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  1. That was a very interesting read. do you think i should try welding a piece of scrap file or something with the A36 and see what happens? Along with keeping the temperature up at welding heat of course.
  2. Yes sir, I did. Didn't do the sides though, don't know if that matters. I think the top line is the part that was delaminated and crap got in there too.
  3. This is my first attempted at forge welding in my coal forge. I used 4 pieces of 1"x5"x1/8" steel that I got at TSC to use as practice. This cut is at the spot where it had delaminated and I tried to weld it back together. I tried to follow these steps the best I could: 1) Wire billet together 2) Heat till billet was a solid red at weld point 3) Pull out and sprinkle borax over it 4) Heat billet until welding heat when the borax is bubbling 5) Give 3-4 strikes then put more borax on and put it back 6) repeat and remove wire when needed I suspect that I didn't get it hot enough in places and the pieces didn't smoosh together. Please any criticisms and suggestions are welcome and muchly appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  4. I straightened the chefs knives out alittle bit and added an inch to the back. Reversed the incline on the paring knife then made it slimmer by about 1/8"
  5. Hey, Here's some templates of a couple of kitchen knives that I could use some critique on. I'd rather have it now then when I'm in the middle of actually making them. The pencil marks are for the plunge line. Thank you
  6. I'm studying to be a ME in college and I'm taking a class on engineering materials right now so I understand most of what you're saying. It makes sense that the low/high carbon want to try to reach equilibrium. But with the metals with higher nickel content, does the nickel content "block" the carbon diffusion of the 10xx steel?
  7. Thanks guys for the help. If I was going to work on a kitchen knife project, what would be the more forgiving steel to work with?
  8. Alright, where would I order these steels? So far I've been using mystery metal from springs and such. And what about suggested size of the blanks? ( Width and thickness? I only have my arm for a motor and don't really want to be banging for a long time with little movement.
  9. Hey, When you are welding mild/lower carbon steel to high carbon to creat patternwelds, where do you get the low carbon? Would it be possible to use steel from like TSC or Home depot or is that stuff not good enough? Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm new to the forum and just wanted to know what you guys thought of my work so far.
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