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  1. You are, as Grandpa would say, "in the cat birds seat". All that useful recyclable steel and probably access to welding gear. My mind spins with possibilities . I see your small anvil has a Hardie hole. With torsion bars and even a tire iron or two you could make some serious Hardie tools, cutoffs, fullers, spring fullers etc, appropriately sized. You can develop some serious gear for making hunting/edc size knives with that nice set up you have as well as building a useful skill set. I am completely optimistic (and wish I could have started off as well) about your first blade and where you could go from here.
  2. Cool On a lighter note the whole anvil thing has ME in trouble with SWMBO. I was looking at the pics in another thread and I mumbled some kind of affirmative comment in as much as I too have a HF pseudo anvil, but do have my Grandfather's repurposed very old piece of steel that works well. The wife looks at the screen, "I thought you said this last shopping spree of yours would take care of what you needed for a long time." In the same tone she uses when I hold my eyes too long on the female image on the calender at a friend's sporting goods store. They just don't understand that other guys have such cool toys.
  3. It looks cool. A nice find. I think you will want to clean the Hardie hole out and, if still needed, take some material off of the shank of that cut off so the shoulders rest freely on the face of the anvil before you ever use it.
  4. I apologize if anyone took my comment as aimed at them. It is simply a phrase taken from a T-shirt. A comment on the versatility of a product. It was not a suggested course of action and was in fact an attempt, apparently misinterpreted, to inject a bit of humor into a thread that had suddenly taken a sour turn. I would be the last person to disparage a beginner, however when they have chosen to follow a dangerous path, I will do my best to discourage them. That being said, I worry that redacting my post, on demand, would leave endless possibilities in the imaginations of future readers and I would rather leave it intact and allow them to judge based on reality and trust their common sense. My post had nothing to do with and was not aimed at anyone.
  5. You sound so much like me it's scary. I have had a long layoff from the shop and have started an upgrade. It's half store bought, half DYI. Good luck and look forward to seeing more.
  6. Congratulations! Now to be a bit chauvenistic in regard to FIF, cruise the different sections here to find out how it's really done. Very good getting some "smith time". You are starting on a good roll. Keep it going.
  7. But you can duct tape it 'till it's harmless.
  8. Aww, c'mon. What kind of solution is that? There is no danger of explosion and it doesn't use duct tape.
  9. Seriously, bad idea. "Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement."
  10. Think "very hot, very heavy, handgrenade with a lotta mass. Oh, and please try to get some video footage . I luvs me some unexpected results
  11. That is right in the ballpark I was thinking of but I was hesitant because we don't see many of that type for sale, and fewer selling, around here. That was exactly my "gut" thought. Either I'm really good at pricing or you need to put more value on your talent. I strongly suspect the latter of the two possibilities.
  12. I think that is a great point! The folks that successfully operate at that level have learned to know when to concentrate on the process and design and when to back off, take a breath and look at it and say "nope, it doesn't look/feel right" and change direction. Too often I have concentrated too hard on forcing my will on the project that I don't realize "it ain't right" until it's too late.
  13. OK, I'll kibbitz a bit and say that it would make a terrific Indo-Persian Bowie. IMSO.
  14. As the man said, "It sings"
  15. I'm a pragmatist about the tools and methods, that is to say "if it works for you, use it, if it doesn't, then don't". It's results and the personal preference in acheiving them that matters.