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  1. Vern Wimmer

    First handle for critique

    Looks good and I wouldn't worry about the "two arcs" . Some of the best knife designs are more pronounced. Look at the Russel Canadian. Actually, IME, the more compact and eficient the blade design, the more it actually needs two arcs .
  2. Vern Wimmer

    Power hammer build questions

    I have no doubt that someone who can do all of that in short order can tune it up and get the bugs out. I am most impressed with Zeb's abilities.
  3. Vern Wimmer

    My first knife

    Highly unlikely a 1080 blade, heated to correct temperature, quenched in warm canola oil will crack. Not moving it side to side in the quenchant will go a long way to avoiding warps.
  4. Vern Wimmer

    Power hammer build questions

    I know pretty much zero about power hammers but, for some reason, I think I am channeling both my maternal and paternal Grandfathers (the original DIY'ers in my universe) when I think, "seems to me that there is a lot going on between that tire and the anvil in a very little space without much room for personality or temperment between all them parts".
  5. Vern Wimmer

    My first knife

    You certainly have enogh material to even up both the pullouts at the ricasso and the tang shoulders. As Joel said, take your time and do it right since you have aready put a lot of time into it. Remember that will get better with each knife. Set the bar high for your first one to give yourself a good start. You've done very well. Carry through with it in the way your effort so far deserves.
  6. Vern Wimmer

    Rare artifact of the kingdom of Norssex, via Gallifrey

    Yes, the culture responsible for that created a unique ..."fusion" doesn't describe it, perhaps "integration" is a better term, of characteristics . Certainly the deliberate melding of phosphorus levels demonstrates a high knowledge of metallurgy and the purposeful design features, particularly the limiting of the distal taper to its most useful, given the nature of the blade, placement bespeaks the makers knowledge. The maker and the user must have been jusifiably proud of both design and execution. As a symbol, tool, weapon, it stands alone, as far as I know, as the example of the crossroads where "should, could, might have, and If" meet. Excellent!
  7. Vern Wimmer

    Keeping etched blades "black"

    Double "WOW!"
  8. Vern Wimmer


    The thickness and width is going to pivot on what type of guard you intend and how it mates up to the handle material. I think you are doing great and that guard material yo made is fantastic. As someone else said "that is going to be a fast blade". With that guard material it could end up balanced right at the guard which would be great. I'd try to maximize that feature with a ergonomic, physically unobtrusive single eared guard, mated well to the handle. Don't let that gorgeous guard material "take over" the overall great design. It will flow together nicely if everything is in proper proportion.
  9. Vern Wimmer

    This may be a beginners mistake but....

    OK then, either you got some of that OSHA approved fireproof propane OR it's a simple matter of the fuel/air/flame ratio. Too little air in the combustion chamber and the fuel cannot ignite IN the forge and needs outside O2 and you get the "flaming whoomf" effect. Too much pressure and you obviously blow out your flame. Too little and there is nothing to burn. I get creative with my tongs and what kind of flammable material I can find to to hold in them, in front of the burner, while opening the valve slowly.
  10. Vern Wimmer

    Things you might not know can kill you

    Wow! That is seriously ungood. Glad you are OK. It sounds like an opportunity for a spontaneous wardrobe redecoration.
  11. Vern Wimmer

    This may be a beginners mistake but....

    May we assume that you could smell the propane ?
  12. Vern Wimmer

    Table knives

    I like seeing all kinds of "every day using knives" both carry and kitchen/household. More people "interface" with those knives than most other types. Historically those were actually the "bread and butter" of the old 'smiths.
  13. Vern Wimmer

    My life.......

    You do not lack for vistas. There is just something about looking at country like that....makes you think, "Geeez, I'm gonna need a good knife."
  14. Vern Wimmer

    Handle info section

    I have seen that method suggested for black powder rifle stocks. In the very old references they didn't mention the dangers. If I had known how dangerous it was I would have probably tried it by now, although, it is lower on the "potential explosion" list than I like but I am sue I'd find a way to upgrade it
  15. Vern Wimmer

    So, you want to make a knife. OR,

    Just lay it on top