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  1. Not at all, I need the money but I refuse to compromise and I have these 60/40 arguments either way. E.g. the bog oak, I paid N$600 but they paid N$2000 for that piece of wood......few years ago and pre-pandemic, I could describe this as UnObtainium from my 3rd world cuntree. This is likely to be the most expensive knife I ever make, ergo I should use the most expensive handle material by a factor 200x of anything I've ever used.
  2. Exactly my problem, I broke my current rule set and bought the platan using survival money, not with this knife in mind. I realised it makes sense to use my most expensive handle material for my most expensive knife to date, my cousin @Bill Baartman has the same opinion @Gary LT Bog Oak's argument is it's the most expensive, and to be honest I find the Beech attractive for reasons I cannot express. Safe to say it's between the Platan and the Beech
  3. This knife has a story which I will share when it's done, but I honestly need some help. Very long story, I bought 3 pieces of Raffir wood from my neighbour for what I believe is a bargain price, still not money I should've spent in my current situation. I've identified the woods from the Raffir siite, firstly I bought the purple Platan wood, gave other people a few weeks chance then impulse bought the Bog Oak and natural Spalted Beech. The blade is raindrop damascus from a billet I was gifted, guard and pommel is wrought iron (I think) Knife is assembled with a mock-up handle from cheap wood. I thought by the time I had the blade etched and guard & pommel ready it would be obvious which wood to choose. For the life of me I can't decide.
  4. Those who can't do, teach. I've had this ungenerous thought about people in the past, but I've also had wonderful teachers in my life. I share a stall at the markets with a friend who took up blacksmithing late in life, and he's gotten quite good at it. Every market, without fail we get more interest in classes than the products we are trying to sell. Mike has had a few students in his backyard forge, but 3 is a crowd in there. We've been discussing the possibility of a school for a while, under the circumstances the perfect time to give it a go. Our biggest problem is finding the right premises, needs to be central, easily accessed and CHEAP, latter being the impossible part. Last few months I've been telling/asking every single person I know for leads, and we may have found a perfect spot, meeting with them soon. We've had a few brain-storming sessions, and there's a lot more we need to figure out, build about 10 charcoal forges, make more tongs. Registering the business and getting a bank account makes me want to run away, but there is hope. Considering my ex-employer for the last decade it was at least easy to get affordable liability insurance etc.....
  5. So I got the wind knocked out of me shortly after this...... My cousin, a pilot, unexpectedly got a job in Fiji, and they decided to go for it considering their post-pandemic struggles. He asked to help get their house painted before new tenants moved in, got the freelance painter we used to make a quote, Willem painted the whole inside in 6 days. I wanted to share a few videos about Namibia, but if you're not planning to visit, it would just be boring.....just to explain the demographics a bit. Willem lives in a shack with his family, sells loose cigarettes and probably a few other things on the side. Like myself at the moment, Willem has no medical aid, and the gods help you if you go to a state hospital. I never expected to make a living from knives, but it was a shock to realise that Willem who lives in a shack can earn more from painting houses than I can making knives, in our market. I came to the realization that every market without fail, if I have a damascus knife on my table, its normally the most expensive item on my table, and it always sells, nothing else does. Fine, invest a lot of money in a ribbon burner forge, up the damascus game, off to the races.......then the forge build is a failure. Sort of inadvertently accepted a commission from the guy who bought my last damascus knife, completely under-quoted or over-made the thing, and when inspiration struck for the handle it was not at all what he had in mind. Don't need the anxiety this caused, but I've done my experiments with some maybe-wrought iron, and I'm finishing the knife the way I want to.
  6. As a knife maker I would encourage you to make the videos, myself and people like me will eventually watch and very much appreciate them. As a source of income, different story. The standards of the productions are high and getting better, even with all my years in IT and even having played around with video editing a bit, I would need an editor. To give you an example, there are basically 3 channels where I watch 99% of the videos, Kyle Royer, Tyrell knife works and Fire Creek forge.....couldn't tell you why. The rest are in my subscriptions as a valued and appreciated resource.
  7. Last update to this sad story..... I ended up buying a fan double the price of the first one, pushed the total spend on the forge past 20K local monopoly money......still a bit of money. My last big spend since being unemployed. Gets nice & hot with this fan, wonderfully long heat, still sorting out some growing pains each time, but mostly there. The forge is however a complete and utter failure for the purpose I built it for. After watching @Salem Straub last 3 videos, I had to admit that 7 minutes for the forge heat up is a lot more economical than the 3 hours it takes to heat up the mass of refractory in mine. I'm sure it gets hot enough, but we've not succeeded in welding anything in that forge. I'm painting a white elephant on the side......
  8. This is my best 52100 kitchen knife blade to date, straight and hard. Bolster is purple mohair wool micarta, handle white Oak
  9. My first gas forge was a big victory in my knife making career, unlike my ribbon burner supposed to be game changer failure. So the little guy got an upgrade, new lorry rim stand, work rest with some of my best birdshit welding......earth issues......and refractory lining. And my two very cute African village dog siblings
  10. This forum sets a higher standard, only one I still visit. Thank you for the knowledge and inspiration so freely available here!
  11. Thinnest I've gone with 52100, if it survives heat treat this thing will be a kitchen laser
  12. Thanks for the heads-up, completely missed that a new season has started. I was extremely impressed with the New Agrarian School featured in the second episode, starting with the forges
  13. You continue to amaze........if your ears are burning that's me telling somebody about this knife
  14. When I seriously got into fly fishing I used to get up 5am to watch the fishing shows on ESPN, realised how stupid that was and rather got up early and went fishing. Stopped wasting hours on F1 races, now I watch Drive to Survive on Netflix, get a good summary of the season complete with swearing I do watch UFC religiously and dream about being 20-30 years younger. Let's just say at the heavyweight limit I look skinny, no belly flab or love handles, head is thick enough so I can take a hit, just need some technique
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