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  1. So is there a better way to attach a split guard to my knife?
  2. When I tried the solder bubble and rolled off
  3. I tried soldering a gaurd to my knife but the solder was not sticking. I was using g that silver solder and a propane torch. The gaurd is mild steel and the knife is a coil spring. Any tips or can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong. Ill put a pic up later the metal is still hot
  4. I got some fire brick. Could I just line it around the side of the brake drum?
  5. As a rule of thumb how much coal should I put in my forge. Right now I'm using a brake drum placed in a 55 gallon barrel. Today was the second time I used coal and I burned one of my knives and a piece of steel I was working with. I only put enough coal to come up to the rim of the brake drum. Should I be putting more and is that why my steel burned?
  6. Charcoal was good don't get me wrong. But I could really only get my hands on mesquite charcoal, and it was very sparky. I didn't like that. Embers would fly up and since it wasn't as dense as the coal seems to be, the charcoal would be blown off the incoming air, or I was doing something wrong. The coal just sat right where I wanted it and burned real hot.
  7. I k ow its not the best picture and that I should post more than one to get better critiques, but this is the forge I'm going to stick with after about four different designs. This was also the first time I used coal. It was a huge difference from charcoal. Love and never going back if I can avoid it.
  8. So then I should start working with kydex
  9. I live pretty close to the gulf. We have a lot of humidity and salt in the air. So it's always a dry wet heat here. And why can't I store the knife in a leather sheath I thought that was a good idea? Then how should I store the knives? Mineral oil and Linn seed oil with help protect the blade then?
  10. I've asked a lot of questions on how to make a knife but I never thought about the care of a knife. Before I started making knives I would buy factory made knives and just wash them. I assumed they used stainless steel. Now that I'm making knives out of high carbon steel how do I take care of them so they don't rust and stuff like that
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