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  1. I use the granite slab hand sanding technique. I also use it to finish my faceted bolsters.
  2. Dis you taste it @Joshua States? I've read some quite positive reviews about Kirkland whisky in general.
  3. Beware that 2hp 115v motors generally require a 20amp circuit, which is not standard. The standard is 15amp. So you may have to upgrade your circuit either way.
  4. I am genuinely impressed by your progress. Keep working hard, you might be the next Veronique Laurent!
  5. Oh well, Larrin just released test results on this steel. https://knifesteelnerds.com/2019/08/12/how-to-heat-treat-26c3-steel/ Here's the numbers to remember. 1475°f 10 minutes hold, quench in parks50 or equivalent. Recommended 300-350°f temper for around 63-65hrc! Maximum temp is 450°f(for 61hrc). Above that, the toughness decreases due to tempered martensite embritlement. However, others steels like 52100 offer better toughness at this hardness level so 26c3 shines the most at very high hardness, just like White#1.
  6. Great work Gerhard! And nothing wrong with 5160. It's gets hard enough for a good edge imo.
  7. Beautiful and comfy looking knife Wes! You can keep making kitchen knives without shame In fact, I hope you do keep making them. On a side note, I just can't make 4" handles even though I know it'll be pinch gripped. Something in my brain prevents me from doing it. Glad you ain't got that disease
  8. Nicknamed Spicy White by Devin Thomas, this steel is either a White #1'ish with a pinch of chrome and slightly higher in manganese or a Blue #1'ish without the tungsten. More importantly, it is supposedly as clean as the Japanese steel. I just ordered 18 pounds of it so I'm wondering if anyone here has worked with the steel. Either way, I'm going to do some test coupons of forged and stock removal for grain analysis and do some hardness tests on my new old machine. AKS recommends 1475°f with 10mins hold.
  9. Yep, except when you want a hamon or just when you use a shallow hardening steel. Also @Bob Ouellette traditionally, this blade type has a slight hollow on the other side. Without it, sharpening is a bit awkward.
  10. The only chisel ground kitchen knife I did was in W2 and clayed for a hamon and it did not warp. Even so, a softer spine makes straightening a breeze. But an asymmetrical grind indeed does increase chances of warpage.
  11. That's weird. I am not having any trouble sharpening my hard kitchen knives. Perhaps the top quality Shapton GlassStones really help. I suspect abrasion resistance is a much stronger factor in sharpening difficulties. Surely hardness increases abrasion resistance but not nearly as much as a good amount of vanadium/tungsten/nobium or even chromium carbides. Afterall, Japanese kitchen knives are often 63-64hrc and they sharpen those on water stones...
  12. Gorgeous, thanks for sharing!
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