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  1. Wow, that's really nice looking. How did you combine the copper and silver? Is it forge welded?
  2. I like these. Probably very close to what some of them actually looked like.
  3. Just finished my second forged cable knife. A coworker wanted a skinner with an elk tine to help with skinning. This one is forges out of the same cable that's seen in the pictures. The spacer between the blade and the antler is also from the forge welded cable. I scribed it to the antler so it would be the same shape and varied contour of the antler as well. The blade was normalized three times then heated to non mag and then just a little more and quenched in heated canola oil. Tempering was two times at 450 for an hour each time. the only issue I had was the area just below t
  4. I really like the file work you did on the spine. Very clean.
  5. Very, very nice work! I usually don't like the dagger style....but this one....
  6. Those are very cool James. i really like the top one with the slight recurve.
  7. These are really nice. Great work!
  8. What incredible craftsmanship! Awe inspiring and inspirational to say the least. The inlay work is insane! Wow. Great work.
  9. My first two tries weren't so good, with inclusions and a couple cold shuts. I'm saving them for future bolsters or pins. The power hammer has made a huge difference in the way the cable is coming out. Last weekend I actually made a pretty good billet from a motorcycle chain. I think I'm going to stretch it out, twist it and make rings and/or bracelets out of it for gifts. the local steel shop gave me a couple metal band saw blades and I have a lot of spring (5160) so I figured I'd layer them and try my hand at some Damascus. I'll be sure to post the outcome...good or bad.
  10. Hello, My name is Tim, 51 years old and living in Colorado. I've been a lurker here for some time and finally decided to join. I couldn't find an actual Introductions area, so hopefully this will be okay... When I'm not at my regular job performing Computer Forensics in a Law Enforcement capacity, I'm usually out in the shop making something. I've been making blades on and off for a while now, but just started to forge as opposed to just material removal. I got an old Peter Wright and built a coal forge this last spring and set-up a pretty nice little shop to start maki
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