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  1. If you try to pound the pins you run the very real danger of swelling them and cracking your handle material. There are a couple of tricks to get a mechanical lock on the pins but they are really from an "advanced" class. Too easy to screw up without some basic experience. Just scuff the pin shanks a tiny bit by rubbing them on the coarsest belt you have, by hand, not sanding , no power on, to just take the shine off and give the epoxy some teeth to grab. What ever epoxy you use don't get in a hurry to start working on the handle. Let it set in a warm place overnight. Heat from friction can soften the epoxy if you get too eager.
  2. Vern Wimmer

    Completed Shively Bowie

    It really is impressive for a fan of that era and of Schively. Gratifying to see it all represented at such a high level.
  3. Vern Wimmer

    Mystery stainless steel

    Always good to have accurate, and complete, info.
  4. Vern Wimmer

    Mystery stainless steel

    Yah, being as it's the bladesmiths forum and all.....
  5. Vern Wimmer

    Dad's design

    Nicely done Sir.
  6. Much better. Yah, a lot of people don't use a stone wheel at all and it certainly isnt nearly a necessity. If you can use a wheel on your existing sander-grinder stick with it. I just got a lot of practice with them when I was young.
  7. Vern Wimmer

    Forged in Fire

    You have to know your steel and what its capable of and what the purpose of the knife will be. A steel that may be ideal when tempered at a certain temperature may not be ideal if tempered at another but might do another job better. Each steel pretty much has its own tempering range and results. Then you get to grind angles and edge geometry which are generally optimized, again to the purpose. Then you have to match the handle ergonomics to the purpose and choose the right materials for that.
  8. Vern Wimmer

    Help me finish this. Carving/lil bushcrafter WIP (edited)

    Charcoalcoal forge and you laid it in the forge?
  9. Vern Wimmer

    Mystery stainless steel

    Just to add, don't mess with trying to forge stainless.
  10. One of the things I like a stone wheel grinder for is shaping the handle portion. Just a personal preference but it saves on coarse belts. But you really should be able to get to one of the wheels to get the most out of a sander/grinder. Work at the forging . That's what you have the gear for. Don't be in to big a hurry to rush a knife. You need to learn the process without the forge skills you won't be doing anything very fast anyway. When you have learned to get your bevels, handle curve and tang taper mostly done withh the forge you will see how slow it is to do any other way. Also, get yourself a "kerschwacker" a wooden club, baseball bat or such that will allow you to bend hot steel without denting it .
  11. Vern Wimmer

    Help me finish this. Carving/lil bushcrafter WIP (edited)

    As Alan said normalize. Normalize several times. If you have an idea of how hot you got it , by color, remember it and don't do that again. IME if you run it through a few normalizing cycles it will be easier to thin out your bevel/edge, then you can harden and temper.
  12. Pretty much what they were designed for. Download all the info on their site and read it carefully. They have mounting options depending on you tools and/or your skill with them. I am still grinning about them turning out a burner like this a such a price.
  13. Vern Wimmer

    Bench grinder replacement

    It also g8ves you the ability to choose your speed by pulley sizing.
  14. Vern Wimmer

    More questions on Belt sanders

    I haven't priced the Dayton 42 against the Grizzly 72 lately but if you are maxed out on one of the Dayton's take Zebs advice. Seriously. Buy good files because you can use them a long time if you care for them properly and all of his other good points. The extra pluses are that you will need the files anyway and, if you really try hard and do well with the files that elbow grease will pay off and just a small few knives sold will put a 72" within reach. To put it bluntly, if you can't make a good knife with files then a grinder won't help. The other part is you will be happier longer with a low end 72 than a low end 42. Of and forget the one-inch. Way too easy to turn out a washboard or some metal sculpture.
  15. Vern Wimmer

    I want to be a knife blacksmith.

    Annyong hase yo! You are lucky to have such a job and skills. They will be good for understanding knife making. Do not get discouraged because knife making tools might not be easy to find. Knives were made long before the tools we have today. Good luck and ask all the questions you need.