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  1. In my opinion, which I believe is based on logic, a tapered tang is stronger. The area near the ricasso, which has the most stress, remains full strong, while the progressive taper shaves weight and improves balance. The only downside is pinning scales is more tricky.
  2. Very aesthetically pleasing knife and nice attention to details. Good work Sir
  3. What I'd do is use new known steels but if I was to use this steel I'd: Cut a few test coupons around 1/8" thick. Normalize at average carbon steel temperatures. Austenize at different temperatures around 1500°f. Grind the coupons flat and clean. Test hardness. Break all test coupons and examine grain. It may just be abrasion resistant steel like ar500.
  4. Nice work Mike! A well finished and designed knife.
  5. 830°c provides maximum hardness and toughness. And according to some lab tests, optimal toughness is obtained with a 205°c temper. You did not mention in which state the steel was before the quench. Proper normalisation must be done first.
  6. I made a chopper this summer and I've had very few opportunities to actually use it. I knew that from the start but still wanted to try new stuff. But that's another story... Loosing interest does happen to me from time to time. I've had some projects on standby for a while(straight razor, 5" fighter, more straight razors...). At some point, you just gotta get things done. Invest in your skills, a completed knife will teach you more than a few unfinished ones.
  7. You certainly didn't loose the edge after those years. Exquisite work sir!
  8. You can fill the hole with epoxy putty , Vaseline the tang, put it in and let the epoxy begin to cure and remove the blade. Then let the epoxy fully cure before you work on the handle.
  9. Here's a more recent chart from the same source. We can see S35VN isn't a particularly tough stainless steel. I have a benchmade in s30v and I'm not impressed by it's edge holding either. Like Alan said, the main issue with those steels is to get them properly sharp. You either have to make a rough toothy edge or use a dmt or cbn stone to actually cut those V carbides instead of tearing them out. That's the only way to get an edge that's smaller than the carbides while keeping full abrasion resistance.
  10. It think there are good chances it is not intentional, alpha/omega being being somewhat universal. Perhaps you could have a polite discussion about it without asking him to change his mark. He may decide to do it on his own.
  11. I am always happy when you post new work Jake . One day, when I'll get a break of kitchen knives commissions, I want to try a sgian dubh with a carved handle just like those you make, just to fully appreciate the work behind them. I just like your work a lot...
  12. As I understood it, it takes a very small amount of V in wootz to form the typical dentrites. A small amount of 1084 from Aldo(it's got some V added) would most likely be enough.
  13. I edited the post to add the finished pair pics. I think it turned out good.
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