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    Broken Back Seax

    The carving and tooling are especially awesome! If you don't mind a critique: I think the blade is lovely all around, but the camera flash on the white background just doesnt seem to let all that beautiful work stand out. I'm sure in person it quite impressive.
  2. Zeb Camper

    Looking to place a large custom knife order

    And how quick you need them would be next.
  3. Zeb Camper

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Forged some tongs for holding half inch square today. The tongs are functional, but I forged the boss so that the jaw and the reigns were in line with each other (where they are supposed to be on separate tangents from the rivet). Its been a while since I had made tongs and It didnt cross my mind till I put the 2 halves together. Oh well! Works just as well I suppose. I ought to make more tongs while its fresh on my mind.
  4. Zeb Camper

    ...And so it begins!

    Just thinking out loud for now. Ideas are welcomed! I've been scratching my head over this one. I imagine it will be like last year (over thinking and jumping from one. over complicated idea to the next). It's such a small canvas. Intimidating is what it is... So much that could be done, and so much that cannot! So I've got a few ideas. One being to devote this project to my hearth steel experiments. Two would be gathering up every scrap piece of pattern weld in the shop and welding it all together to a high layer count(or low, if it looks cool). Three would be a more classic P-weld with a good usable cutting edge like 80crv2, w2, etc in a san mai or multibar construct. I'm not sure about what type of blade to make yet. Fixed or folding...
  5. Zeb Camper

    ...And so it begins!

    Not terrible I dont think! Now for the sides and stuff to put in it!
  6. Zeb Camper

    ...And so it begins!

    Thanks guys! If I'm to be making cool steel, I need cool accent work as well anyway. I told myself this year I would buckle down on leather and woodwork especially (as well as everything else ).
  7. Zeb Camper

    ...And so it begins!

    Well I've gone and messed up my runes! Oh well, there were illiterates back then too! Enough of boxcarving for today i think. Gotta go fire that forge!
  8. Zeb Camper

    Avarian saber - pattern welded blade

    Gorgeous work Kris! And very close to matching blades!
  9. Zeb Camper

    ...And so it begins!

    Oh well! Best I can say.
  10. Zeb Camper

    Refining Bloomery Iron into Hearth Steel with Hurstwic

    Am I really considering buying some geese right now?... Yeah! I'll try the bones first
  11. SOLD! I have decided (almost remorsefully so) to sell this blade so I can afford to repair tooling and buy supplies to start the next project. I will post a link to the thread with pictures and some of the processes of its creation. I'm asking $550 plus shipping. I accept PayPal Thanks!
  12. Zeb Camper

    Making a Paring knife

    Not too shabby! Socks with sandals is a no go for safety! Or ever lol! Just joking! So your heat treat methods need work. A magnet will only get you close. Look up "Decalescence" on your search engine ("decalescence site: bladesmithsforum.com"). This is what you should be watching for. When grinding, take material off the very edge first and work your way back to the spine. Never hand sand with your fingers on a blade. You get dips in the blade when you do that. Sand lengthwise using a hard backer for the sandpaper (such as a piece of angle iron clamped in a vice). Or with waterstones. Its smart to at least finish the front of the handle (nearest the blade) before attaching it permanently. You've got talent, but just need a little bit better process. Try these out and I'll bet your finished product will look much better. Hope this helps!
  13. Zeb Camper

    ...And so it begins!

    Its kind of a natural design I think! I got my forge patched up just now. Just need that satanite to set up and fire it lightly every few hours tomorrow and might be able to run it Sunday I hope. Or am I pushing my luck? Supposed to be below freezing this weekend. I been meaning to rig up a new coal forge for times like these, and when im out of gas (shoot I actually am!), for big nasty flux filled welding projects, or when I feel like a mountain man. Might be tomorrow's project. I actually have a lid for a box that this thing can go in! I started carving a random piece of maple the other day. About the right size for a box lid! If I keep "think-typing" its hard to tell what else I might come up with!
  14. Zeb Camper

    Pattern welded broken back long sax

    Bitter-sweet. Bitter-sweet... I bet she's going to a good home though!
  15. Zeb Camper

    ...And so it begins!

    Do whatever you want! I'd be interested to see your take on it. It wouldnt bother me in the least!
  16. Zeb Camper

    San mai Q's

    I think I gave some useful tips in this thread. Page 2 maybe? Hope it helps! Edit: page 1!
  17. Zeb Camper

    San mai Q's

    What he said ^. If you don't have a welder to weld around the stainless, or weld it in a can, it's nit worth trying. You do have to get the pieces up to welding temp. The forge I gave you will reach that temp. Especially if you block off the unused air holes with clay. Regular old red clay will work you need not pack it, unless you plan on only making small knives. I forgot to mention that before I think. Otherwise you'll burn all your fuel! You can do high carbon to a different alloy, or to mild, or wrought. You can do san mai without a welder, but I imagine it's at least a level 60 smithing skill in a coal forge. It's tough in propane too. When I did it I made a Y shape out of wrought and put my high carbon in the Y and carefully welded one end shut and worked my way forward. Wire would have helped keep the steel centered in this case. You're gonna need to read a lot on forge welding before you attempt this.
  18. Zeb Camper

    ...And so it begins!

    Thanks guys! And Conner, it is for KITH. I gotta at least patch my welding forge before I can start though. Might be next weekend's adventure. P'raps I'll make a big long multibar bar and cut this blade off of it. Make a seax at the same time.
  19. Zeb Camper

    ...And so it begins!

    Here's rougly what I'm thinking. Kind of a mix of an old motif on a design that would be handy today. Sort of a chubby pukko meets lil' sax. Meant to be worn horizontally. Deeply etched blade, antler bolster, curly maple handle dyed with rust for a gray/brown color, black leather sheath with tooling and brass fittings I think. That or copper. I might do some carving depending on if the peice wants to be carved in the 3rd dimension.
  20. Zeb Camper

    KITH 2019 WIP

    You are right about small blades being a challenge. Everything has to be perfect because there isnt much there. Historically speaking, I'll bet these smaller blades wouldnt have been patterned. But, san mai or a piled (layered) construction is more likely. If you want some historical inspiration, check out the book "knives and scabbards" (medieval finds from excavations in London). I bought it on Jeroen's reccomendation. But, do whatever you want! Who's to say they would have never done a tiny blade in patternweld? I plan on doing mine like this. Mine will only be reminiscent of history. I edited the proper name in. Its got a picture of a dude filing on a handle.
  21. Zeb Camper

    KITH 2019 WIP

    You could do multibar. What blade shape are you using, and how big?
  22. Zeb Camper

    Silver and bog oak seax

    Uh oh! How big are we talking here Long sax proportions!?
  23. Zeb Camper

    Hunter for a friend

    That's a good looking knife!
  24. Zeb Camper

    Hunting knife

    Too funny!