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  1. Hey everyone, My apologies for again not replying to posts in a timely manner, it has been a complete madhouse where I live, to say the least. Mt sincerest gratitude to everyone who has replied to my posts, I really do appreciate it. It looks like I will not be on here for the foreseeable future, as several things have come up all at once (again ). That said, I will try to take the occasional minute or two to look at and/or reply to posts that come up. As for the custom project I have been asking about, it looks as though I wont be making any progress on that front for a while a
  2. -Jerrod Thank you for the advice, I didnt see that sub forum before and that does seem to have many of the questions I would have asked as well as several more that I hadnt thought of. I will definitely read thorough a good portion of that before I continue with my questions here. -Geoff I completely understand where you are coming from as I was on the board of a forum myself for several years and had to deal with a fair share of trolls, random questions, noobs, and all around time wasters (which was one of the reasons I quit as an admin), so I'll try my best to
  3. After asking for a custom blade and receiving a lot of information from the experts here, I have realized that despite my using multiple different types of blades, from longswords and daggers to kunai (though kunai are not technically "blades" per se) and spears and many others for multiple purposes from cooking and camping to survival and combat and more, I don't know the first thing about designing a blade. So my question is this, is this section of the forum a good place to talk about and learn how to design a blade or is there a better section suited to learning about blade design? I
  4. Thank you for the information, I appreciate it. The only reason why I've been using images and names of fantasy knives is for examples and to learn about what is and isn't good in terms of functional kinves. As for the temperature and other things that I was asking for to begin with, I am no longer in need of a knife with those specs since as of 3 weeks ago, I am no longer working in a field that requires such a heavy duty blade. That said, to make things easier and less likely to get mixed up, I think that I will simply start a new post with what I'm looking for now and close this one (though
  5. Adam - No problem, I understand completely about both family and a job. In regards to the blade, I see what you mean. I guess I was thinking more along the lines of the blade being weaker near the handle because there would be less metal to support the blade if it was thinner. That said, does it actually matter that much in terms of strength near the handle with a blade that is wider at the tip than near the handle? Whether it makes a difference or not is just my curiosity speaking. With all the new (to me) information that I have learned about blades from all of you, I'm going
  6. Hey all, sorry about my little rant at those calling me a troll. I've simply had some bad experience on forums and didn't want to have it continue here. Adam - The drawing above is exactly what I'm looking for, with one minor difference. First though, as I'm not sure what the terminology of these things are, I'll try to explain as best I can. The first difference is the "sharpened part" of the blade to be more narrow twords the handle. I've also attached an edited copy of the drawing above that will hopefully help explain what I am trying to say a bit more clearly. As for the rope cu
  7. To answer your question, the second drawing is more like what I'm looking for, but with the 'two inches at the top and one near the handle' type of blade. As for the "sharp" part of the hilt, I'm simply looking to have a very small part of the blade near the handle made sharp, maybe 3/4 of an inch. But seeing as it is difficult for me to properly explain what it is that I would like, that part can be skipped. No worries, it isn't a problem to skip it.
  8. To all who think I'm just, as you put it, "trolling", let me ask you this: If you were discussing something on a forum that you've never even thought about, let alone dealt with before, and someone came along and had the audacity to say "he's just screwing with you, don't let him waste your time" or something similar, how would you appreciate that? Geoff has been kind enough to be patient with me in trying to figure out what the design of the blade I want is, and I really appreciate all the help and time he has spent with my incessant questions. As someone who has never tried to desi
  9. Hello Geoff, As to the design, the type of blade I am looking for is basically the same as a "buster sword" from final fantasy, i.e. and the only differences would be that the "hilt" of the dagger would be part of the blade as I drew in my sketch and as refered to on the top half of the blade in the image below, and that the blade would be wider near the tip than at the base (was unable to find a suitable image that shows what Im saying), for example (using one inch as a reference measurement), near the tip the blade would be a full inch and near the hilt the blade would taper
  10. Hey Geoff, My apologies for the wait, its been crazy here. As for the design I am looking for, Ive attached a sketch of both the blade and the "hilt" that I am looking for. Its kind of a rough sketch as my phone isnt exactly the best thing to use when drawing, but I hope it is understandable enough. The handle itself doesnt exactly make much difference to me as long as I am able to hold it in my hand and use it without the metal making a sore on my palm. If you can, maybe wrap it with rayskin if you have any available. The balance doesnt matter to me either, and if that is
  11. Hey Geoff, We never did settle on a price as I had several back to back family emergencies come up out of the blue. As for the handle, I just want a simple polished metal handle, no wood or micarta, just the bare metal lightly polished. As for the shape, I will try to post a rough drawing of the shape Im looking for and the reason why I asked about redoing this one is because you described is as a "prybar with an edge" and that is one feature I would still like. Thank you for your patience with me and have a wonderful weekend! Stay healthy, Chaim P.S. Just wondering, a
  12. Hey all, Im not sure how long I'll be on here this time, but I'll try to finish things up. Anywho Geoff, if you still have this knife, are you able to shorten the blade to about "7, and remove the wood on the handle and make a few small alterations to the metal that is currently covered by the wood? Ive decided to go in a bit of a different direction and try to get a knife with a rather specific design. One last thing, do you have a laser engraver or something that you can use to etch some letters onto the blade without affecting the blades strength and stability? Thank you agai
  13. Hello all, Apologies again for the delay in my reply, but it looks like I'm going to be putting this on hold for a while. Several things came up all of the sudden, one right after the other. Among them are a family member getting corona, my father needing to go to the ER, amongst other things. Thank you so much to everyone for all the advice and information you gave me, I really appreciate it. I hope to resume this discussion in the near future, but only time will tell. Wishing everyone the happiest and the healthiest! Chaim
  14. Apologies for the delay in my reply, but as I have rather small hands, for me it would be about a 4" handle and the blade would be the longer part. As for the blade length, about 5" would probably be best for my purposes. So I guess it would be closer to 9" in overall length. As for the material, which of the metals that you work with would be best able to maintain a sharp edge when under moderate to heavy general use? (i.e. cutting a variety of materials like wood, plastics, ropes, and some softer metals, being used occasionally in combat, being used to pry things open, etc.)
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