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  1. Hi Matt. I Agree With Bob! That is an amazing Job! Must've taken you ages?! Don't think I'll ever sell it. If I understand correctly from the article, I would be able to weld the edges of the top plate and the Hicky with the Stoody 1105's? I don't think I'll be able to get the Stoody 1105's tho, what is a good equivalent? Maybe just fix the Hicky and still chamfer the edge to at least get a straight edge? I'm constantly finding myself looking for a straight piece of edge. Thank you for the feedback!
  2. Thank you Geoff. I will clean it off a bit with a fine flap disk and wire brush for now and live with it. Get some experience first. And take it from there. The urge for shiny new stuff sometimes gets the better of me. I will be content.. I didn't know about Dennis (Drakon Forge??). It is right around the corner from me. I live 2Km's away from him. I Will definitely give him a visit. Thank you!
  3. I am in Pretoria. I think a basic smithing course would also be fun.
  4. Thank you Everyone for the replies. In places there seems to be about 1/2" to 5/8 of pate left. I would like to at least have a straight edge for beveling work. So I'm thinking of grinding a shallow chamfer? I'll work around the "Hicky" for now. It is about 1/16 deep so cold forging it out will be alooot of time and still leave a low spot. My smithing experience is roughly about 0. I tried making a blade from a leaf spring way back but I ended up with a banana that was harder than diamond and no knowledge of how to soften or straighten it out again so I gave up on that one. Now the bug has returned after watching a couple of episodes of Forged in Fire. :-) I booked myself on a knife making course for next year. I'm really excited to get started again. Besides for the Anvil I'm currently working on a belt grinder and a forge. I love DIY and creating things so I'm enjoying myself and and I haven't even started yet!! Once again, Thank you for the advice. I might post my ongoings on the forge and grinder on the WIP pages but I have very limited time, 4 kids. May your blades never get dull, and your anvils never chip! Herman.
  5. I will grind it open a bit this weekend with a flap disk to confirm the construction.
  6. Thanks for weight explanation. That's new for me.
  7. Hi All. My first Post.. I'm in the process of getting my workshop ready for some knife making and general bashing of hot iron/steel. My uncle gave me this old anvil that he rescued from some blokes that welded a pipe to it and used it as a pile driver. :-(. The edges are in a sad state and the face has a big round "worm hole" where the pipe was welded to. I took a file to it and the darker brown areas are the High spots.(See TOP) After getting over the heart attack after hearing the story of this poor anvil, I want to repair it if possible and use it as it should be used. That's where I need some advise as to how to fix it. And also some History and origin on it would be good. From what I could find on the web, is only a mine in Old hill county, Dudley.(wiki) Please see pictures and any advise and history will be greatly appreciated. Markings side 1: OLD HILL Co DUDLEY 1901 FR Side 2: 1 0 5 (I believe this is the weight in Lb.) Thank you in advance.
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