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  1. Thanks, for my first go at it I was happy with the results. Although I generally like a clean more modern look I couldnt bring myself to grind off the natural edge of the burl.
  2. New to the group and new to knife making. I made my first knife two years ago from a railroad spike and made a few blades here and there but work takes all of my time and I burnt up my forge so I stopped for a while. I fixed my forge and decided it was time to get back into it. I picked up an old hand saw and some tool steel from an estate sale and decided what the hell, lets try forge welding. Here is what I ended up with. Super low layer count, only 19 layers but Being my first time I didnt want to push my luck. I had a chunck of burl...hearts wood I think and figured it looked good fo
  3. Well, here is my first knife. Really I have only made a few blades, and only completed two. Work takes up alot of time so it takes me a while. Anyways, Im new here so here it goes. This was made out of a railroad spike and the handle is carbon fiber. Although its little more than a letter opener I was still pleased.
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