottom platen wheel to the motors drive wheel and measured from the flatbar to the grinder body. I marked, drilled, and bolted everything down at the shop (work) and when I got home (to my suprise) it ran just fine with only minor adjustments to the tooling arm length and the tracking wheel. I think I'm gonna have some fun! 20191018_191057.mp4
  2. So far I have 2 forges. But I'll make a ground forge now and then. For welding I go for a japanese style forge. For heat treating long stuff I've just went with a trench and a pipe just like what you have there. I'd like to build another gas for swords and a replacement for my Chile forge. I just dont like how the chile is set up. No swirl, high ceiling, hot-spots, slow to heat. I found a pic of the same type of coal/charcoal forge I was running before (just like what you have) I lined it with fire bricks and cut the bricks at an angle with a masonry wheel on a grinder. I think it was daylight out when I took this. My old cell phone darkened everything in the presence of really bright stuff IIRC.
  3. Thanks Billy! Luckily I dont use file guides. I usually chainsaw file my plunges in
  4. You guys are making this kith look pretty fun! Looking forward to seeing it done!
  5. I'll buy that. Some people stay happy just naturally. Others have a hard time. I know a guy that's that way. Money has never motivated me much, but I have looked to goals a lot. I sometimes wonder if I look to goals to better myself, or if it is in the pursuit of happiness, or to prove self worth, or purpose, or just to keep occupied. Maybe it's all, or maybe none. I've found it best to try and let whatever thoughts come and go. Not to dwell on anything in particular. Not to fixate on the bad, but just let it go.
  6. Sorry I gotta work on reading comprehension. I totally missed that you said you were using coal.
  7. I've never done any other type of welding than what I describe there. I haven't decided I need to risk losing $50+ in steel yet. I have used wd40 (and borax) in weld flaws to try and close them up.... Did they close? Yeah, was it by luck or wd40? I couldn't tell you. Good luck! Hopefully Garry Mulkey sees this. I forgot, but there are pinned topics on this too btw, you might look around.
  8. The answer: beauty; in the eye of the bee-holder. Jim Carry (however you spell that) has some interesting perceptions. Claims "there is no jim carry" in an article I just read. That he's always just played a role, and jim carry was just cobbled together ideas. He goes on to that there is no "he" and that we all play roles but nothing is really real. He says that he accomplished all he ever wanted and more and still wound up unhappy. He then tries to explain you have to understand suffering to gain compassion and then you're free..... Not sure I follow. By that logic, his being "set free" might just be another quest; the next idea; another role he might play. You cant take out the human element and try to be some great transcendent intellectual being. Jim carry is uniquely jim, even if he was playing out roles. We are as organic as dirt, each unique from the other. If you rewound time and switched someone at birth they would not fill the same role as the other child in the prior timeline.
  9. Some utsuri! That is what I'm seeing right? A hamon and its shadow?
  10. This weekend I'll show you another charcoal forge design too. I use this type last time I refined remelted mildsteel bloom. You've got the blower for it. That's really all you need. Reaches welding heat easily. You do need to figure out a better charcoal situation. I'm gonna try to document some stuff for you this weekend.
  11. And make sure you blow the ash out of the pipe. Make sure the caps on the pipe. Like he said, clay will get you some more heat, but unfortunately the angle is a little too acute for too much clay. However, if you widen the slot or drill holes to get more air you can then build the clay up. Also, you dont need that much length. Throw some clay over most of that slit. Remove clay for those longer heat treatment projects Get some of that ash and mix it into red clay with some silica sand. You want it still to be clay like. I would mix it course and crumbly and add more clay until its workable.
  12. Looks like charcoal............. I ran that blower on a great big ol' long troft forge I built for heat treating a katana once. It got it a little too hot............,,,,,,,, .......... are those kingsford briquettes??? Have you tried the natural oak charcoal you can get from Walmart? It might be called royal oak. I got a bag outside. It really should be hot enough. You got red clay over there?
  13. I shall call him... Colonel. Yep it does look really well built. Much more sturdy than it probably needs to be. The VDF and motor came pre-wired and it was over packaged. I literally just have to adjust a few things bolt it all to a bench and plug it into an outlet. Back to the packing: alot of time and effort went into making sure it arrived safely. I'm 100% satisfied so far.
  14. Thank you! And so, one can infer that the hilted sax being the shortest blade was 51 cm, and 5.5 (ish) cm wide? I think I over estimate the size of pic#3 (in the book) I think the handle is closer to 9cm. I need to remeasure. If I could identify one of the other swords for a reference that'd be great.
  15. Maybe I have dementions... Or, have I thrown out my literary skills in favor of more knife making information!?!?
  16. If the grip of the second sword was 10cm, the blade might be 70. Possible blade length of 75cm on the one in the book. The last might be 55cm.
  17. Hey guys, I've spent a few hours searching now, and found one picture with a scale bar. I did a down& dirty multiplication of the measurement of the blade length and I came up with an approximate measurement of 62cm. Does anyone have more information?
  18. I forged out a square of wrought and added that to the cut off sword core that I previously added 1080 square to make up a langsax preform. It measures about 26" long, 1 3/8" wide and tapering from 5/16" to around 1/4"... I wonder if I could fishmouth a tang on it and make another sword Edit: I dont think so. Still not enough material. Better just make a big ol' sax.
  19. Could be I guess. I've never seen coke so silvery though. Nothing about it is gray. It looks like aluminium. It doesnt crumble necessarily, but more of a shatter. It's not graphite I dont think. It's not dark enough, and you cant write with it. I guess I should heat it?
  20. Hey guys! I found this in the parking lot at work. It doesn't oxidize. It's very brittle (smashed it with a hammer) and smooth feeling. As an aside, I think I'm going to try panning for gold in the creek on my parent's property. I have found traces of it before, and my dad claims to have found a nugget. Research says the james river is still producing gold. I read that garnets are very common in the area. I think I'd like to try sieving for that too maybe come spring/summer. I found genuine napable jasper in my buddy's creek (unlike the quartzite I found prior) also lots of purple shale or slate (whatever its called) around and lots of quarts and obsidian, so I think it'd be a prime spot If I could con him into coming with me at the risk of looking like idiots in front of the neighbors. I guess id need to look in the low spots and traps at the bends to up my chances since heavier stones sink. Anyone try this?
  21. Wow! Impressive forge work! How heavy is that beautiful Fisher anvil?
  22. Read this online the other day. Someone holds a bee. What do they have in their eye? Thought 2: "It doesn't cost you anything to be nice." I had to remind myself of this today. This one dude i had to deal with was just not having a good day (and made it obvious). I gave him a double scoop of nice with a cherry on top.
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