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  1. I deleted my FaceBalls profile recently, I was told to take down posts, tried to figure who to unfriend & block, and realized it all has to go..... I had a personal page and a separate one for my knives, but unfortunately they are connected so if one goes the other follows. Lost a lot of photos and videos (and followers) in the process unfortunately. Was planning on a cool-down period then start a new page for knives only, but every day without FB makes that seem less likely. It is a pity the facebook is such a poisonous place, because now I'm missing out on the good
  2. That is quite stunning Josh, sorry to hear about it's future owner.......
  3. Posted the exact minute you did......that's 2 votes for boiling.
  4. So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish We (fellow nerds and myself) discovered this author late in high school, 92 or 93, when the books were a decade old. Strange to think they can be new and exciting for somebody even today.
  5. These copper shenanigans are just stunning! It feels to me like this is something new that's popped up over the last two years or so......could it be?
  6. .........which your photos do not allow us to fully appreciate! Stunning little seax Jake
  7. I'm not a parang expert, I've seen the Condor Village parang, and my one attempt at making one turned out a bit beefy. I can see that design, similar to the one example above, scale down to knife size successfully. Forget about it ever chopping, make a knife that just looks like a parang. If you'll excuse me, at this stage your design looks like it's trying to stay a chopper.
  8. Completely missed this thread.... I bought 3 new Pherds to level up my draw filing game, then realized my first set of no-name brand files were passed their sell-by date. The tool shop where I get them stocks a huge selection, if I buy them without a handle the Pherds are reasonably priced and I know when they are dull, they can be turned into knives. There's a smaller 1st cut halfround that sticks around for handle fine tuning, the new one bites a bit deep at times....
  9. Beautiful, love the red of the horsetail. I played around making "jewelry" (using the term very loosely) when I was a teenager, seeing posts like this makes me wish I had time for more than one hobby.
  10. Check out the Creely Mako. I have to design and make a small EDC fixed blade for a lady within fixed size constraints, came to the conclusion for that application the sheath is what makes or breaks the knife.
  11. I've got a very bad memory so I have notes, but I do recall 14C28 you start by holding at somewhere around 800C for a number of minutes, then you ramp to over 1000C and hold again before quenching. Many (all?) stainless steels have heat treat recipes with holds at different temperatures, and I have to assume they're not specifying this just to entertain us, something has to happen in that steel at (e.g.) 800C before you can go on to the next step......for optimal results. Only people like @Jerrod Miller and a few others understand what's happening in there, in my case it's monkey see
  12. @Bill F. check the first reply from Jerrod, it's quoted from the manufacturer's site. With the modern stainless steels its best to stick to the heat treat recipe as close as possible, I get very good results with this steel and I now need to sand less post-HT thanks to the advice here to plate quench. The last one I made did the job, doubtful hunting guide cut his finger testing the edge, then proceed to to unzip most of an oryx and the edge is still good.
  13. @Alan Longmire I'm completely out of gas for 2021, need to attend as many markets as possible for the next two months. 10th December is a public holiday here so that long weekend is the perfect occasion.
  14. This was supposed to be my first sword, forged from a single bearing race. I realized it was too long for my kiln, so I trimmed it down to Wakizashi size and got the swoop of the spine acceptable. I was busy with a last bit of grinding when it bit and the blade got pulled in between the platten and the work rest. By the time that was ground out the blade was too thin. Since one cousin got an O1 cleaver and the other just a little Ulu, I decided to pair the Ulu with a kitchen Tanto Black bull denim micarta handles on both, mohair wool micarta bolster on the tanto.
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