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  1. Vern Wimmer

    Break Drum Forge

    Don't worry about sanding the 4x4s. A bit of use will settle the anviln in.
  2. Vern Wimmer

    Burner Placement

    I doubt that there is anyone who can say that every piece of their equipment is "perfect" . This is especially true when its home built but that does not mean purchased equipment is perfect either. Very often you have to settle for "make do" or temporary solutions to the many problems that come up. Remember too that if you intend on selling knives, the customer doesn't care if you made it on perfect equipment even if they knew anything about it in the first place. A buyer measures by the results. Nobody has ever started out with perfect gear.....because...there is no such thing anyway. Everything compromises something for some other advantage. That is why there are so many choices out there. You will develop your own ideas about what is "perfect" to you with experience. Sometimes your methods and techniques will develop around your equipment plussesand minuses and other times your equipment will develop around your plusses and minuses. You will always be "developing" so the best thing to do is get the gear up and running however it will and begin the development process. It cant happen until you start.
  3. Vern Wimmer

    Break Drum Forge

    That really rocks! Much better than some of the makeshift things I clobbered together.
  4. Vern Wimmer

    forge building questions

    For smithing purposes regular torch heads won't really do it it did everyone would be using them. A propane tank into all that big and most folks use one good burner and to fine. The American rule 9f "more is better" doesn't apply to burners. IMO, 3 burners in a propane tank would actually be inefficient. There is only so much oxygen to burn in your chamber and you are likely to run into a large dragons breath issue as fuel seeks out oxygen outside the forge to complete ignition. That flame doesn't do you much good. Also, if you are using venturi burners back pressure may be an issue.
  5. Vern Wimmer

    Break Drum Forge

    I just have a crazy question here. Do you have a fuel source lined up?
  6. Vern Wimmer

    Grizzley 2x 72

    I'll would chime in to remind you that one of the things people mention about the Grizzly is that it only has one speed-very fast. With that kind of speed and 72" of helter going around you really may not need the coarser belts, especially if you buy ceramics. Keep a can of water handy for cooling the blades. To Brian's point about "ghost marks" I can see the possibility and to me it helps justify the practice of multiple heat thermal cycles before quenching anything done to the steel below decalescence temp by grinding should be erased by a couple of trips up to decalescence.
  7. Vern Wimmer

    Thought fer the day, / add yours if you like

    Never take a sleeping pill and a laxative at the same time.
  8. Vern Wimmer

    Drop Point hunter

    I am always impressed with flowing lines especially when you can include some fancier features without letting them overwhelm the "flow" of the knife. Very well done.
  9. Vern Wimmer

    A little Disappointed....

    I think it looks very nice. I had a bad experience with what is called " luann mahogany". It looked nice on the flat block but when I started shaping and contouring it a problem developed. It seems that it has strange grain and every place I broke the flat plain became end grain..when I put the finish on it, it went ugly in a hurry. Every curve looked dirty.
  10. Vern Wimmer

    This is why I'm always recommending files to people

    Stunning. Really a classic piece.
  11. Vern Wimmer

    An epiphany

    I think you have reached a "perspective point". There are many in life, you find as you get older, but you have to he careful of them. Sometimes they lead you in a good direction and sometimes not. There is a strong "romantic" appeal to the path of simplicity but you really need to examine whether you are concerned about the process or the result. As an example I have cabinet making tools that belonged to my Great grandfather and while it is pleasant to work with them without he noise of power tools if I had to pay my bills making cabinets I would choose my shaper over a record plane for making molding. When I have the time to do something for myself I might use all hand tools. In harsh reality it should be your market that helps you choose. Are your buyers interested in the results or the process? Does your style of knife care how it's made? In some markets "hand made" sells very well in others not so much. Oddly, in my area, with our economy, despite the fact we are very rural really hand made is not a great selling point and people want the best for their dollar and don't pay for "aesthetics" but for function. To make a profit per hour that points in one direction. I don't see why you can't combine the two and make Damascus billets and hand work them. Look at your equipment as a "necessary evil" that enables you to still work in a more satisfying manner. I have some air tool and power tools but the last woodworking project I did I made the molding with power tools but cut and fitted it with great grandpa's mitre saw and used my father's hammer instead of a Brad gun to install it. Balance is the key and from a business view you shouldn't limit potential capability, you just don't have to push it all the time if it doesn't make you happy or satisfied. IOW don't throw the baby out withthe bathwater. Moderation will serve you well.
  12. Vern Wimmer

    Did I preform this too far?

    Looks real good. Remember, hammer marks are a combination of technique and the hammer face profile. I have a "for nice" hammer that doesnt move much steel but kind of works like a flatter. Getting the blade to the edge of the anvil with the spine towards the center, so you can "tease" the hammer marks out, helps a lot.
  13. Vern Wimmer

    2x72” belt grinder - good or bad

    There is a point there. The wheels and bearings, assuming you supply the motor, are the things to look at. IMO it's not really worth it to buy a cheaper unit if it is cheaper just because it uses "lesser quality" wheels and bearings. I really don't want them crapping out in the middle of a money making job and turning it into a money loser.
  14. Vern Wimmer

    Outdoor utility/camp knife commission

    I like it very much. I kind of prefer my knuckles a little higher on a camp knife if I might be using it on a cutting board but if the customer wants it that way, great.
  15. Vern Wimmer

    Mini Bowie

    Looks proportional.