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  1. Hi Jerrord thanks a lot. I've finished reading the thread, thanks for posting it, I will see if I can get a better anvil! Cheers!
  2. Hey there Conner! No it isn't, it is an I-Beam or H-Beam´.. I think.. Thanks for replying!
  3. Hello again, here is the anvil! Feel free to say anything! Cheers!
  4. Hey there everyone, day 2 treasure hunting! I found some interesting pieces, would appreciate if anyone could spare sometime and see them and suggest things! eheh Here are the pics: The piece I chose for the anvil, would appreciate any tips on this on please! Old motor that I can take anything I can use.. And this.. Cheers!
  5. Hey Alan! Thanks for replying, I saw the links you posted and watched some videos about the patterns and comparing them, I think I'll go for the French pattern, loved that face! I'll see if I can buy from those links, thank you very much! Soon I'll post my first anvil, (it's not an anvil but I think it will do for now) Anvils are a little expensive for me now, and I would like to chose the most suited for me in the future. Cheers! Thank you again!
  6. Thanks again Jerrord! Which hammer style would you recommend for beggining? I want to do the tongs soon, so I can in the future do some different works.. Cheers mate, much appreciated!
  7. Great thanks for telling me, I don't have any tongs so I will start there, where can I compare the metals? Since I'm from Europe and the U.S uses inches and other standards? Is possible? Cheers!
  8. Thanks a lot for the tip! I work at a machine factory ( has a mechanical drawer), I think I can get some metals from here too. We use S355 the most, don't know if it's good for forging.. Thanks man, cheers!
  9. Hi there Steven and Mike! Thank you guys for your replies! I will surely use yours suggestions I will start to cleaning the vises and building the coal forge. Later on this day I will post a picture of potential anvil (for beginning I think it will do the job). Would appreciate if anyone reply later about the "anvil" I just need a HAMMER to start hitting... Cheers!
  10. Hi there Zeb! Thanks for your reply, my dad is kinda a collector so yeah lots of scrap, more than those I've shown.. What do you mean with "if those circles at the top are large enough they could be a foot treadle for something"? (forge stand?) Cheers!
  11. Hi Pieter! First of all thank you for the links, I'm still beggining at this art but till now I hadn't found anything trustworthy, maybe because my knowledge is poor.. Thank you very much, maybe soon I will ask you some suggestions for materials Cheers!
  12. Hi everyone! I've been doing a treasure hunt in my house and gathered some items that I think I could use to get hands to work! Please, if you see an item you think I shouldn't try to forge tell me! Has a newbie, all information is gold... Some of the items are for forge building others I ask for your opinion if I should or not use them as material to forge. How can I remove the rust of these items and make them workable? Any tips? Pic.1 Pic.2 Pic. 3 Pic. 4 Pic. 5 Pic. 6 Pic. 7 Pic. 8 Pi
  13. Hello fellow smith's, does anyone know good material providers in Europe? Thanks.
  14. Hello everyone! I'm very excited to start working on the art of bladesmith, but I have no experience, no ideia where to start. I'm building my workstation with a forge and all the needed stuff for this art. ( pls feel free to say what I need). I'm from Portugal, my family has some history in blacksmithing but nowadays not anymore.. I need someone to tell me the basics or to guide me. (sorry if my english isn't good) pls reply
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