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  1. You can also hollow grind the tang itself if you got the tools to do it. This, added to a few holes will strengthen the bond and remove some useless weight off the tang. The tang on this one has also been tapered.
  2. Joël Mercier


    That particular steel is acid resistant because of the nickel content. That's why it is used in pattern welding, etchants do not affect it nearly as much as with 10xx steels.
  3. Joël Mercier

    Mystery stainless steel

    I wondered for a while why some carbon steels required higher temperature to fully austenize. Turns out chromium is mostly responsible. Even a small amount such as 0.5% will meaningfully increase the required temperature to fully harden the steel. That's why 5160, 80CrV2 and 52100 steels aren't remotely close to fully austenize past non-magnetic(not that 1084 is that close either). Not that long ago, Alan taught me how to use the decalescence. Just do what he says, practice with a flat bar(of high carbon steel, of course) if you have to. After a few blades, it still fascinates me .
  4. Joël Mercier

    Best beginner steel

    If had a few frustrating experiences with 1095 but now that I got it tuned, it does make fantastic thin blades, even at high hrc. I know a very good maker named Scott Fox who uses almost exclusively 1095 for his kitchen knives. Both 1095 and W2(very similar steels) will benefit from an accelerated quench oil such as parks50 and QuenchK and you should use 1084 for best results if you don't have such quenchants at hand.
  5. Joël Mercier


  6. Joël Mercier


    I used the cheapest yellow mustard I could find. Polished the blade to #800. Cleaned and used a cotton pad to stamp a thin layer like the photo above. Let it dry, clean and repeat till you got the desired effect.
  7. Joël Mercier


    Thanks! And yes it is sold
  8. Joël Mercier


    That would be cool, and thanks!
  9. Joël Mercier


    Thanks Kreg! To be honest, I somewhat improvised on this one . I did most of the carving on the disc sander and stopped when it felt good in the hand. It is designed for mostly pinch grip.
  10. Joël Mercier


    Basically yes, it's really easy. I used a cotton pad and stamped a thin layer and let it dry. Cleaned and repeated once. The blade had been polished to #800 prior to the etch. Edit: I had a photo of the the mustard layout.
  11. Joël Mercier


    Here's my latest 1095 steel with mustard patina, a first for me 3/32" thick spine, 6.5" edge 2" wide. Bird's-eye maple and vulcanized fiber shims. Edit: my photos were quite bad so I reworked them.
  12. Joël Mercier

    Second knife "knife-chete"

    Sanding with a hard back should keep this line crisp. What are you using?
  13. Joël Mercier

    Forced Petina

    It helps protect against rust. Sometimes, a forced patina can leave a funky taste on food though, especially when it's fresh(the patina, not the food). I've experienced this downside with ferric chloride but I heard putting the blade in boiling water helps setting the oxides. Ultimately, all carbon steels will develop a patina due to the acid in food.
  14. Joël Mercier

    Thought fer the day, / add yours if you like

    I have to disagree with that . Better save money for stuff you will need than have a bunch of unused tools and empty pockets.
  15. Joël Mercier

    How to heat treat 80crv2 in a coal forge?

    I'd also screw a thermocouple inside your pipe. This steel can be austenized between 1475 and 1575°f. The lower temp will give you improved toughness at the cost of less edge holding and vice versa. If it is for a chopper of similar, don't go beyond 392°f temper as impact resistance decreases from there.