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    All things creative, all things of Nihonto, all ways of throwing and breaking a human body, all our four legged friends and my wife and sons 1, 2, 3,
  1. Jamie G Lupole

    Kydex without Thermoforming foam?

    My answer for a year+ old question. I needed to make a sheath for a longer blade than my current foam press would handle. I ended up using a strip of 6" x 1.5" "eZ Flex" wrestling mat that was about 5ft long. Worked great. Where to get this 1.5" "eZ Flex" wrestling mat that was about 5ft long? Well I am also a wrestling coach so I got it with a newly ordered mat as a strap pad. So you could check with local high school or college wrestling teams. Or google a supplier as request a sample of mat
  2. Jamie G Lupole

    Historical left-handed warriors

    Miyamoto Musashi was thought to be left handed. But there are no left handed samurai or schools of fencing in Japan. His Niten Ichi-Ryu style of two sword fighting is believed to be his adaptation of his left handedness.