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  1. Joël Mercier

    More heat

    I hear those back pressure issues all the time with venturi burners. It's weird, because no matter how small my doors are, my ventury burner designed by James Spurgeon doesn't seem to care. Some designs are more sensitive than others I guess...
  2. Joël Mercier

    Kitchen knives

    Nice work Mike
  3. Joël Mercier

    Effect of Carbon on Hardness in Martensite

    I did also read that the maximum amount of carbon that will increase hardness in simple carbon steel is around 0.9%. Is that right? This would explain why Aldo chose to use 0.91%C in his W2.
  4. Joël Mercier

    Nunavik Inuit Uluk: Female Knives

    Sorry, can't help you more than Google would. I don't work with 420 and I buy my steel online from www.knifemaker.ca and they don't sell 420...
  5. Joël Mercier

    How much pressure?

    Another trick is to drill a bunch of small holes in the tang and in the scales. Of course those in the scales have to be shallow. These holes will act as epoxy rivets. I also grind the tang a bit hollow in the center to prevent starvation.
  6. Joël Mercier

    Nunavik Inuit Uluk: Female Knives

    I am not from Montreal, but from a small town near Trois-Rivières called Ste-Angèle-de-Laval. Nice pieces! and welcome to the madness Edit: if you speak a little french, I can invite you in a Québec black/bladesmith FB group. You might be able to find some artisans near you.
  7. Joël Mercier

    I want to see your Hamon

    The change of phase in the steel requires energy. That energy is sucked from photons(light) so that's why a shadow appears and moves throughout the blade. The steel isn't actually colder where the shadow is.
  8. Joël Mercier

    Info on this drill press please

    I drove down to the seller to see it in person. From the way I saw it, the only way to lower the speed further would be to replace the motor for a 1700rpm and even so it would still run at 750rpm. It's got only 2 sets of pulley and has already the smallest possible at motor and largest possible at the front. A larger one would not fit in the case. It was very solid and precisely machined, but like Clifford said, not made for drilling steel...bummer
  9. Joël Mercier

    Info on this drill press please

    I called for more info and it indeed has a minimum speed of 1500rpm... it's a bit fast.
  10. Joël Mercier

    Info on this drill press please

    Thanks Tim! I'll make sure to take a look at speeds!
  11. Joël Mercier

    Odd Files I Found...

    I'd try removing the rust with WD-40 and a file card though there may be other ways.
  12. Joël Mercier

    Odd Files I Found...

    According to Alan, Simonds USA are pretty good files. The only Simonds I bought was made in China and quality was barely ok. The dual tang on yours make me think they're designed for draw filing.
  13. I can read Super Valmer and It's a 1/2hp. From the looks of it, it seems like an industrial quality tool but also a bit old. What worries me is the availability of replacement parts but it really seems like a steal! I've already got a drill press but mine is huge and takes a lot of precious shop room.
  14. Joël Mercier

    A pair of kitchen blades(pic heavy)

    Thanks again guys! Very nice of you
  15. Joël Mercier

    My Humble Beginnings:

    Considering how scarce was info back then it's a very good first knife! My first went ok only because of all the help I got from this place, else it would have been terrible . That's exactly how I feel about my past work hehe