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  1. I just had a failed attempt at heat treating my first katana. I have done a tanto before, so I know how it should go, but I guess I'm not used to heat treating 30" blades. Here were my hang ups: I couldn't get an even heat at first because I run low heat when I do knives, but my forge was just short enough that I was chasing the heat back and forth and by the time I realized I needed to crank up the heat my sword started to bend, and then I tried to straighten it, and my clay fell off. Upon closer inspection my blade took a big rainbow shape in the opposite direction that a katana should look.
  2. A suggestion for all of you people using rutlands or satonite; I have never used that stuff. I use the high heat mortar that comes in a caulk tube by DAP you can buy at the hardware for $5. You can make a hamon template for each side of your blade, trace it with a sharpie, and then shoot it along the outline. Then, shoot some extra behind it and smooth it with your finger. Let it sit for a couple days and heat treat.
  3. Yeah, myself and the guy are making it for agreed the ray skin was just a lil' bit morbid. I'm not up to date but I'm sure they're overfished. I had thought about checkering the handle, but seems too american. But grip is also a necessity on a sword this big. Burlap wrapped in silk could be plain and elegant enough to match the blade style Perhaps just some laquer on wood as suggested would be sufficiant. Funny thing, the guy suggested i use hemp string. I could'nt bring myself to do it.
  4. I'm a beginner bladesmith, and new to the forum. I'm making my first katana and i'm nearly ready for heat treatment. It's a hira zukuri or ridgeless katana and i was debating on putting a fuller in it with a contraption i made yesterday. I tested it out on a small dagger i had forged a while ago, and it worked very well. My real reasons for asking is will it make it weaker since the blade does'nt have a ridge? Oh and it's 1095, so it's already gonna be a risky heat treat. Also, the guy I'm making it for Is a vegitarian and does'nt want any dead animals (such as a ray skin) on his sword. Is the
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