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  1. Yeah, I started on those. These however will be able to be used lol.
  2. Hit the flea market yesterday early, and hit a stash of old Nicholson and Simmonds files....about 40 or so. Bout to let em soak!
  3. Yes, thank you for getting er back up!!
  4. Dang gerald, where are you getting your steel?!? About the only place I have around here for tool steel is metal supermarket. They must be high.
  5. I have not been having the best success with actual getting a relative hardness...or I am expecting it to be harder than I am getting. I have a punch that I made, where the point that flattens when trying to mark even mild steel. Perhaps I should use a different steel for those...I will give er another try.
  6. anyone have any methods they have found useful for HT of 4140 with a gas forge? I have read about extended soak times.. that of which will suck with gas. I am wanting to make a rounding hammer and some other tools.... Thanks!
  7. yeah, I just happened to have what I had.
  8. Well, I have pretty much determined after watching some videos, that it is absolutely not cost effective to do. I was hoping to put some carbon back into a blade that I did a san mai. I really only made the san mai to see if I could successfully forge weld without flux or welding the billet together. I held it in place with steel wire, and I was rather successful. All turned out well. So I decided to make a blade out of it. The only problem with the blade making aspect was that my san mai was 1/4" mild with a 1/8 1084 core. You probably can figure out by now that I lost my core somewher
  9. Never mind. Found a good video on it.
  10. Anyone here ever try with success to carburizing mild steel? I would imagine I would need to pack the metal with charcoal in a closed metal container and pop it in the forge?
  11. As for my san mai billet...seems to have worked. Did it without flux. Did a bunch of reading up on fox and no flux. I decided no flux. Wired the billet tight and it seems to have worked out.
  12. It really is hard to see any grain...I can see the sparkle though:)
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