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  1. Commiserations Doug, that's a bad one..... I'm with Bruno.....although we have cameras everywhere en here in the 3rd world.....
  2. Looks like a winner already, how else! This knife has never done much for me, I'm sure your rendition will change that Gary.
  3. The side of my contact wheel yes, but I've been unable to find good (enough) sanding paper or the correct glue. I'm using contact adhesive and the paper works properly for about 30 seconds.......it's a messy hassle, becomes expensive fast and I'm scared of messing up my contact wheel. So for practical purposes, no. I'm still using it but for getting an edge straight or small things like that. My neighbour gave me a sheet of chinese emery paper (60 grit) that I still want to try.
  4. Well......almost but not quite..... Went down to 400 grit and found some scratches, had to go back to 100, 220, so I have one blade at 400 but not perfect either. And my arm hurts.
  5. Figured that bit out already I can't afford to get too old, but I also don't want to die prematurely in some horrible way Many are the day I think I should start smoking again
  6. That said @Joshua States, I'm a complete stick/hidden tang convert.
  7. I guess the topic says it all, is it toxic or just corrosive? I break 2 XL gloves for any one I get on my hands, so I save them for epoxy and resin work, FeCl only seems to stain a bit
  8. Now that is a pretty knife, very clean and precise.
  9. Very nice, very slick. I've been itching to do a paracord handle for a while, this is good inspiration!
  10. Brain-fart then....makes perfect sense, thanks. As far as the tapered tang is concerned, I was forced to do it the hard way on my 3rd knife, the method I've seen in a video is putting a horizontal hollow in the tang using a small contact wheel getting deeper to the rear. You then grind down the tang, and I assume the hollow is a guide.....not sure at all.
  11. First of all, thank you gents....once again. My dad always said "met geweld kan jy jou vinger in jou hol af breek"......using force you can break off your finger in your a-hole So less force, chalk and the angle thing......that all worked. I'll still get RSI's, but my physiotherapist is a very pretty German girl, many others consider her a sadist, but I think she hurts good, so it all works out!
  12. Cool idea......I get it!
  13. I'm having a bit of a brain-fart here..... Putting distal taper in a tang is a bit tricky, I know one technique which I haven't tried yet. Distal taper on the blade.......doesn't that happen by default?
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