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  1. Joël Mercier

    An announcement

    Félicitations Geoff!
  2. Joël Mercier

    2 by 72 inch belt sander

    The frame was laser cut for 180$ including the steel.
  3. Joël Mercier

    2 by 72 inch belt sander

    I am currently building a Sayber OSG using the free CAD files on the website. This is going to cost me around 800$ CAD with a 2hp motor and a 3hp Chinese VFD. I am going to put the VFD in a sealed enclosure as per a friend's advice. The Sayber is made for tilting horizontaly when needed and has two separate tooling arms.
  4. Joël Mercier

    2x72 Belt Grinder plans

    Today I began my Sayber OSG build. It's horizontal/vertical no weld grinder(I am probably going to save some time and weld a few parts though). Got a 2hp 3phase motor with a VFD to bolt on it. I am excited like a kid on Xmas . You can get the CAD files for free at sayberosg.com
  5. Joël Mercier

    Any doctors in the room?

    The natural fructose in fruits is quite low on the glycemic scale(for a sugar). Don't be afraid to eat fruits, as long as you eat the fibers. When you eat large amount of proteins, the extra proteins you don't need will be converted to fat by your body. But I agree the issue here is probably your metabolism is slow.
  6. Joël Mercier

    HAMONS!!! Fighter, Camp Knife, Wa-Gyuto

    That Gyuto is a steal!
  7. Joël Mercier

    Thought fer the day, / add yours if you like

    He who goes to sleep with an itchy bottom wakes up with stinky fingers.
  8. Joël Mercier

    Trugrit heat treating

    The guy may just be victim of his success and accepts more work than he can handle.
  9. Joël Mercier

    Which quenchant to use on pattern welded steel

    My goal will be to successfully pattern weld for now
  10. I am to use the 1095/15n20 combo and wondered if I should quench in QuenchK of canola. Will the 15n20 increase the hardenability of the 1095 in a low to medium layer count? Is QuenchK too fast for plain 15n20? It is somewhat low on manganese but the nickel does improve hardenability a bit.
  11. Joël Mercier

    Forging round bar by hand. Worth it?

    Good point, you'll waste a lot of energy without a good mass under your hammer.
  12. Joël Mercier

    Forging round bar by hand. Worth it?

    For a chef knife, you'll need 3/4" or more. I hand forged a santoku from a 7/8" W1 round. It was my third knife and second forged so it's definitely doable. Just make sure your steel is hot enough and you should be fine.
  13. Joël Mercier

    275 Layer Western Chef's Knife WIP

    Great WIP and blade! Thank you Brian
  14. Joël Mercier

    Brut de forge on kitchen knives

    Very insightful Brian! I indeed felt like I was arguing with 50yo teenagers
  15. Joël Mercier

    Brut de forge on kitchen knives

    Yeah, I am boycotting that place as well. Strangely, I received mails from other members supporting me but none of them talked openly on the thread. Is there some kind of Omerta or something ... ridiculous. Anyways, I am glad I learned everything here! And thank you guys for the support.