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  1. Assuming you have Aldo's W2, it's even more shallow hardening than the 1095 you were using so I doubt it could harden much with steel plates, at least not very deep. After a proper normalization, you should be able to straighten your tangs cold in a vise. Cold forging is risky imo. Do you have photos?
  2. Here's a trick I recently learned from this guy to help you grind perfectly even edges on kitchen knives. It involves sharpening the knife before finishing the grinds. It's one of those things that make me say "why the heck haven't I thought of this before".
  3. True. But the risk with a straight edge is that it becomes concave after a few sharpening. It doesn't take much to prevent it from working well.
  4. I love the profile of the entire knife and how you did the scales at ricasso. That detail is a very nice touch. Well done sir!
  5. It would work well, but you'll appreciate some belly at tip, or the tip may accidentally get stuck in your piece of meat and damage it. Thank you for the nice words btw. I am still learning a lot every knife but also got some stuff figured out. Yet, there's a long way to go! And that bolster is in fact sculpted. That's something I like to do every once in a while .
  6. That's exactly what I do and it works very well. But you'll have to learn and cook yourself to figure out all the why's and how's of a kitchen knife This blade is 9.5" long for perspective
  7. AKS got several styles of micarta and g10 you can buy by the sheet.
  8. Today I cut the profile of the blade on the portabands, cleaned the contour by drawfiling and set the shoulders square with the carbide file guide. More to come
  9. These guys are way better at in-depth explanations. It's a good interesting read. https://knifesteelnerds.com/2018/03/13/why-doesnt-heat-treating-affect-steel-flex/
  10. I guess we first should have defined what flexibility is. In term of steel flexibility, it is the force required to bend a piece of steel at a certain angle. The less force it takes, the more flexible the piece is. So it's got nothing to do with toughness.
  11. Was the blade forged or done by stock removal? And where is the steel coming from? I'm asking because the steel from a certain place which buys all it's steel from the same mill in Europe have some serious grain structure issues(too coarsely spheroidized) and must be HT'ed using a special schedule to dissolve the carbides. Only when done by stock removal of course...
  12. Could beer also improve grinding? I yet have to figure out for myself. I tend to get stiff when grinding. Surely a dram or two of Lagavulin would help..
  13. That is just great, my friend! Can't wait to see it done.
  14. That sucks man . I just wanted to tell that you can indeed lower hardness to solve this problem OR grind the blade thinner and keep the same hardness. Thicker cross section puts more stress on the steel as it bends. Had your blade been thinner, less stress would have been applied for the same bending angle so it would not have snapped. Two years ago, I made a small kitchen knife in 1095 tempered to 60hrc. That steel is known to have low toughness(around 10ft/lbs at this hardness), yet I can almost bend the last 2" at tip 90°. And it springs back perfectly straight every time. I think is was Don Nguyen who passed the ABS bend test with quite a hard integrally hardened blade that completely sprung back 100% straight. I've seen the video and it was quite impressive. The blade had enough hardness to give good yeild strength to the steel while it's geometry allowed a full 90° bend without putting too much stress on the steel.
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