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  1. Il usually source my electrics/electronics from Mouser or Digikey or even sometimes from Amazon. Hope it helps
  2. I have the 48" radius platen from Bill Behnke. I use it for chefs S grinds. But it's definitely too subtle a hollow grind for narrower knives. Even the 36" radius would not work. You'd need max 12" radius(24" diameter wheel equivalent) I believe, but such a platen would build heat very quickly, if it ever exists. For your needs, better stick to the standard rubber contact wheel IMO...I know the larger ones are expensive, but you save a lot of cleanup time because the rubber backing is great for use of fine and structured abrasive belts.
  3. There are blacksmithing associations in almost every province, but it may be hard to find an apprentice job because most shops are small and very few are willing to take an apprentice. Not saying it's impossible though... I recommend you to join the FB group named Canadian blacksmiths and bladesmiths. It's the largest group and it's friendly and polite.
  4. You did well to keep the first knife for yourself. It's one of those things that would haunt me till the afterlife
  5. Simply buy an extension at a welding supplies shop. 25' extension cord is around 50 bucks I believe.
  6. Here's how I did mine. It's a standard junction box with no ventilation. The controls can be separated from the main unit and put outside for convenience. Sorry for the bad pic, it was taken from a video.
  7. That's sad. My VFD from Amazon is still running after a few years. You have to use at least a 3hp VFD for a 2hp motor and put the VFD in a sealed enclosure. Otherwise the steel dust will eventually short the electronics.
  8. I'm pretty sure there are more competent members in this matter, but I'll answer to the best of my knowledge. A standard 110v outlet is 15A, so it cannot run more than a 1.5hp motor at its full power. That being said, you can always wire a new 20A or even 25A 110v circuit which can run a 2hp motor. The tricky part could be finding an adequate VFD that runs on 110v. It most likely exists, but I have only seen 1hp.
  9. It is always interesting to see through other maker's eyes. I thank you for that!
  10. That is very kind of you Joshua. May I ask which elements, parts, or shapes makes it dramatic for you?
  11. I don't believe I ever do anything close to perfection, but thanks! I also wondered if I ever was going to get "my" style. Turns out it may just happen by itself, without pushing. That's cool.... Thanks for pointing that out. I am not sure if certain bunka knives do have a curve in the spine, but I have seen traditional hakata bocho knives with that blade profile and the sharp corner Wa handle. I am by no means a Japanese cutlery expert, so that's why I just called the knife a bunka style.
  12. Hello fellas, I just completed this commission. Steel is 26c3 at around 64hrc. Handle is wrought, copper and ironwood. Tell me what you think.
  13. Nice and smooth lines on both. Good work!
  14. Welcome to the madness! You're off to a good start. You seem to already have good understanding of the basics. I'd suggest that you read the various pinned threads on this forum. There's a wealth of information and to be honest, some questions get painstakingly repetitive (though we answer politely, always). Remember to keep it fun!
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