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  1. Anxious to see how this works out. What an interesting, but likely effective way of patterning a blade!
  2. Thanks, Gerald! I might do some blades after all, idk. I've yet to do anything in preparation for this, because I've been nursing my dog back to health. He got a leg amputated today. I feel bad for what He's going through (as does my bank account), but he keeps showing me he has the will to live, so who am I to say he can't? So, what I know now: it's a guided tour. There will be 5 groups I believe. From 10-3 means I'll have each group maybe 45 minutes(?). They want to do the forging "outside on the concrete patio".... I told the woman the problems with forging outdoors. We're gonna meet in March sometime. I'm not sure this is going to be that great. Imagine me with my air pig style forge under one of those blue tent things. Might not be so bad. I dont even think they will entertain coal or charcoal. And maybe it would be looked at as jeapordizing history to forge inside. I dont really see it that way, but I can see how someone might. I wouldn't need to be as cautious outside at least. We shall see...
  3. I've found the high speed wrist breakers actually suck at drilling steel. Nothing beats slow speed and high (within reason) pressure. High torque is optional. Just let off the pressure at the bottom of the hole so it wont bind. I would take my boss's old worn out 20v cordless drill over the big ballsy corded drill with 2 handles any day. Hope that helps anyway!
  4. I saw a guy that stabilized a corn cob for a chef's knife handle on FB. Looked pretty cool too!
  5. Awesome! It would be cool if it was in the handle though........... Say you walk into a waffle house around 2am. The salty ol' waitress that didn't want to serve you throws your food down and says in a raspy new england accent "sorry sweetheart, we're out of syrup". So you narrow your eyes, spit a stream of tobacco juice on the floor, and rip a 7.5" knife from your hip without breaking eye contact, then remove a cap from the hilt dispensing maple syrup on your dried stack of bland food. Then you give it a lil twirl from the bucket hook and re-holster that bad boy in wild west fashion. Then, the Rob Halford doppelgangers tap your shoulder and.... Obviously just kidding btw
  6. Thanks, Alan! He's gonna make it I think, but hes not going to be running around like he was. I guess I'll give the handle a try as is first. I've never had a hammer I was truly comfortable swinging though. I might just work at too fast of a pace. They say use a bigger hammer in that case, but I'm the kind of guy with more endurance than strength. I've tried to keep good form. I try to give the hammer a little snap at the end of the downswing, and lift it as it rebounds the piece and get the shaft to 90° and up near my shoulder ASAP. I just seem the tear my hands up and grip too hard, otherwise I re-adjust everytime I flip the piece (sorta making anvil music). Thanks!
  7. I snuck out to put a new regulator on my forge and a new handle on one of my hammers. Shorter and fatter this time. I think I'm gonna try a hard finish on it. I grip my hammers too hard just to keep my hand on the handle and I know a glossy finish promotes grip. That might allow me to loosen up (though an "expert" may frown upon my folly) . My dog got in a bad fight last weekend and has taken up all my time and money since. I was lucky this afternoon because the vet had to sedate him at his appointment, so he's been napping all day. Once he starts eating good on his own, bucks the infection, stops oozing puss all the time, and starts getting around on his own; I gotta work on selling something. Either making it to sell, or selling one of my keepers.
  8. It would be cool if you had a hidden compartment for syrup...
  9. Thanks ya'll! I guess I gotta get it dry first. Might cut it up into manageable pieces.
  10. I just watched a video... Could I not use like a shop vac, and a piece of plexiglas in top of a pot with some kind of seal? Or is that way too low tech? I have too many hobbies to get seriously invested in this.
  11. I have once again applied the "zeb tax" to the firewood. This is spalted pine I believe. Some of its pretty heavily spalted. Still pretty sound, but would still stabilize.
  12. I tore up and tossed plenty of blades earlier on. This one isn't too far gone, but it'd take a little while to get it right. I'd suggest you spend a little more time with paper. It might stink, but you wouldnt regret it after it was all done. also, it looks rounded off on the handle part. It's gonna be worth it to get that perfectly flat. If you would care to gouge out a rough fuller in the middle of the handle for weight reduction and epoxy strength, it would also make it easier to hand sand the outer perimeter perfectly flat for good fit to the scales. Might have more control with and angle grinder for fullering. It needs only be 1/32" deep to keep off the paper. A piece of marble or angle iron would work well for a sanding backer when flattening. Looking good!
  13. Looks to have hardened on back into the handle some. That's just how it looks to me. Your drill might be too fast. See if you can drop the speed down and increase pressure. Use a sharp bit and dont let it bind up and spin you around. Good luck!
  14. "Mist is in the trees, stones sweat with the dew, the morning sunrise; red before the blue"~ Empire of the clouds from Iron Maiden about 20 mins long. I'll be jamming come design time!
  15. I would think it needs to at least be an edged sort of thing. Keep in mind you gotta ship it too! You can use a "motif" like the others said with blossoms, or colors, or textures. A fall blade might have a rich golden brown handle with copper fittings, or leaf inlays, or something that reminds you of the season. A flannel micarta handle even.
  16. Thanks guys! Hopefully my new regulator will be in by this weekend so I can start fiddling around with blacksmithy type stuff.
  17. Looks like a good hammer! Look at the "Hofi" style hammers.
  18. Hey guys! I've been asked to do some demo work in the town of fincastle (which I live only a short drive from) for a heritage type day. May 16th. I'm told there is an old smithy in the town full of old tools, but no forge (or maybe it needed exhaust work). So, I'd bring my tools, and I would need to forge from 10am-3pm. I'm a little fuzzy on what exactly is going down, but I think it will be a tour of the town, or something similar where people will just pass by (possibly hang out). I have to meet up with the historical society soon to get better informed. But the thing is: I ain't no blacksmith. I'm a bladesmith above all. They know that. I wouldnt be against taking a couple months to learn to forge tools like hatchets or farm tools or whatever else. The town was founded around 1772, so I want to do something similar to that time period. Whatever it is; I think I need to have one pre-made and be able to forge several in that time frame. So, I gotta get busy. I might look into a coal or charcoal forge (I gave mine away). Would you be upset if you watched some modern guy in modern garb with modern tools forging old stuff? Any suggestions?
  19. No, you're good! In fact, if you'd be willing to ship I might be a buyer myself! Feel free to post whatever you like. I've got some walnut, and cherry drying out right now.
  20. I've got some walnut, mystery, and cherry firewood I'd love to try this on.
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