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  1. It is because the J type has a different slope. I'm just gonna state the obvious and say use K type for your K type probe.
  2. Here's an interesting read about the Chinese cleaver. Makes me want to try that type on my next one. https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/blog/why-i-use-a-chinese-cleaver/
  3. I believe what your costumer is asking is more the Chinese cleaver type, which is similar to a Nakiri, but with a wider blade. A traditional western cleaver is made for chopping bones, tendons, etc. Heavy butcher work...not good at all on fine work and vegetables.
  4. I've heard a lot of carbides pop off on the guides which they are just glued on. So I bought one with screwed on carbides. Also, here's a model made for integrals: https://maritimeknifesupply.ca/products/behnke-integral-file-guide
  5. Thanks, About the bevels, I forgot to mention it was S ground. Also, the heel has a different angle for increased strength. It was a pain to hand sand...
  6. Anyways, that is indeed a good opportunity to develop muscle memory. Just don't overwork yourself and get hurt huh?
  7. Are you going to use some sort of superquench to get a sorta real edge?
  8. Good news, MKS has restocked! https://maritimeknifesupply.ca/products/wrought-iron-steel
  9. Are you sure about this? I was under the impression AEB-L actually had higher working hardness. It's still plenty tough in the 62-63hrc range(with cryo though). I don't know much about 440C, but 154cm is on the same chart as AEB-L and the later has the same toughness at 62.5hrc than 154cm at 60hrc. And I believe 154cm to be tougher than 440C. Anyways, bottom line is you won't find any fan of 440C on this forum
  10. The tittle pretty much said it. Been a while since I did my signature mustard patina, I believe it makes a nice contrast with the synthetic ivory handle. Bolster is copper and wrought.
  11. Simply add a switch in series with the PID's power supply. That's what I did with mine.
  12. I am also interested in hearing what others think about this. On my side, this is just a hobby, but I always end putting way too much time on a commission for the amount of money originally agreed. That's why I prefer not taking commissions, but it's sometimes hard to refuse.
  13. My main supplier, Maritime knife supplies, had some in stock but not anymore. Still, Lawrence is usually super helpful and it might be worth a try to ask him.
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