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  1. Joël Mercier

    How to- First Sharpening After Heat Treat

    I used to use 60grit emery trips glued on a 2"x12" steel plate mounted on my file jig to final grind my bevels. It takes a lot of elbow grease and a lot of abrasive but it works. DMT stones are probably cheaper on the long run.
  2. Joël Mercier

    Hunting knife

    I second that! I have never had a grinder without a VFD but I burned a tip once and learned when to use lower speeds.
  3. Joël Mercier

    The smallest knife I've ever made

    Nice little one!
  4. Joël Mercier

    Tribute to Farriers...A knife for them..

    Neat design! Well thought out and very clean. Great work!
  5. Joël Mercier

    Culver Inspired (Copied) Slipjoint

    Dammit Brian, now I have to make my own pattern . I was going to somewhat copy Culver's design as well. I've got plenty of time to think about it though, I've got 5 knives to make before I can begin this project.
  6. Joël Mercier

    How thin is to thin?

    I'd repurpose it into a filet knife.
  7. Joël Mercier

    How thin is to thin?

    It's definitely thin. How thick is it at the edge?
  8. Joël Mercier

    Frame Handled Fighter (been some time since I posted)

    I was wondering what you've been up too. Turns out it was pretty cool stuff! I really like the proportions, everything looks just right to the eye. I still have the goal to grind plunges like that...
  9. Joël Mercier

    Little Edc WIP

    Nope. You need a shallow hardening steel such as 1075, 1095, W1/W2.... It's possible to create a diff. hardening line with deeper hardening steels like 1084, 52100 and 80CrV2 but you won't get anywhere near the activity of a shallow hardening steel. O1 is just too deep hardening it will through harden even with clay on it.
  10. Yep yep yep. I figured that out on my own. Nasty, nasty dust. Felt like I was breathing ground cinnamon.
  11. Joël Mercier

    Makers marks

    I like it a lot Faye though I prefer smaller marks. Since we're at it, here's mine. It is 1/2" wide x 3/16" high. It was designed by a friend and produced by Infinity Stamps. I highly recommend this company, excellent service and product.
  12. Joël Mercier

    Sword heat treat

    Very interesting read, tyvm!
  13. Joël Mercier

    Sword heat treat

    Interesting, so there is no evidence?
  14. Joël Mercier

    Sword heat treat

    I've been wondering for a bit, isn't 550°f in the brittle zone? Impact toughness must be important for swords so why do that? Or perhaps my tempering chart is wrong...
  15. Joël Mercier

    Sword heat treat

    What makes a blade springy is it's geometry. If you want it to be flexible, grind thinner cross sections. Now if your blade stays bent after a light bend, it's probably not properly hardened.