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  1. Joel, the depth of the burner tube into the forge? Or the distance the MIG tip is from the opening in the T? Thanks, Warner
  2. Thanks Geoff. I do know that it's some type of high carbon steel. They are pretty small, but could they be combined? (I'm completely new to all of this). Forge welded maybe? More hassle than they are worth? Thanks, Warner
  3. Going through the scrap pile here at my work, and found a bunch of these. They are paper cutting dies for label presses. I'm guessing that they are some type of hardened steel, but not sure what kind, or if they are usable for forging. Anyone know? Warner
  4. Thanks Alan and Joel....I'm not going to mess with it again until I get the forge insulated. Whatever it is, It seems correctable. Thanks again, Warner
  5. So tonight I fired it up, without any lining, just to see how it would work for a few minutes. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I couldn't get a consistent flame....not sure how far the burner tube should come inside the tank itself, or if it just won't work correctly without the insulation installed. I tried different gas pressures (up to about 10psi) and damper opening amounts. With the damper fully open and the pressure set to 10psi, I was getting what I would describe as "surging" where it would periodically, but regularly, blow flames out the front opening. Any comments, suggestio
  6. I looked at that, and this one is all metal so hopefully it'll be ok.... Warner
  7. PS - The steel that those propane tanks are made from is surprisingly tough.....Of course, the hole saw in the size that I needed was pretty beat....it wasn't one that I had in my decent starrett hole saws.....so it was more like grinding through the side than cutting. Warner
  8. Thanks Joel.....you've been inspirational to me. I'm going to try to gather some scraps of metal today from work to fabricate some type of stand for it. It's nice having a machine shop at my company...they toss or scrap a lot of usable stuff. Warner
  9. Well, I made some progress on my propane tank forge this weekend. Because I don't own a welder, I'm making this without welding - so everything is bolted on. I think this'll be ok...but if it turns out not to be, I'll revisit items of concern. I got a hinge attached (just one that I had laying around, and it seems to work fine. Not the beefiest setup, but it should hold. Likewise, I had a magnetic catch laying around so I used that for the closure. Again, if it turns out not to work well, it can be replaced. For the burner tube, I used a length of 1 1/4" black pipe that the 1"
  10. Good call, James. And yeah....I was planning on using the propane tanks that I have, at least initially.
  11. And here's a short video of my first test of it, outside the forge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJuLVqXbSj4&list=UU8tSN_nqNseMCRi_pvDb83Q
  12. Well, I got the burner done today. Because I had to use so many bushings on the one side, I was concerned that the MIG tip wasn't far enough from the vent opening to work as well as it could, so I replaced the 4" brass pipe with a 6" brass pipe, which puts he MIG tip 2" further down the pipe, away from the vent. I didn't test it with the 4" brass pipe, but I think it was the right move. Here's how far it goes now with the 6" pipe"
  13. Thanks Wayne, but I have started already and have my burner built except for the MIG welder tip that I need to attach. Warner
  14. Thanks everyone. I'm going to go with the satanite over the superwool, then put the ITC-100 over the top of that. I'm a ways off from that, but just getting my ducks in a row and it seems like that combination is pretty hard to find fault with. I'm not a lazy searcher....it's just the number of options and opinions is so vast, it's a little overwhelming trying to take it all in. Thanks again, you guys are great and I appreciate every response. Warner
  15. So what would be a good choice for over the wool and under the ITC-100? Thanks, Warner
  16. In planning my propane tank forge, I'm considering the best lining options. And forgive me because I've never done this before...so my questions will be strictly noob type questions. I know that I will first want to like the inside of the forge with 2" of Superwool. It seems like this is a decent source for that: http://www.axner.com/superwoolfiber-2thicksoldpersqft.aspx Do I need to use any type of adhesive to hold this ceramic wool to the inside of the forge? Then, on top of that ceramic wool...and this is where it gets fuzzy for me.....I should be coating that with some type of
  17. Thanks Alan....you've been most helpful to me. I know, these are totally rookie questions, but that's what I am. I'd rather to it right once, than the alternative. Warner
  18. I'm putting together a forge (using an old propane tank). I'm about to cut the front off to have a door. My question is this.....is there a reason that the door hinge or base MUST be welded as opposed to drilling and bolting those pieces on? I don't own a welder so it would be helpful if I could put the forge together without one. Ditto for the burner tube....does that HAVE to be welded, or is there something like JB Weld or similar that could be used to mount that? Thanks in advance guys,
  19. I am new to this hobby.....haven't even hammered my first hot piece yet....just building a forge at this point. Videos like this amaze me....how awesome is it that you can make your own tools. I'm not sure why.....but I'm completely fascinated by this. What a noob, huh? Haha. It's just too cool. Warner
  20. Got a little more done after work today. I borrowed a tap from work today and got the larger brass pipe tapped inside so the smaller one threaded into it. I also tapped the brass cap for the mig tip to screw into. That one isn't exactly straight....not sure how much that will affect anything....one of you experts can chime in. I also tapped the black pipe T and cut a cover out of an electrical box cover, which had the added advantage of having the correct thread screw on it already - bonus. I need to find a suitable spring for that, but that's no big deal. here's a couple of pictures fr
  21. You posted at EXACTLY the same time I was. I'll try it with the venturi approach first. Thanks James. Warner
  22. The reason I asked is because I read this part from the original author, making is sound like this setup WILL work with a blower, by plumbing the blower in place of where the damper is now: "No problem, to use this with a blower, omit the sheet steel damper and plumb your air source to the T fitting. One thing to point out with this burner compared to the burners in the blown burner sticky: This burner has a focused nozzle for the gas relative to the 1/4 inch nozzle on the other. So this burner needs higher pressures in the gas line to supply the same gas volume. The incr
  23. If one were going to make this with a blower instead, what type of blower would be required? A hair dryer? A small box fan ducted? I mean, how many CFM would be desired or required? I may just build it like that from the start if it makes sense.... Thanks in advance, Warner
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