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  1. Gerhard Gerber

    ABS Journeyman test of production knives?

    Well, first manufacturer that came to mind was ESEE with their "legendary heat treat", next would be TOPS and some KABARs To be clear, thinking of their 1095 offerings......but that said I would love to see other manufacturers and steels take on this test. I have a reason for this line of thought, I'm still learning and I recently gained some new insights following some youtube videos and a related answer here The idea that I could do better than production (some) super steels using the simpler steel types available to me is very appealing. I have a TOPS and KABAR (Becker) but they were very expensive and hopefully I can sell them some day...........and there's and ocean between us.
  2. Gerhard Gerber

    ABS Journeyman test of production knives?

    I think the title says it all, anybody know or heard of production knives going through the test?
  3. Gerhard Gerber

    Doing what you love......?

    Gas forge and anvil to the farm, grinder and kiln to the mine...... Either way......won't be easy to finish anything. Figured if I end up on the farm I'll take along the bucket of bearing races I have and just forge blades so I can work on them when I have leave.
  4. Gerhard Gerber

    Doing what you love......?

    With all my day job goings on it seems I will need to move soon, either to a farm with no electricity or a small mining town where my accommodation will limit me to taking.....maybe......a grinder and the HT kiln. I'm getting steady orders, but the local economy is in the toilette so there's not much disposable income flying around, knife making is not contributing enough, or fast enough. I'm sitting with about 10 knives that are not selling. Had a thought over the weekend, I'm very tempted to start making anything out of the ordinary that tickles my fancy, requirement being that it's not practical at all..... Maybe that pulls in the nuts with too much money, and I get to enjoy myself......
  5. Gerhard Gerber

    This is why I'm always recommending files to people

    I recently bought 3 grits of Pferd files as my dedicated draw-filing files. Looks like on big blades I will always need to revert to files to get things fixed up and even, only problem is I suspect teeth break off on the edges and one pass can put in some pretty deep gouges
  6. Gerhard Gerber

    Game of Death Tanto

    I utterly love this knife!!!!! Blade is beautiful, I have a burning need but not yet the skill to make something in that line. See the the whole was stunning, I was immediately reminded of one of my favourite movies, Kill Bill
  7. Gerhard Gerber

    Dad's design

    I think my Dad's leather work might be higher level than my knife-making.... "We did leather work in school........." and a few zillion Youtube videos and he was on his way. Been a great help to me.
  8. Gerhard Gerber

    Dad's design

  9. Gerhard Gerber

    African Blackwood X 2

    Clean & simple & beautiful!
  10. Gerhard Gerber

    Designing a New Project

    Liking it already......
  11. Gerhard Gerber

    How to- First Sharpening After Heat Treat

    If it makes you feel any better, 3 years and 40+ knives in and this is where I mess up more often than not.... Early days I mostly did high saber grinds and then put a convex zero-edge on using my baby belt grinder....which was all I had. Spent 2+ hours recently and got nowhere trying to put an edge on 14C28N blades using a Lansky coarse diamond stone, resorted to the belt grinder and got a good result on the blade I started with the Lansky and recurved the other one to s#1t
  12. Gerhard Gerber

    Completed Mosaic Bowie

    Said it before and I'll say it again, looking at the WIP and the rough assembled knife compared to the finished product there seems to be some magic happening inbetween.
  13. Gerhard Gerber

    Knives are.........?

    The doc said he could stop eating red meat, but knowing what we're like all the gains would be erased by one overindulgence She recommended he donates blood
  14. Gerhard Gerber

    Knives are.........?

    He's fine, thanks......will show off his sheath once done. He was also diagnosed with Hemachromatosis........too much iron in the blood, so I see some teasing coming!
  15. Gerhard Gerber

    Coil spring

    Possible, Mike did most of it in his coal forge, we squared the last bit using my gas forge. it's about 0.5", and in the case of the oil and water it was in for a while....long enough for sure. The kiln is brand new, used by many in this part of the world, and going on other results no reason to doubt it. Klin to oil is 2 seconds at the most. My Google-Fu was not strong enough to find out what steel is used by Land Rover, there's a heap of info out there about the colour codes of the springs, but nothing about the steel used. I believe he wanted to make chisels for somebody that turns bowls on a lathe. I don't agree with the method of the steel. but not my circus. We used 830C as is suitable for 5160. I did not think of trying to snap it, it was a long day of forging, many beers were consumed, and by the time we got around to HT the sun was down and the beer finished Tested with a file, I got the impression it hardened, but not much. Considering the last quench was in water makes me suspect the steel is unsuitable.