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  1. Thanks Joshua. Have several heat guns and meat thermometers. From what I understand it's no longer Parks 50? Every knife making supplier I've found relatively close to me is out of stock on quench oil. Closest I've found is Texas, with oil and shipping it was over $300 for 5 gallons. If you believe it would be better I really don't mind sending the extra money, but if the canola will work as well it is far cheaper locally for me.
  2. Thank you Wes. I'm not sure what I will use the knife for. It started out as " I wonder if could make a decent knife " project. Now I'm hooked. I read one of the topics here that stated 400 was the best temp for a cutting board edge. If one tempers at 450 what kind of edge will you achieve? I'll go back and try to add my location. I have to admit I'm better at working with metal than the internet.
  3. I have been working on my first knife for awhile now. Most of the questions I had was able to find answers here on this forum. You truly do have a great group here. However I am now almost to that point that I have been losing sleep over, the quench. I have read so much my head is spinning. The steel I used is W-2. The closest supplier of quench oil is 1300 miles. Would you recommend mineral or peanut oil? Also I have never found a good answer on how long to have the blade in the oil. Thank you for your help
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