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  1. Very cool knife! I googled the melting point of copper (1085C) and silver (962C), same as cumai, so in effect 3 pieces of O2 silver soldered (not quite) together?
  2. Just before I use this word, I'm too old for the current woke politics, makes me throw up a bit. That said Theo, the diversity of your students is truly heart-warming for the future of our craft.
  3. Hi Dick Over here in deep dark Africa, when a web page loads like that it's mostly due to a very slow connection, but that said I know nothing about Apple and the Safari browser either. Check here and specifically here.
  4. Nailed it Josh, that pommel cap is probably my favourite element on a stunning knife.
  5. @Jaron Martindale that is a bloody cool knife, can't recall seeing a similar take on the tanto, love the swedge. Thanks also the the wood-lookingest micarta I've ever seen, what type is it? I have mixed feelings about the hamon (who doesn't like a hamon? ), it hides the lines of the blade a bit.
  6. @Dick Sexstone you win this round, that is a very cool knife! I started making cleavers and kitchen knives for the very reason I wanted people to use my knives, cleavers do well but people don't understand how much better my noob efforts are just because of the crap steel used in the knives you buy in the same store as your groceries, so it's difficult to get a reasonable price for a chef/kitchen knife. This point almost managed to steal my joy in the making, so I want to finish a few orders and then focus on folders and some silly stuff like I made in the beginning - beeeeeeeg kniv
  7. I can't find the post this relates to, so I'm setting the record straight here..... Recently stumbled over a video of one of those extremely wide cleavers with the all-belly edge being used to take apart a pig, I now fully understand the usefulness of the thing I called BS on. I was already convinced when somebody mentioned the goal of these is a clean cut that leaves no flaps, seeing it done was a revelation. Like always
  8. When (if ever) I make a full tang kitchen knife will be the first time the handle is level with the spine, function over form.
  9. Thanks Alan, considering what you start with and the end product, that's not cheating I've thought about this a lot, I can't see drilling being an option, nothing in my skillset or equipment gives me any hope of success. Only alternative I've been able to dream up is saw the handle down the middle, carving out the hollow and glue back together
  10. Hi Alan Went back through the thread to makes sure I didn't miss it, one of my biggest doubts about making a pipe hawk is drilling out the handle, how did you do that? There's already several things I never would've though of, so thank you for the detailed WIP.
  11. I now have 1070, 1084 and 80CRV2 in thin bar stock suitable for kitchen knives. The recommendation here is bar stock like that needs to be normalized as well, currently I just grind and heat treat. I will still try the old refractory cement as anti-scale, but I have serious doubts I can get the stuff to bind. So I had a thought, what if I profile the blade, normalize, grind the bevels and then heat treat?
  12. I'm afraid this might be a one-at-a-time Chinese braai, but that's fine, supposed to be a social thing Memories........Spatzle fried in lemon&herb butter, minimum beef, pork, chicken and game, some more than once with different marinades......can't wait Thanks to my crappy welding lots of grinding will be required, just hope my 'rona replace is done by the weekend
  13. Only heard that mentioned in movies, now I have a recipe, means, motive and opportunity!
  14. During my time off I managed to drag my ass into the workshop only once, work interrupted and I found out the next week Monday that my problem was the 'rona creeping up on me, 3rd round with covid over and done with Also ran out of cutting discs and it was a public holiday so nothing was open. Okay, those were my excuses Got one cut out and I like it, but the 4mm feels a bit light. Few designs I scribbled out on the 6mm in the background also tickles me, decided I was going to cut out another one of the same design in 6mm and one or two of the other designs as well.
  15. Been wanting to do this for years, finally the time has arrived. Ordered the steel plate cut to the right size and busy welding on feet and a rim so it fits nicely on my old 2-plate camping gas stove, was my bachelor everything-stove for many years. Plan is to use it for what we call a chinese braai, not sure if that's a thing anywhere else. Can be used for steaks as well, but those taste better over Camelthorn coals
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