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  1. Hello all, Apologies again for the delay in my reply, but it looks like I'm going to be putting this on hold for a while. Several things came up all of the sudden, one right after the other. Among them are a family member getting corona, my father needing to go to the ER, amongst other things. Thank you so much to everyone for all the advice and information you gave me, I really appreciate it. I hope to resume this discussion in the near future, but only time will tell. Wishing everyone the happiest and the healthiest! Chaim
  2. Apologies for the delay in my reply, but as I have rather small hands, for me it would be about a 4" handle and the blade would be the longer part. As for the blade length, about 5" would probably be best for my purposes. So I guess it would be closer to 9" in overall length. As for the material, which of the metals that you work with would be best able to maintain a sharp edge when under moderate to heavy general use? (i.e. cutting a variety of materials like wood, plastics, ropes, and some softer metals, being used occasionally in combat, being used to pry things open, etc.)
  3. This knife looks great, but how long is it? I need one that is no longer than 10 inches, but preferably 7 to 8 inches in overall length. Would you be able to make this one that size? I don't know much about the vagaries of making blades, so please excuse my ignorance on the subject if I ask something crazy or inane.
  4. Thank you for your input, and yes it would be used partly for combat, and as Geoff said, it would also be used for search and rescue since those are both facets of what I do. In terms of temperature, I have been to Yakutsk once, though it was only to meet with someone for a few hours and then I left. That said, I don't know for certain if I will be going someplace as cold as that again, so that shouldn't be an issue anymore. I have shattered one of my knives once and that was after it had been buried in the snow for several hours and I had to use it to break something open, I used a rock as a
  5. Apologies, I meant no disrespect. It is not meant to be a secret either. As for the temperature changes, I am talking about things like working in a place where it is below zero and or above 100f and then the knife gets dropped into a large fire or into a river or lake respectively. For example, as my work takes me to many different places, I have volunteered with the fire department in several cold climates (hence the cold to hot) and Ive also been to several tropical climates and gone through ice cold rivers and such (hence the hot to cold). As for the "not easy to break under heavy str
  6. Im not worried about price yet, Id rather get the details ironed out first. As for what Im looking for, Id like a full tang knife with an overall length of 8 to 10 inches and made with a metal that would be able to take a lot of punishment. i.e. it would be highly resistant to rapid temperature changes, stay sharp under extended use between sharpening and be just flexible enough that it would not easily break under heavy strain. Now I know that there are limits to what can be done and there is no such thing as a "perfect blade" but if it has both the design I will be posting in a few days and
  7. As the title says, am I allowed to make a request for a custom knife/dagger order on this forum? If this is in the wrong section, I apologize.
  8. Before I start, I am mostly brand-new to blacksmithing and I would appreciate it if people would please explain in detail what they are talking about when they post an answer. Now with that out of the way, I would like some advice on building a small forge. I don't know if I can choose whether or not I am able to use certain parts, but I would prefer to use some type of cement and a fuel source that is very cheap, free, or even something that is continious if there is such a thing. As for what I will be doing, to start out, I will just be experimenting, but my end goal is to have a setup
  9. Thank you to everone who replied to my questions for being so very helpful. I hope I can be as much help to you sometime as you have to me. Thank you again, Phoenix
  10. Wow, I honestly didn't expect anyone to reply so soon, thank you so much. As for what I mean by strengthening it, I am talking about making the blade stronger in as many ways as possible but mainly in hardening and edge angles, so it can take more "punishment". I tend to be quite rough on my blades and although I have only broken 2 so far, the first one was in a real life or death fight, I was attacked at night in my backyard actually, (yes, I am about to recieve my first dan, I am currently an 1st rank ikkyū) and the other was an extremely cheap blade I found at a garage sale. As fo
  11. First let me say that, yes, I am brand new to bladesmithing and all other types of metal work. Second, I apologize if this topic is already posted somewhere else, I simply do not have the time right now to look through all the posts for a specific post. Now that that's out of the way, I would like to know if it would be possible to strengthen (via heat-treating or some other method) a katana blade that a friend made for me. It is made from carbon steel, has been folded 5-6 times (I cannot remember for sure), and as far as I know it has not been strengthened in any way yet. I also bou
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