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  1. Joshua Wilson

    Tang burning

    I'm gonna have to make a set of broaches. Thanks for showing me this tool guys.
  2. Joshua Wilson

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Worked on this fighting knife. Windlass blade blank antler and brass fittings Im doing my self. Im a beginner blade smith I can make my own blades but i seen this blank and just liked it and bought it.
  3. Joshua Wilson

    Tang burning

    Dude this is awesome thanks. I have a few old kitchen knives i can make these tools from. I will still continue this knife build tho. Even tho the hole is a bit big it will still make a solid knife when epoxied and peend on the brass pommel im gonna make.
  4. Joshua Wilson

    Tang burning

    Thank you for the advice Alan i went ahead and did it and it did get the job done but left kind of a big hole ill have to fill with epoxy. Maby next time i will try soaking my antler a month or 2 before I use it i hear this method works well. I will continue on with this build and show a picture when finished. I am kind of a beginner at blade making but I will do this one correctly I burned the tang through and out the other side i will fill it with epoxy add a pommel then peen what tang is left.
  5. Joshua Wilson

    Tang burning

    Can anyone give me advice on how to burn a tang into a piece of antler. How would I keep the knife blade from loosing its temper during this process?
  6. Joshua Wilson

    Burning in the Tang: Pros? Cons? Process?

    I am also curious about this topic. It's actually why I joined this forum I would like to know how i can heat up the tang without taking the temper from the blade. Im new here so firgive me if i messed up on anything.