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  1. Thank you Don, I'll try these methods on my next batch. I do use a 60 grit flap disc to remove the scale after they'be been in the fire before drilling and grinding
  2. Well, I slowed down my drill press and that did the trick. Tried 5 or 6 different bits of various sizes and they all chomped through the files with ease. I feel like that was something basic to know or try, but I'm learning new things and grateful for everyone's knowledge and willingness to help!
  3. Whatever the top speed is on my Craftsman drill press is (like 3100RPM?) because I was using small bits 1/8 and under. I'd get a good bite and get a few hairs in then nothing. That would frustrate me, then I'd put a lot of pressure down, the bit would squeal in protest and I'd have to walk away. So i'm gonna go slow this evening, romance it a bit instead of wham bam take it ma'am. Thanks for the compliment on the knife! I have some better looking ones coming up and will post them soon!
  4. ahhh, ok. Thank you for clarifying for me. I have a bucket of ashes that I'll put it in and take it out of the fire quicker. Thanks Alan!
  5. I tried a couple of carbide bits and yeah, they cut quick but broke. Luckily they were garage sale finds! Thanks for that suggestion, I'll check them out! What do you like to use for pins?
  6. Thank you for the response Alan! Hmmm, spot hardening makes sense. I'll get the bit to bite and then a few seconds later it stops chipping. I was following the instructions on the drill press and recommended RPM for the bit size. But tonight I'll slow it down From what I understand, normalizing is very similar to annealing. As a beginner, could you clarify the difference for me? Different sites have different answers and not very clear to me. The first files I ever tried to soften warped severely because I left them in a charcoal chimney for about 3 hours. I now have a small charcoal fo
  7. My summer hobby this year has been making knives from old files. Not surprising, I really enjoy it! Before starting, I did a lot of research on this forum and others about which file make the best knives. So I've picked up some old Simmonds, Nicholson USA and Black Diamond files at garage sales and ebay. After my first drilling attempt with a large bit (maybe 3/16 size) went off w/o a hitch, I broke it on my second file. Both were annealed, and duh, I wasn't using any oil. However, the subsequent 4 annealed files I tried drilling through dulled the bits very quickly. I thought that smaller wou
  8. wow, the layers on the blade look like ocean waves! Beautiful work! I can't tell from the angle these were taken, but is there some decorative file work on the spine?
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