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  1. I was actually successful in annealing it by bringing it to below critical in the forge, then I moved it to the back side of the forge with one burner running while I was hammering some other stuff, and kept it at dark cherry for about an hour. Drilled right through it, and files nicely. I feel very lucky, and I learned something new!
  2. Yeah, the drift I made a while back is 4140, I didnt harden it. I will need to make another to drift my whole larger. you are correct about the hole when cool.
  3. Yeah, I did some research after I posted the question. I am going to do what I can to try and anneal it with what I have. Will prove difficult. As I said, I happened to just have a piece sitting around, never used it, so I thought , why not....well the why not is obvious now I do like the way the metal moves though. Very easy to work. I will go pick up some mild steel this week. I have some more sitting around I am going to play with to get experience.
  4. Going off topic, but what is the deal with O1 steel? I had some sitting around I though would be nice to make a guard and pommel....well, I am thinking I now have to anneal it after working it? It is rock hard...
  5. I used 4140 to make a drift. I quench as I go with it as well. Trying to tackle a hammer again.
  6. I have one other question...do you guys harden and temper your tools, such as drifts? I have read arguments against it.
  7. You know, I can't recall if I have been draw filing correctly. I doubt it would do much good if I wasn't, but I bet I have been applying too much pressure with my mill files....
  8. Is there any particular filing method that seems to help the life? I do draw filing and straight filing..
  9. Looking for recommendations on files...been using Nicholson, but not terribly impressed. They seem to dull quicker than I expect, and actually dealing with QC issues, such as warped files...bout sick of em. I have been researching other brands, but I value personal experience more. WHAT SAY YOU?
  10. Not crazy about the balance of this hammer. That's why I am making the drift...going to make a couple of hammers.
  11. Although the heat was high, my muscles were actually what was burning
  12. Forearms are burning! Making a hammer drift! Holy heck!
  13. R. Thiele


    Yes, I have called, and they can order it in. Have both square stock and round 4140. I will check and see if they have any cold rolled 1095.
  14. R. Thiele


    Anyone have a reccomendation on where to source 4140 steel for hammers?? I need a new hammer, and I'll be damned if I pay that much! Unless of course I fail
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