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  1. Thanks Bruno. The bolster is not integral indeed. I must say the shape was inspired by Bill Burke's work, but I added angled shoulders. It gives a very comfy and strong pinch grip. As for the time spent on the whole knife, I have no idea. The bolster was probably 6 hours alone so maybe 25-30 hours for the whole thing. Thanks bud! Turns out it sold for 600 in a few hours. For the too good part I don't agree though .
  2. Alright, this is just the second knife I'm going to sell that wasn't a commission so I'm requesting your help for pricing . Blade is 2" wide at heel and just shy of 10" long. Finished to 1500. Handle is 416SS, G10 and cocobolo.
  3. Thank you gentlemen! I'm starting to get good at filing a nice and tight tang hole in the bolster. Now it's squeezed between the handle and the shoulders and the tang has been notched and drilled as a mechanical glue hold. I would normally use a pin but it's definitely not necessary imo...
  4. Got more work done on this 9.75" chef. The cocobolo appears clearer than last time I used it. It was from the same plank but shows different colors. I guess that's just how this wood is... Anyways, no tricky angled carving on this one, ergonomics first! And bolster was tricky enough
  5. That's a thick block! I bought block of stabilized Myrtle that's half that thickness for $40 so I'm thinking you should ask a bit more. That's a fine piece of wood you got there. Edit: wait, I've overestimated the size of your hands and also did not read the whole post(typical me after downing a few beers). 1" is still thicker than what I have, gives more headroom. 40$ seems fine still...
  6. I voted collab but I hope seasons win too
  7. Got more work done on this "little" thing. Next is glue and handle carving.
  8. Nice man! That seemed to have been one hell of a project. Btw, not sure if you knew, but new strings will always go out of tune after a lil playing. On my side I've been working on this little thing for a chef blade I made. Not quite finished yet. https://youtu.be/KmK-_X_iXPY
  9. That's simply genius! Thanks for sharing John!
  10. I got most of my files (and I'm starting to have plenty) from FB marketplace and garage sales. Bought those in bulk and some were in bad shape while others were like they were never used, most were very good quality. Old Nicholson, Dick's, Black Diamond, Globe.
  11. Black Diamond, not black magic Joke aside, nobody cares how long it takes but yourself. And frankly, I don't think it should matter at all. Do the very best you can and you'll be rewarded at the end
  12. I've seen a few composite grind knives with a flat+scandi. They looked like full flat with a very thick edge. I've no idea how those performed but the narrow scandi grind seemed hard to sharpen.
  13. Your bevels are already too high for a scandi.
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