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  1. Vern Wimmer

    An announcement

    Woo Hoo Geoff. Can't wait. Gotta tell my wife"hey I know that guy".
  2. Vern Wimmer


    I don't knock other forums, I'll just say the reason you folks got stuck with me is because I learned to measure "trade/ craft/skill/hobby" forums of all kinds by the way they treat beginners, whether I am a beginner in a field or not. I liked what I saw here. I think the wide variety of topics and methods, without a rigid "method" reminds everyone that there is always plenty to learn and we are all learning.
  3. Vern Wimmer

    2 by 72 inch belt sander

    That appears nice but it is a single speed and no way to change that without some big expense/trouble. I am not saying you absolutely have to have variable speed but for that kind of money .... You could get into some other unit, supply your own motor and with a pair of step pulleys, have 3 speeds. That one also has a 3400 rpm motor. There is a possibility, depending on wheel size, that it might be a bit fast for a single speed. I went Coote but the OBM was a close second. I wanted a long slack belt section and setting the OBM up with the motor and pulley system was a bit more problematical with the OBM.
  4. Vern Wimmer

    2 by 72 inch belt sander

    Why a mock up belt? A piece of string would work. Besides to have slack in the system so you have tension on the belt and you change the belts by relieving that tension
  5. Vern Wimmer

    strange kaowool reaction

    My hunch if you were using a petroleum oil was the wick effect. With the spilled oil heating up the volatiles boil off first and head upward. Being volatile the have a lower ignition point. Sort of like an open air whiskey still.
  6. Vern Wimmer

    Breaking News !!!!!

    We've got a midget roaming around pretending to be a psychic and bilking people by claiming to be able to talk to dead relatives. The police have a APB out for " A small medium at large".
  7. Vern Wimmer

    Any doctors in the room?

    Just from problems i am familiar with I would have the doc check for Afib (atrial fibrulation) and check your thyroid function. A temp like that an i inability to lose weight are signs of hypothyroidism.
  8. Vern Wimmer

    Trying to work out what to do next.

    Don't over think it. Remember folks have gotten along just fine with simple tools. Look at some blacksmithing supply places for a "hardy tool/hot cutter" then find a place where you can get an old axle and start visualizing how to forge your own from the axle. A hardy hot cutter is easier for me to use than one on a handle because I only have two hands and no apprentice or striker hanging around.
  9. Hahaha. That was one "wifetime" ago. The later model thinks things like that are "cool"
  10. I wish I had pics of my second forge. I had an old steel hot water tank that had been split lengthwise and turned into a big bbq. On one end were the holes for the plumbing. I used hard fire brick to block that end and blew air in the plumbing holes with a small squirrel cage fan. I only used charcoal since we still used it as a bbq. I told the wife that it was a "charcoal starter" design. "Oh I didn't think about it, but I think I could use it as a forge"
  11. Vern Wimmer

    Trying to work out what to do next.

    It brings a tear to my old eyes to hear you say that.
  12. Vern Wimmer

    This can't be right, right?

    Ah the polemic duality of Man. It makes perfect sense. I recall a period of stimulated debate over "bend or break" in knives meant for "serious"work. The theory was that a blade that will bend will do so under less pressure than it takes to break one that will break instead . All kinds of "but if....." in that one.
  13. Vern Wimmer

    Help with Long Knife

    A lot has to be considered then. Any gear or pack you have will have to be factored in as there may be interference from one to the other. Pack in the way or knife in the way. I have a kind of hybrid makeshift shoulder strap rig when I carry a khukri off pavement.
  14. Vern Wimmer

    Design for a boning knife

    If you have the right touch a fish fillet knife seems to work well. As long as you can visualize the bone and what you can't see.
  15. Vern Wimmer

    Help with Long Knife

    Carry where?