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  1. Wow! A piece I'd love to have in the personal collection!
  2. Pretty neat! That last ones... I remember a design like that. Called a clinch knife?
  3. This was firewood! Cherry I believe. Might be a sax handle now! Though I was going to do something more plane for a carving... ... Not sure...
  4. Looks like you really knocked it out of the park! Looks great!
  5. Built a rabbit hutch for me mom. All out of reclaimed wood from an old 2x4 ramp and pallets. Dad used old sheet metal roofing and put the roof on. A question for you sword makers: how thin do you make your edge before sharpening?
  6. The mark is impressive in itself! Looks awesome!
  7. Yeah, I used to take my blades for a hike right before sunset. I dont think your photos are bad necessarily, but maybe you had a bit too much background in the foreground. Here are some samples of sunset pics. (As small as I could make em').
  8. Really digging the handle woods! Along with the fine work of course.
  9. I knew I was right... You're a fine bladesmith in the making! Looks good, man!
  10. Reminds me of that single edged viking sword you and Petr did a while ago. Pretty cool! Best of luck staying sane!
  11. Really like the sheath and fittings!
  12. Sorry to hear about the shop. Wishing you the best. I know we're complete strangers, but I'd be willing to do a knife raffle to raise funds, or something if you are in need of any money. Espescially in these times. I hope your insurance helps at least some.
  13. Oh, I got it! I wrote "break riff" but this is something to sing over. I hear "I been trying the best I can" I need to make a YouTube channel so you guys could help with lyrics!
  14. I've been picking outdoors here sitting outside with a lil portable amp/radio. No lyrics yet, but I made a cool little riff and am working on the rest. Sounds ok so far, but definitely needs more sauce on the other parts.
  15. You need a shwacker. A wooden club a out the size of a maul handle cut in half. You set the blade on the anvil on its spine and edge in the air and shwack that curve out of it. The handle needs to taper to a dimes thickness at the end and flare out at the end as well. If you need to cut material off that's cool. Looking good, man!
  16. Thank ya! As far as hilting it, I had the blade length for a hilt, but had some questionable pits in the first 2" of blade, and not really enough tang anyway, so I ground two inches of blade away (was 65cm, I estimated the hilted ones at 68) and now I'm in the range of broadsax instead of type III langsax (I think) so, I think it will get a straight(ish) wooden handle. I might try to do some carving or something cool. I'm not sure. Its semi important to me to maintain accuracy, but I'll have some fun with it too!
  17. If you look closely, you can see where the hardened steel stops towards the tang. All in all a success. Got the rough polish done half an hour ago.
  18. Good to see the still shots here! I would get everything ground/filed and even block sanded to 80 grit before heat treatment. Try and get that weight somewhere between 1 1/2 to 2lbs if you can. You should be able to get that much from grinding. Check everything for straightness before you grind (and during)! Look down the edge, but also hold the blade out in front of you and line the edge up to its center mass at the tang end, then pan your eyes to the tip to look for twists (make sense?). You'll want to make a wooden twisting jig as you'll likely need it after hardening too.
  19. So, I have to ask, why are you guys heating up 16" of Damascus? For the initial weld, or drawing out? I've always just welded up a 4" long billet real tall, popped it in the vertical, set the weld, and drew it out. Maybe it would be better to weld up the 16" bar if you had no press or hammer, but it seems like to me a safer bet to focus on welding 4" and then drawing it out. My vertical will get about 8" up to welding heat.
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