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  1. My wrought seems cleaner. I did several ferric cycles with steel wool cleaning in between and a cold blue. I am not entirely satisfied, but this will be it.
  2. Silky smooth grain. Got any clue why such a tough steel would break (so clean) when tempered? Perhaps you forgot to temper at all?
  3. Okay, I've got Brownells oxpho blue liquid. It normally does a fine job on steel, but I don't know on wrought. I will try etching in ferric first, thanks! I believe it doesn't. Very beautiful piece nonetheless!
  4. That is an interesting finish. On top of your own technique, which product are you using?
  5. I did a quick google Fu and found nothing. Anyone here tried? If so, does it make the grain pop? Darken the wrought much? Thank you gentlemen
  6. It's alive and heats up much faster than my modified copper/enamel kiln.
  7. Now to remove the remaining oxydes with mother's mag polish.
  8. Yes, the photo tent makes a world of difference. It's one of those things I got on Amazon for a few bucks.
  9. That's one mighty slicer Garry On my side, I worked through some grits on this 7" bunka style in 26c3. I believe I made some improvement on hamon control on the steel again. PXL_20221114_203447593.TS~3.mp4
  10. Of course, it's square. There's no door and electronics on it yet. As I said, I was just grinding some welds , I don't plan on using it with the elements up and down. Sorry, I wasn't sure if you were serious or not.
  11. yeah, it's the new trend. Seriously, I just took the shot as I was grinding welds.
  12. Worked on the HT oven. 2.5" insulating firebrick and 1" ceramic insulating board. It's quite heavy but it's built like a tank. Edit: interior dimensions are 6.5"x6.5"x19"
  13. Turned out much better than my experiment
  14. Found a video of it. I believe ferric does a much better job on wrought. VID_20200404_175927.mp4
  15. I have only tried coffee on wrought once. It was for a San mai straight razor with 26c3 razor steel core. I left it to soak overnight and I may have left it in the coffee for too long cause the pattern turned out all funky. It did not darken the wrought much, but I suggest you try shorter soaks and see what happens.
  16. Looks like it was already cracked. I can't tell much else because we can't see the grain much.
  17. Let's say at an average aus temp like 1475°f, how far off would copper wires give you false readings? Are we talking 1-2° or 10-20°?
  18. I am in Canada and I found mine on a pottery supply store. It might be worth looking for something like that in your area. But finding such a large gauge wire may be harder. I went for the 1.2mm since I'm just shooting for around 3-3.5kW on 220V to be able to use in on a standard household circuit. And I was lucky and found an industrial supplier for the insulated bricks and got them real cheap.
  19. Okay, looks like you did your homework. I just wanted to make sure you knew you'd need a high power dedicated circuit. I am currently on the process of building an horizontal kiln and I bought the kanthal A1 wire. When you mentioned K1 It made we wonder what was the difference so I went to the Kanthal official website and couldn't find K1. It looks like it is discontinued. You did not mention if you had bought the element already but if not, you may need to recalculate the power/length with A1 specs.
  20. Which one? I'm currently finishing a bottle of Glenrothes Select Reserve.
  21. 12000W means around 55A at 220V. You might want to rethink that...
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