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  1. My #1 survived the quench at 1/32" but it warped a bit. This one has a much thicker spine. That's why I wonder if a 1/32" edge with a thick spine would work. I am also going to use a different HT method. I'll be using my propane forge + a 2.5" pipe to watch decalescence instead of the acetylene torch I used for my 1st. I believe I will have a more even heat and an optimum temperature.(thanks Alan Longmire!)
  2. It's nice to see other newbies around What purpose is the knife for? It's got a weird curve. I don't know much about knife shapes yet..
  3. Distal done! Now the bevels... I scribed the center and 1/32" lines on each sides. Is 1/16" too thick before the heat treat?
  4. Beer gives strength and whisky inspires! That's why I drink them both If I want to get carried in the middle age, I drink a dram of Lagavulin!
  5. Brilliant! now I feel stupid. I'll put some cardboard under the blade to shim.
  6. I got the blade tapered to 3/32" last night. The next challenge will be to find a way to hold the knife in the file jig to taper the handle. For the blade I simply screwed the handle but now I will have no holes + a distal taper against me.. I'll be scratching my head at work today!
  7. It does not wobble but it makes a lot of noise and the children are sleeping . I also have never used it. The file jig makes a fine work so I stick with it for the moment. Take a look at my messy basement
  8. One side done. I am pleased with the result. Took around 45 mins but this is like meditation to me . Pretty much like the whetstone.
  9. I've got old Globe 14" bastard files which are surprisingly fast at removing metal. I'll get down near and draw file to finish. And since this is just a hobby, the time taken doesn't really matter. I want to do it right and learn as much as I can in the way. Perhaps when I have made a couple successful knives and feel more confident, I might consider power tools
  10. What if I mount the knife on my file jig parallel to the file with the tip towards me? This way I would file the distal straight and with the exact same angle on both sides... I am definitely not looking for the fastest way here. Im looking for a fool proof way
  11. I already have access to an angle grinder at my work. I fear to use it though. It's way too fast for my taste. Thanks for the link anyway!
  12. I think I'll give my disc sander a try for the distal. I am not pleased with my filing so far.
  13. Distal tapering by drawfiling is a pain in the @ss. It's hard to remain perfectly straight too. Guess I'll take my time and measure frequently. Your opinion is greatly appreciated, thanks for taking the time!
  14. That answers my question very well. I was indeed going to drill holes for weight reduction in the tang. I had already started the distal taper. Got it down to 5/32" at the tip. Guess I'll stop there. Thank you for the quick response!
  15. I have one for you guys: How much distal taper do you think I need for proper geometry on this blade? It's 3/16 thick at the ricasso and the blade is 4" long. Draw filing is exhausting and I wouldn't want to have a weird geometry at the end :/ As you can see I tapered the spine. This is fun Thank you!
  16. I know, I need a proper anvil stand! That's the next thing on my list
  17. This is not a question but I thought this might be the right place to show how I setup my forge. You are free to comment! So there you go: - I used James Spurgeon's design for the ventury burner. It was quite easy as every component self aligned the burner tip right in the middle of the pipe. It has been harder however to find black iron pipes and fittings here in Canada. Got them from Acklands. Do not use galvanized steel. It will reek toxic fumes. - The horizontal propane tank pattern seamt to be the most versatile so I went for it. DO PURGE THE TANK PROPERLY BY REMOVING THE VALVE
  18. Any of you guys use tempilstiks as a mean to monitor temp? I just ordered a 1500°f one from Amazon and I'm wondering if I am wasting my money
  19. That sounds right. Thanks Alan! I've got some 1084 and 80crv2 from Aldo on the way. The next attempt will definitely be with 1084 but I swear to god I'm gonna nail this toyota mystery steel!
  20. With a vise and 3 bolts. The blade was cold however :/ Now I know my straightening technique was wrong but it made me discover that the tempering was insufficient. The blade should survive 90° without breakin, right?
  21. After the quench and temper I noticed the blade had a slight warp. I bent it to about 40 degree. Blade broke at the 3rd straightening attempt. Lesson learned: 1.5 hour at 400f isn't enough for this mystery spring steel. I am not even disappointed since the goal was to learn and I learned quite a bit! Here is the details of my HT procedure: Blade was brought to one shade above non-magnetic and held there for a minute with an acetylene torch set for a bright yellow flame to reduce oxidizing. Quenched it in 130°f canola oil. Tempered 15 mins later in a toaster oven on a firebrick
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