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  1. It'll be a nimble little chef for sure.
  2. If your welds are strong, it shouldn't matter much. But a 3/4" round is plenty to forge a knife from so you don't need to stack them at all, unless you want to forge a large chopper or such. 5160 is also tricky to forge weld to itself because of the chrome that quickly forms a thin layer of chromium oxyde that will prevent good welds.
  3. What steel did you use? Also, you should break it and watch(and show us) the grain.
  4. I like the middle one in particular. Nice overall shape and color contrast. How's the balance?
  5. Personally, I like the idea that my kitchen knives are used on a daily basis. It boosts my will when I'm hand sanding a 63hrc 2" wide blade
  6. Practice makes perfect they say? I'm going to give you a little unsolicited advice here, hope you don't get mad. The top two could use a little more belly. I use a large French curve to help me. They may be a little awkward on the cutting board as they are. Peace
  7. I'm going to try and layout the clay as rings and see what happens.
  8. It's funny cause I had thought of that as well. This would certainly increase the difficulty level. I will consider it as I proceed. Thanks I received some other feedback telling the blade was too wide. So I narrowed it down and it looks(and probably will function) better.
  9. Hello fellow makers I recently got an interesting commission for a high end oyster knife. The customer allowed me go all in in terms of artistic design and budget. Thought adding a tentacles guard would be cool. I guess I'll need to make some punches for the tentacle suckers... Tell me what you think! I know nothing about this tool so I sorta designed it based on the various shapes I've seen on Google
  10. Those I've seen being good at it were using a horizontal disc grinder with a foot pedal. Laying the piece flat with both hand(using tape if the piece is too thin), then slowly starting the spin.
  11. I had no idea traditional debas were this thick. Thanks for all the pics and explanations.
  12. I have questioned myself about what would happen with the copper and nickel when exposed to acidic foods. Isn't it what they used for the first batteries? Perhaps I am overthinking again... It is visually stunning though...
  13. In that case I'd follow Alan's advice. That file has lots of carbon and will have a good amount of retained austenite that should be dealt with right after quench. Btw, doing heat treatments when in a hurry is my personal recipe for catastrophe .
  14. I will add to what Brian said that you can do a "snap" temper of around 10 minutes if you are in a hurry, then do the full cycles later.
  15. There are usually numbers written on the prongs. Those are the standard number which you can google-fu to figure it out.
  16. Nice work! It looks like a comfy and handy kitchen knife.
  17. The FiF craze has slowed down here and I regularly see good condition anvils at reasonable prices on marketplace. I'm sure you'll find a good one soon enough.
  18. Dust in the wind is a tough one. I used to almost have it
  19. Dr.Verhoeven released a book about wootz a little while ago. Make no mistake, they call it Damascus but they are referring to wootz (true Damascus). https://www.amazon.com/Damascus-Steel-Swords-Solving-Mystery/dp/6139884837/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Verhoeven+wootz&qid=1634069431&sr=8-1
  20. I second that. Even a mild steel blade would slice onions very easily with the right geometry. Of course, it wouldn't cut for long though... Judging from your photo, it seems extremely thick behind the edge. I suggest you take a look at a commercial chef knife and and also take a few thickness measurements and compare to your blade.
  21. There's a remote town in northern Québec called Fermont(IronMount) where there's basically iron ore everywhere. The ore has an average iron content of over 60%. I believe this is where Sorel Metal(famous high purity iron smelting company) gets their ore. Sorel is actually another city in Québec... Turns out my neighbor works at Sorel Metal . If I ever want to make Wootz, I know where to ask...
  22. On my part, when I get those is because I don't sit the blade parallel to the platen. Another trick to help with this is to not start your grind at the same place everytime.
  23. Sadly, it also makes a significant difference on edge performance. My 63+HRC 26c3 chefs hold an edge for a loooong time with some light stropping from time to time. Of course, edge stability has to be taken into account. Not every steel will benefit to be tempered this hard. In other words, with the right steel, you cry once when hand sanding and then grin every time you use the blade
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