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  1. To be honest, I don't see the tanto in there, but you have made an exceptional and very beautiful knife
  2. Questions are indeed what this place is for, no better. None of the examples you mention except the........fuller are related to blade design, more knife design. For me blade design starts with the intended use, that determines a lot like the size and dimensions (especially thickness), tip shape or even the complete lack of a tip, as well as the grind and edge geometry. I proudly don't own any knives with glass breakers and ONLY 2 Spyderco Salts with serrated blades
  3. Don't do much tying these days, but there was a time that would've been the star of my tying station for sure.....
  4. Stunning.....as always Gary!
  5. That's my feeling as well, the advice was from a local maker that only started with the folders inspired by my efforts end of last year. With all due respect to him, his folder haven't lived and worked for very long. Thanks for that Jerrod......every bit of information helps, that points at too short a temper perhaps?
  6. Bumped my head against this badly...... My first folder was a 14C28N kit, I followed the advice on BF, all I could find, toe spring temper this steel 1000F-1100F, I tempered at 540C and it worked as a spring. Folder #4 is also 14C28N, did the same HT and shattered it trying to adjust the spring slightly. Local makers advised 300C for 2 hours, I'll give that a try next.
  7. Speaking from experience, forging with Crocs is probably more "dangerous" than barefoot...........when that piece of scale gets trapped between you foot and the Croc
  8. I have not yet managed to buy steel that was not bent
  9. Shared a table at a local market with a fellow maker from the coast, actually sold 2 older knives that I thought would end up being gifted to somebody. Got myself in the workshop yesterday, and turns out I shouldn't have bothered.... Tried to make a kydex sheath for a gutthook, frustrating learning experience ........and broke the spring of folder #4, taking me from 33% failure rate up to 50%
  10. I'm very quickly falling behind on a knife that I had more than enough time for, had serious plans for this weekend, and Friday night after a walk he got sick......3am I was mopping up the contents of his bowels from the floor of my bachelor pad living room floor......didn't sleep a wink and managed to make two pieces of micarta for the whole of Saturday
  11. I'm a "mechanic" and honorary Vulcan, and I've been giving unpopular answers like this to "business" people for years........love this!
  12. I used 6mm copper rod for the pins on my 4th knife, my personal camp chopper....tough as anything else at that length.
  13. With coffee I leave the blade overnight at least, used a 52100 pairing knife very carelessly in my kitchen for months with no rust or issues, coffee etch is very durable on 52100
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