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  1. This bread knife belonged to my grandmother and my mother still used it until recently when the remains of the handle gave way. For sure older than me, still sharp and perfectly usable. Easy fix. The bolster looks like pewter, remains of the (silver?) plating visible in one spot. Any suggestions for sprucing up that bolster?
  2. Ran it for an hour Friday after work with the borrowed blower, gas from the bottom config, best result so far Saturday afternoon swopped the blower and the gas inputs, ran even better. Haven't uploaded the video, office move at work is killing me, but will do so soon. Kicker is the borrowed blower has a much smaller motor and much bigger fan.
  3. I'm confused @Dan Hertzson, last video's flame was the least impressive, but first time there was a hint of yellow. Not possible, there were spots at the burner port where the refractory didn't get in and the insulation was showing, I filled those with refractory when I installed the burner, so I believe its in there forever now. Your observations are correct, spread on the burner has only gotten worse from the first tests outside the forge and the 3 iterations of the plumbing while inside the forge. Longest its run is about 30 minutes the first time, there was still a lot of moisture, and on the subsequent burns the refractory did start getting colour a bit quicker. There's two layers of ceramic blanket with way too much refractory on top of that, didn't know I was making a mistake there. I'm picking up a blower that started life in some car today after work, just a loner to test with, seems quite a bit stronger than my fan.
  4. Lost the best part of Saturday due to a market, but I sold two knives and there was lots of interest so that helped. Had to do some shimming to get the new platten orientated correctly with the belt, need to do a bit more adjusting but I can use it as is. Forge kept me busy till after dark, no joy, so Sunday afternoon I started with a kiln brick forge, I have a big venturi burner that works so that will have to do for now. Ribbon burner forge seems destined to be a white (at least oxide red & high-heat black) elephant.
  5. Shipping cost would kill you, and my kiln is 16cm too short. I like your design, but I think you'd have more luck if you wanted somebody to make you 4 knives from the Magnacut you have, and your design in a more suitable steel.
  6. I badly wanted to order some Magnacut when I saw it on the site of a supplier I use occasionally, and I will someday, but the cost of the steel was equal to what I would charge for a completed knife of the same size. With generally uneducated customers I don't think it would work if I tell them to google Magnacut when they query the price. Very expensive steel to use for a machete.
  7. Don't know anymore..... Swapped the blower and the gas input, removed the MIG nozzle. Almost set my porch roof on fire, massive flames coming out the side. No reading on the pressure gauge as predicted, regulator on the lowest setting didn't help, so I turned down the gas at the bottle, and as soon as the flames come under control it popped and went out. Tried several times turning down the gas as slowly as possible, same result. Re-installed the MIG nozzle and got it running, but at even lower gas pressure than with the previous config, any more gas and it flames out, stops "running" Didn't get video of the nozzle-less test became it was dangerous, neighbor wife called her husband, thought my place was on fire. Some videos of last and this weekend's tests:
  8. @John N that is exactly what my blacksmith friend Mike said, his leftover 10kg of refractory went in my forge without making much of a dent. He predicted I would need to take leave from work to get it up to welding heat. It takes two burly men to move it, and said burly men have sore backs the next day All things I wish I knew at the start. I have made peace with the fact I'll need to do this again, it's now purely a question of can I get any use out of this forge, and when I'll have the finances to tackle the next one.
  9. Fascinating to learn here about something like essential tremors, I have a friend from school days who's always had the shakes, doubt he even knows there's a name for it! Fortunately I haven't had any symptoms like that, but I do worry at times when I feel so off and there's no obvious reason. Between a not unnecessarily healthy diet and life style, with added work-induced stress and anxiety I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Recently had a prime example of why I'm worried, first session of fitting the inso wool and casting the forge we had on PPE as far as possible. Next session, nothing. I have a shirt that's ruined by the glass fiber stickles from the inso wool, 2 washes didn't get rid of it, but I'm still wearing it. Refractory dust now seems to be a permanent part of my shop. My friend & assistant of recent months was recently busy on my grinder with his 3rd knife, next day we went on our usual 10Km Sunday hike and he complained about the black snot still coming out. I'm not loving it, especially the eyesight bit. At my last eye test I was still 120% at distance, arms length I need 1X reading glasses, when I'm tired 2x. I asked an expert about how to approach a rifle scope, his advice was set up for the reading glasses on the scope, but I can't have them on while looking for game.
  10. You make me worry Alan, we've been doing a lot of welding in recent months, 99% inside the workshop with just a fan in the corner blowing towards the door. My buddy is a much better welder than myself, and he's been a great help with the shop revamp, but if I don't have something constructive to do I'm right there holding steel in place and handing on new welding rods. Used a friend's MIG welder recently, trying not to admit that I'm on the look-out for year-end specials, but I would have to use flux care as well. The gas is expensive enough, but we have no option other than renting the bottles as well, just not financially doable. I can't afford to live too long, but I would severely resent feeling like shit for the last third.
  11. Most likely, but I'll give it one more go without the nozzle. I actually need a helping hand to manage the other monkey wrench to swop the air and gas feeds, no assistant this coming weekend. Will try to make a plan because I get the logic, was watching the newest episode of Gold Rush Mine Rescue last night, and they increased the water pressure by removing a bunch of 90deg elbows. I have enough gas, so give the air the straightest path. I'm afraid if the blower is enough then, it'll be just barely
  12. Is this a possibility with normal arc welding?
  13. Thank you, MIG tip removal is next. I assume I don't need to worry about the thread where the MIG tip screwed in? I couldn't find a needle valve in this country, not for love or money. There are online shops that deliver in Namibia, would rather not support them, but I'm close.
  14. Thanks @Dan Hertzson for all the advice, helped a lot on Saturday. I have no hair left on my left forearm and hand I tried the thinner tube, didn't work at all. Removed a bend meant to tuck the blower under the shelve, went back to the shortest full size pipe with the tap and blower directly on to that. In that configuration and going down to between 50 and 60kPa I got it to run for the first time. Left it on for a while and then jerry-rigged fire bricks to block the back end and restrict the front, that's when the steam started coming out, so I shut it off. Yesterday I wanted to run it a bit, must've done something stupid because I had a small explosion that shaved my arm, and when I got it lit it was make an ungodly pulsejet noise. Figured out restricting the air stopped that, ran it for a while and then opened the air completely and the pulsejet noise was gone. Chucked in a piece of mild steel, eventually got it red hot, but no more. The only thing I haven't done is remove the MIG nozzle, but that's the next step. But I have a question. I was using very little gas, with the regulator at that setting my old forge wouldn't have run. Thinking about what would happen if I remove the nozzle, I see a relatively low pressure system with a higher volume of gas, if my thinking correct? If that could get me up to welding heat with the current blower that would be ideal, but I aided the fan a bit with a shop blower and much higher gas pressure (150-200kPa) and it would roar into life immediately.
  15. Firstly need to say this place is inspiring, from beginners to masters. That said, @Alveprins I find your work particularly inspiring. I have some personality flaws and location & budget limitations which means I never never hope to equal your art, but you make me want to try and lift my game. Painting a perfect Mona Lisa seems easier to me than what you do! (I can't paint to save my life!)
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