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  1. Working life has badly messed with my time, so I had a busy Saturday, in the shop from just after 7am. Fitted some Tuffnol bolsters and pommel for a large chopper and the piece of rolled Hessian micarta that fits in between them, glued that up yesterday. My mentor's kiln got damaged during their move and he asked me to heat treat a blade for him, my first go at Elmax. Had a friend over, heat treated 3 blades for him, and he helped me with the Elmax getting the foil off. We were both pretty nervous, and right at the moment the blade came free from the foil the wire it'd been suspended from opened up and I dropped the blade. Fortunately landed on sand I'd put down for spilled oil and had it between the plates very quickly.......no further fumbling. One of the 3 other blades was a double edged dagger from an old file, I failed to get a hamon on a similar blade of my own recently, so I decided to quench from 820C rather than 800C and got a nice hamon. I know it could be steel type, but could a few degrees make the difference?
  2. Saw the video yesterday, on my list for this evening
  3. Guess I should know better concerning this is how I make my living........heard about Win 7 support ending but I don't know the details.... If it helps, I'm still running Win 7 on my PC at home, and probably will until it dies...... "Support" ending (usually) only means they're not fixing security holes anymore, so if a hacker finds a new unknown exploit you might be in danger. A good anti virus and responsible browsing should keep you safe.
  4. Heat treated a single blade after work, no choice or it wouldn't be ready in time to catch a lift overseas. Enjoyed several beers and watched UFC 244 while tempering the blade This is the 2nd blade from the original front leaf springs of my Suzuki Gypsy, whatever steel the Indians used is good stuff!
  5. I'm a bit slow......yesterday I didn't quite get what was going one.........blondie caught up and this is jaw-dropping.....
  6. My pot is a bit beat up so I never managed to find a lid to fit it, but my chances of getting pregnant are better than finding one that would have any interest in swinging a hammer....... I had a slight crush on that lady farrier that took part in FiF
  7. I'm obviously still learning, so I share what I know willingly and free with others on the journey. What I have done before is friend came and made a knife at cost, and recently an ex-colleague asked to come make a cleaver, he offered to pay my price and do the work, or at least as much as he can, himself. He's just finished building a guitar using the same deal with somebody else.
  8. I voted and everything, but apologies, I won't be able to get a knife done in time. I undertook to take part in the next KITH while the previous one was developing. This one came a bit quick and life happened.......this is my 2nd day back working full time and clearly my knife making will be heavily affected......for better or worse
  9. Will do @Garry Keown ........week 3 without internet, now my cellular data is also depleted.....as soon as I can
  10. I had a brainwave My best micarta (YMMV) is made from green wool material, which is also the only wool material I've ever seen....but I wanted to try more. I was surprised how hard it was to find real, pure wool.......ended up buying some black brushed kid Mohair.....expensive stuff.... Wanted to use this for a bolster in a kitchen knife, stuck two layers of masking tape on the tang & ricasso, clamped 4 wood blocks to the blade either side of where I wanted the bolster. I'd measure roughly how much I would need, wool went into the resin and then I simply wound it onto the tang between the wood blocks. Knocked it off after it'd set and cleaned up the masking tape, the result being a nearly perfectly fitting Mohair bolster.
  11. @John N I assume this is the forge you mentioned in your reply on my thread about efficiency...... The thermo couple changes things completely. I don't think I ever did a bad heat treat before I got the electric kiln, but it's very assuring to work with accurate temperatures.
  12. I found that video very interesting, just not sure I will ever reach that skill level.
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