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    Scandinavian and European seax, swords, axes and everything in between.
  1. @Justin Mercier thanks for the clarification on the wolfsteeth process Sir! I really, really value what you’ve told me. I understand the process much better now thank you!
  2. Thanks John! That answered my question perfectly! Now I know what to try when I get my chance to try it again in the near future. You guys have done an excellent job with this piece
  3. Thanks for sharing guys! I saw that Emiliano had shared some pictures via Instagram and we talked about it a bit and I have to say, I’m glad he pointed me here. I really enjoyed reading all of this! I learned a lot and the blade is absolutely beautiful! I do have a question though, and I might have misread, but was it just the edge bar with the teeth? Was the iron just hammered on by force or was it given wolf teeth as well?
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