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  1. Joël Mercier

    Geometry question

    From the look of the photo, the bevel seems around an inch wide if the blade is 3.5". For an inch wide bevel with a 3/16" thick blade, that would make a 10.8° primary. After a second look it seems closer to 3/4" wide...so 14.5°
  2. Joël Mercier

    Reasonable price 1084 (Canada)?

    My guess is by the time you are done forging 16' of 1/4"x1.25" steel, you will have plenty of experience under your belt. A regular hunting knife will barely use 3"!
  3. Joël Mercier

    Drow Short Sword

    This is simply outstanding! p.s Where the heck did you get your adamantite???
  4. Joël Mercier


    Sorry about that! Edit: hey, you finally figured out how to type umlauts!
  5. Joël Mercier

    2 new knives

    If you want a forgeable blade + abrasion resistance you may consider CruForgeV. Basically a deep hardening 1095 with a whole bunch of vanadium carbides. It's much harder to finish than 1095 but should still be easier than s30v which is almost impossible to polish.
  6. Joël Mercier


    I would not bother much with annealing. Simply normalize right after forging, it will leave the steel soft enough. The quenching temperatures seem ok. I know Wes uses the lower austenizing temp range (1475f) and I have used the upper one (1525f). Both of us seem to have got good results.
  7. Joël Mercier

    25$ Rex-C100 electronic temperature controller

    Here's a wiring diagram Vern found on the web. It is pretty standard wiring. You can ignore the thermocouple ground which makes no sense unless it's a noise shield. I wanted mine to feed both elements so I simply plugged them in parallel. What they call output plug is the heating element and SSR for solid state relay.
  8. Joël Mercier

    25$ Rex-C100 electronic temperature controller

    You have to completely rewire. AC is supplied to the controller, relay and elements. The controller will trigger the solid state relay with DC.
  9. Here's the video of my 25$ temp controller. I temporarily put the solid state relay out until I properly insulate the inside wall. We can see the duty cycle light blinking. Very stable temp!
  10. Joël Mercier

    Effect of various elements in steel

    AKS's got 0.2%, but has more impurities.
  11. Joël Mercier

    Effect of various elements in steel

    Here's my supplier's 80CrV2 : Carbon 0.81 Silicon 0.32 Manganese 0.42 Phosphorus 0.006 Sulfur 0.002 Chromium 0.54 Nickel .075 Molybdenum 0.016 Vanadium 0.17 Note the very low impurity amount. I don't know if this is a typo or not. If not, it is almost as pure as a CPM steel. Edit: I thought my supplier bought this steel from Aldo but the chemistry is slightly different than Aldo's...
  12. Joël Mercier

    Effect of various elements in steel

    Can't tell for sure, it's a pic I did not shoot.
  13. Joël Mercier

    knife hardness

    Vern, the installation was pretty straightforward. Of course, I have base knowledge with DC and AC current. I assure you, it works great. Very little temp variation. I'll post a video after my next HT.
  14. Joël Mercier

    knife hardness

    It's a bug with the link. Just go to aliexpress.com and type Rex-c100 in the search bar
  15. Joël Mercier

    Effect of various elements in steel

    My initial questioning was why does 80CrV2 had more decarb than comparable steels. The silicon might be a part of it, mixed with higher austenizing temp and soaks...