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  1. Thank you i will do some more research, and see if I can set the forge better.
  2. I have only used the forge for shaping so far and it works well for the this was my first attempt at forge welding ever.
  3. Hello, I'm just looking for some help with folded hatchets(made out of old farriers rasps). On my first try I got it all shaped up and went for the weld. I cleaned it off with a wire brush then tried it. Absolutely could not get it to stick. Now i think this one was because i didn't have any flux. On the second on though I went through the same process but used borax as flux but could still not get it to weld.?!?!? Please Help
  4. Thanks for the heads up, i tried reuploading it, is it visible?
  5. Well here it is. My first ever knife. It took me ages and didn't turn out perfect, but looking at it now i can hold my head high and be proud.
  6. Hello everyone, I was messing around down in the scrapyard looking for steel to use and I saw a couple hitches. I was just wonder if anyone has ever used then and or are they useable. Thanks
  7. Half a potato? that has got to be the best method ever for protecting your blade.
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