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  1. T Deck

    2x72 Belt Grinder plans

    There are 5 videos that give dimensions for each stage.
  2. T Deck

    I found a real anvil

    Thanks Alan, the research I did said 1900 to about 1953 with 51,000 made.
  3. T Deck

    I found a real anvil

    Already dressed the cutoff tool. It now sits flush with the anvil. Thank you sir
  4. I recently acquired a nice Arm and Hammer anvil. I can only make out the arm and the words wrought iron and 107 on the right side. It has a good ring and seems to have decent rebound. I can find no trace of numbers on the front of the base. I need to find a hosting site for pics. When I do I will upload them and you all can tell me if its in decent shape.