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  1. Well, I didn't get a chance to work on the forge build but I did get an addition to the workshop.... 80 lb by Warren Tool & Forge Co... I started cleaning it up then decided to post a couple pics the way I found it.... or almost since I did start already... no foot plate and a little something added on the bottom of the leg which I think won't be to much of a problem to remove... and I will need to make a spring for it...
  2. they are 12"...... hoping to end up with something efficient and aiming to get 7 or 8 inches wide at the floor and about 6 inches in an arched top working area... also wanted room for a curved something another later down the road...
  3. Well, I finally got the rebuild kit of the regulator and able to weld something... clean the rust back up on the edge of the 2 tanks which I had cut the bottom off... tank on the left is cut just as the bottom started rounding off and tank on the right was cut before it started rounding off... made for a slight fitting together of the 2... they welded up nicely but not exactly nicely welded... my little welding experience has been with a stick welder and a mig works a bit differently... I was outside doing this and had a little problem till I realized the slightest bit of breeze was interferi
  4. Thanks for the welcome... as far as size, IDK, I just really like to make things... I was thinking about the HT to some degree and the 20# tanks were handy and didn't feel like 1 was long enough for later down the road... I also know there is only so much metal that can be worked before the heat is lost...... I didn't really think of it in terms of huge or all that big either... but I'm also here in the beginners area for a reason,,, so after lurking/reading for a while then signing up and lurking more, the plan (as of now) for the forge is the 2 - 20# tanks insulated and layered with kas
  5. Thank you for the comment... I was thinking of re-doing the edge since we wasn't allowed to do any of the grinding but for a functional useful knife, it needs a bit more help... the edge was the only thing I didn't do... from what I can tell this was a very basic workshop session geared for people that wanted to do something different as interactive entertainment... it was still pretty cool... a lot of the attention was on the grandkids in keeping them entertained and safe... it takes a little bit to keep on top of a 10 and 11 year old... I forget what steel was supplied but I remember it bei
  6. I'm mid fifties and have seen a moon or 2 go by and I very much take the FIF for what it is... just an entertainment show and if someone is to think they are going to do what they show there with what they show then a big surprise is on the horizon... I still find it entertaining... I suppose like many find wrestling entertaining, as fake as that is... I've always turned wrenches and beat nails to make things or make them work and I get as much out of the accomplishment of making/fixing something as I do out of the purpose of making it... sometimes more... I've probably done more things than I
  7. I was going to start a thread after I got a little further along but just like everything in this world, everything is subject to change... like many that has come here, the FIF has inspired an interest or further inspired an interest in blacksmithing and knife making... so I decided I would gather the needed items and start making stuff... after a bunch of reading and some research and being a DIY guy, I figured I would begin by making a forge then some tools to work with... I found an anvil I could get my hands on since that was not something I thought was realistic to make other than mak
  8. I also found a crack on the horn.... it was a yard ornament of a co worker and she has had it about 40 years... it's roughly 100 lbs and I told her I would have to figure out what a fair price would be and left her with $200... after examining it, now I don't think it is worth that much...so, what would this mystery anvil be worth....
  9. well, I cleaned things up a bit but I didn't find anything as far as numbers except the 8 and the 42 on the bottom... there is a mark on the front that I don't know if it is a battle mark or maybe part of a makers mark... it appears somewhat like a crescent about middle ways and a little above the waist on the side with the horn to the right... not very big either... looking around, I have yet to run across anything about numbers on the bottom either...
  10. I just picked up and anvil and don't seem to find much as far as markings to identify it... the bottom has an hourglass indention with a 4 and a 2 on the horn side and a 8 centered on the other end... there is also a mark or glob that I can't make anything from it near the 8... I've looked around and starting to think maybe a Samson but I really don't have any knowledge to say... by the looks I would say cast and not forged and it clunks and not ring when hit but it almost throws the hammer back at you...
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