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  1. Mike Ward


    Diced and glued together. Ready for a cleanup and start drilling holes
  2. Mike Ward


    For my KITH knife I’m going with an edc style blade. I had forged and heat treated this a while back and started handsanding it before I set aside for other projects. The handle is maple, Padauk and walnut that I’ve cut into slats and then glued together. Next I’m going to cut that block up width ways to make tabs which I will alternate and glue together again.
  3. Dude... I wanna see this
  4. I forged out a big 8.5” long and 1 7/8” wide chef knife for my brother if he likes it. Started out with 6.5” of 80crv2 and did most of the forging Saturday evening, began to grind and realized it was about twice the thickness all the way around. Finished it up Sunday morning and did all the rough grinding. and the belated start of my KITH knife. I’m in no way, shape or form any where close to alright enough to make a folder so a little ~3 in fixed blade is what I got going. I am going to mix it up the handle by using different kinds of wood. Thinking about laminating strips of maple, walnut, and Padauk then cutting those into disks and stacking them in a spiral. What do you think?
  5. Nearly all finished! I got the handle all shapes and finished, then did a single coat of tung oil for now. I’m going to apply more coats for the next couple of days then give it to my boss on Friday. Mustard! Applied with the textured side of paper towel and a very small amount. And some finish pics. What do you think?
  6. Here it is mostly shaped, just some final hand sanding, making my mark, and applying the patina left.
  7. Bryan, I punched it before I drilled it and when I was trying to drill through it. I think there was a flake of carbide on the side of the hole that was messing all it up because the punch was denting just fine the middle of the hole.
  8. So I did a combo of everything and it eventually worked. The drill press is actually variable speed with a pulley system, I just didn’t look closely enough. Slowed it down to its lowest setting at 250 rpm. I also bought more bits and cutting fluid. I tried to drill it with the low speed and barely anything happened. Over tempered it again and put a new bit on and it very slowly started to get through. Then it started to bite pretty good and got through. I’m betting there was a layer of carbide in the middle that was stopping me. Its gluing right now and should ready to shape later. thanks for the help.
  9. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to drill through this? I tried tempering it back but no luck. It’s about halfway through, I’m using 5/32 cobalt bits and I’ve gone through two of them. Drill press isn’t variable either.
  10. Ok, here’s the verdict. Dark mustard patina with the natural maple and copper pins. Thanks for the suggestions!
  11. I got a commission from my boss for a edc/hunting knife. I drew up some designs and he picked the one he liked and made a couple of adjustments. I messed up the first try in grinding by thinning the spine too much, but the second one is going well. The blade is ~4.25” and 8.5” overall by about .140” thick at the ricasso with a distal taper going both ways. The steel is 1084 and the wood scales are tiger striped maple. I left the ricasso open for adjustment post heat treat. The grind is a full flat with a convex taking it down to .02”. I’m going to take it down about another .005”. What kind of pins do you think would look good, brass or copper? Anything look odd to your eye?
  12. Last night I forged a hunting knife for my boss and ground it today. Made a template of the drawing he liked, then forged pretty close to shape. And I rehandled the chef knife I made in a class because it was off center from the blade.
  13. Thanks man! I can’t draw worth a turd so that’s really useful.
  14. Forgiven, I would much rather have this than beat around the bush and misunderstand what you’re saying. I did not have a full written plan to follow, but had a good picture in my brain that I wanted to make. It’s one of the things I struggle with, drawing on paper the full design. Plus, it’s the first one of this style and guard piece, so that’s probably where these oddities come from. Still am thankful for the support and suggestions. I’ll round the heel some to soften it and blend the handle. And on the guard would you suggest a thinner elliptical going down the bevel? Right now I think its at about .5” wide. I did think about that but decided against it. You’re right, a copper spacer would have helped justify the copper pin. Thank you!! A picture is worth a thousand words indeed. I’m definitely going to round the butt and top back. Can I steal that drawing for reference later?
  15. What gap are you talking about? Between the ricasso or between the handle? I tried to peen the guard tight but wasn’t able to get one spot all the way. And the handle transition, I rounded the joint a little. And what would you do to the handle shape? I appreciate the criticism, thank you!
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