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  1. Damascus variation

    A question JJ Simon, is not it better to weld it completely to totally avoid oxygen? After a perfect grinding and sanding of the faces of course.
  2. Quench oil recommendations

    Thanks for the info. I knew about canola oil but here in Spain it is difficult to find it, years ago there were serious problems of adulterated canola oil poisoning and practically disappeared from the market. My next job will be quench in sunflower oil surely. A greeting.
  3. Quench oil recommendations

    With permission I take the subject to make an appointment. Here in Spain, it is not easy to find canola oil at a reasonable price. I have read that sunflower oil could also be a good alternative, do you think it could serve as a cooling oil?
  4. I introduce myself and present my last work

    Simonet as Joshua says, the line that can be seen is the transition between the two steels of the sanmai, in this case O1 and 15n20. Joshua my current workshop could be perfectly the size of the WC in many workshops, jjjjjj. This winter I plan to build a new workshop to be able to work more comfortable without tripping over everything. Greetings.
  5. I introduce myself and present my last work

    I am delighted to be part of this family, thanks a lot. Joshua I'm on vacation and I do not have pictures of my workshop but it's basic, a belt grinder and a gas forge made by me, an anvil rail, hammers and tongs. I am building an electric oven to be able to fine tune the heat treatments and be able to work with demanding stainless steels.
  6. I introduce myself and present my last work

    Gracias por la bienvenida Jesús, nos vamos leyendo!!
  7. I introduce myself and present my last work

    Thanks for the advice. In my previous work I also had problems of contrast, in this case the steels were 1095 and 15n20. Something in the manufacturing fails that I am not able to get a good contrast.
  8. I introduce myself and present my last work

    Thanks a lot, I'm glad you like it. Greetings.
  9. I introduce myself and present my last work

    Thanks for watching. I have many things to improve, including the contrast in the steels, I don't get a dark center with clear sides.
  10. Hello guys, I introduce myself, I am Jesus, from Spain. I have been reading you for a long time, learning everything I can from this magnificent hobby (for me). I've only made a dozen knives and three or four knives so this part of the forum is my job. I would like to present you my last work, it is a sanmai of O1 and 15n20. The handle is composed of nickel silver , camel's bone, brass, water buffalo horn and springbok horn. I regret not being able to say the measurements but before they could do that they took it out of my hands, an acquaintance wanted to buy it. Thank you, I hope you like it and greetings. P.D: Sorry my english please. Compartir esta traducción