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  1. I put my forge in the oven at 500 degrees for about 3 1/2 hours. This is what Wayne Coe (who I got the lining materials from) recommended. I still have to apply the plistix, but have used the forge a couple of times now without any issues. Warner
  2. I'll be back for advice. Haha. I'll be putting the Plistix layer on tomorrow. Thanks, Warner
  3. Joel, I know almost nothing. Haha. Warner
  4. I cured the Kast O Lite yesterday, so today was the first real firing of my forge. I still need to put the layer of Plistix on, but wanted to turn something red and see how the burner works. What do you guys think? Warner
  5. No, that was the pavement rippling torque from my Buell.
  6. It's about 5 1/2 feet x 3 feet. Estimating the weight around 300 pounds. The frame is made from thick-ass angle iron, the door have Springer hinges....pretty nice find.
  7. Got it in the garage! Used my winch and some redneck engineering. The rust isn't nearly as bad as I thought, and I got the vise freed up as far as swiveling around. It's good to go!
  8. Well, I made it home without losing it on the highway, so that potential disaster was averted. Warner
  9. That's fantastic.
  10. Looking online though, even these old tables are pretty pricey. Yes, the vise is welded onto the table top, but it should still be very functional. Obviously it all needs to be cleaned up....and I'm not sure if the vise still swivels or not.....that may take some "persuasion". Warner
  11. I'm in the city, Alan. Haha. I'm sure some redneck engineering will get it done, somehow. Heck, I had one of my motorcycles hanging from my garage rafters a couple weeks ago while I was replacing rocker gaskets. I don't know how heavy this thing is, but I doubt if it weighs more than the bike (that one was around 400 pounds). Maybe I'm wrong....but other than the vise and the steel top, I'm just not sure where all the weight would come from..... Warner
  12. OK, I just drove my truck back to receiving and they loaded it onto my truck.....and I can tell you this, it's HEAVY! I honestly have no clue how I'm going to get it off my truck when I get home or how I'm going to move it around. Warner
  13. Here's the metal shelving I have my eye on.....
  14. Thanks guys. I also have my eye on a tall metal shelving unit.......maybe a load for tomorrow. Haha. The scrap area has turned into my new favorite shopping place. Warner
  15. Well, looking through the scrap area at my workplace, I spotted this all metal bench with vise. Rusty? Sure. But the price was right and it's all metal. Should be a usable work space. What do you think? Warner