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  1. Sorry Alan. Forgot to mention that it is a propane, coffee can forge. Similar to the pic below. I do have ash form our outdoor wood stove if you recommend using ash, but I don't know how I'll get it to stay in there. Notice I said 'similar' to. My doesn't look near that neat.
  2. Very nice Mike. I'm new and haven't made anything yet, but I hope my early work looks half as good as those!
  3. Don, I put the forge together with the cat litter as you mentioned. Its been drying now for 9 days. The only problem I foresee is that it is forming some large cracks in the clay/litter. Can I use furnace cement to fill the cracks or is there a better option?
  4. Jerrod - not so sound like a dumb*** but exactly how did you do that search? What did you type in to get that and did you type it in Google or on here. I guess I could get away with...up to $200. I know its something I could use for stuff other than blacksmithing so I might be able to justify a little more. If that Grizzly is the cheap one...I'm doomed! Thanks guys.
  5. Researched the site, but really couldn't find any details. As you probably know, I'm new here and endlessly seeking information. Well, now I have my anvil and my forge ready (as well as other equipment), but I'm to the point now that I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to bevel and sharpen my new creations. I'm currently looking at belt sanders, but the ones I feel I can afford right now, at least realistically, seem to be very poorly made with 1" x 30 to 40" belts and really tiny motors. Do you guys have suggestions on what I should be looking for? Are there options out there other than the belt sander? Thanks all!
  6. Thank you to everyone for the information, advice and direction. I really appreciate all of the help. I will be purchasing some quality steel, but would still like to play with the stuff I have. Don't worry, I'll take all of your advice on it before getting too high hoped. Looks as though I need to do more research on testing out the steel I have to see if it has any quality to it. Don't know how to do that, but I'm sure Google will help with that.
  7. I have a number or mower blades, railroad spikes and old wrenches available to practice on. I know that mower blades are kind of a no-no as you never know what kind of steel you're working with, but what about the wrenches and spikes? I have quite a few of the spikes. Is there anything I should look for in them or watch out for? I'll just be making simple knives until I get some practice in. The help is much appreciated.
  8. Does this design have a particular name, being concave on the end instead of coming to a point? I see a lot of these being made from old wrenches.
  9. Thank you so much Don. As I say, I'm just getting started, and asking experts petty questions can be a bit stressful...lol I live in SE MO and we have a lot of natural clay. Is that something I should maybe use?
  10. I am new to the website and this is my first post. I am looking for an easy forge to build to get started and to help to see if I like blacksmithing. Thinking my first project will be a good set of rebar tongs, but for now I'm looking to build a simple forge similar to the one in this posted video. My question is, what materials do I need to use to protect my pan/container. I don't care to that the pan will never be used again for anything else, but I also know that it needs insulation. I apologize for not knowing the proper term, but what do you call the 'sand/plaster' mix that is used to insulate the forge? And more important (the purpose of my post actually) how do I make it? I've heard of Plaster of Paris, sand and I've heard of people using ash??? Is that wood ash or am I imagining the whole ash thing. I have plenty of ash as I have an outdoor wood stove. Can someone please point me into the right direction. And of course, the less funds required the better.
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