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  1. about the efficiency of rapidly moving aluminium oxide in the removal of flesh- I'm here to second that! i used to be a Metal polisher here in Melbourne- a "jobbing" shop, doing all kinds. but that's irrelevant. the setup was these huge, pedestal mounted electric motors- essentially a bench grinder's big Daddy- with a spindle on either side to enable multiple wheels to be used. directly behind each Spindle was a backstand with an "idler" wheel, a tensioning and alignment necessity, because when Linishing, of course there'd be an appropriate contact wheel, and the belts we used (mainly SIA) wer
  2. thanks for sharing your story, mate. all i can say.
  3. Thanks so much, Alan. I noticed after I posted that, the very very informative post in the beginners section with the basic info about forges, tools and materials; and how much of these things are personal preference and not to worry about overloading on the equipment side of things.. i'm sure you know the one. Anyway, i am so grateful that you have helped me out mate. So with that, best I get to it, try, experiment and learn learn learn! This is what makes life worth living. Cheers, Mikey W
  4. G'day everyone, This is my first post.. i am beginning my journey of learning the arts of forging blades and tools- so if i ask too many silly questions, please don't hestitate to let me know! I have been researching about suitable steel for use in making tough, resilient, "ol' school" quality type blades, and being pretty strapped with spare $, am building a mental inventory of alternative sources of high carbon steel. I realise, through reading, that nothing is guaranteed and only general advice can be given; and that (generally) older steels are a more reliable bet when it comes to re-purpo
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