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  1. Thanks for all the info! I've been itching to try my hand at damascus, but I don't have much knife steel ATM. Working on fixing that. I have some wrenches, some ball bearings (my favorite) and some springs (coil and leaf). I guess I'll just buck up and order some good steels to make some damascus. I'm thinking 1070, 1095 and 15N20, or maybe just the last two. I like more organic, multi-shade damascus patterns.
  2. Hey all. I was wondering if anyone had a chart or info on how different steels etch, compared to each other. For instance, I know that high-alloy, high-carbon steels, like 52100 and 5160, etch pretty dark, and high chrome steels, lik L6, etch bright. Does anyone have a list, or just a condensed chart on how a lot of steels etch? Thanks.
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