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  1. Awesome, thanks! I think this will keep me occupied for a bit.
  2. That's a huge help, thanks! What else, besides tongs, would be beneficial to make (if anything)? I don't have a proper anvil quite yet, so I don't really have a use for any hardies.
  3. Beer, whiskey, and wine have the power to bring love, creativity, and a welcoming smile to an otherwise stoic mind. These things are, in part, responsible for the greatest things in life.
  4. Steve, Geoff, thank you both for the advice! I had intended on the rebar tongs to be very temporary. I'm in a small town and Lowe's is my very best option for about 50 miles, but you guys having mentioned mild steel, I found some cold and hot rolled (weldable) steel bars. They're not much more more expensive. Would I be right to assume the hot rolled bars are more suited for forging?
  5. Hello all! I'm brand new to blacksmithing and this forum. I have most of what I need (mostly improvised versions, anyway), but I've seen the use of many more tools other than the anvil, hammer, and forge such as tongs and other various tidbits. My very first attempt will be making rebar tongs, but planning this raised a question. Are there any other tools beneficial to a new smith that I could forge as practice?
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