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  1. Holy Crapola you guys are lucky.....front page of the site had me drooling
  2. I'm looking, I think I'm seeing it's not impossible......but I have a good idea how difficult that is.....looking great Brian! I feel like a knuckle-dragger everytime I watch a Grimsmo Brothers video The very first one I watched was when they started making their own bearings for their stunning $1000 knives
  3. I have an acceptable quote for the wheels made from PTFE, and a reference to a company that could laser cut the back plate of the platen. Should sell two knives next week, some money for the platen build kitty
  4. Made a piece of rolled micarta from red dyed Hessian (burlap) coffee bags, added blue tint to the resin, as well as a think slab of black cotton twill micarta for bolsters. The blue tint in the gaps of the red burlap sounded like a great idea in my head, developed some doubts while making it and seeing the resin penetrate between the fibers......giving me....purple? Might not be right for what I intended, but it shouldn't be ugly
  5. Never saw it done but my father told my my grandfather could do the same with his little pocket knife, 2 cuts and the 3rd severs the spinal column. Had to out of necessity, no money to waste bullets. There's nothing like experience, spent hours talking to a 70 year-old Karakul farmer recently and learned a lot about knives and edges that worked from him.
  6. We have a saying "farming with flies", not sure if it translates. Decided to try something different and finished grinding two small kitchen knives forged from 52100. "Something different" is basically a lower grit finish because of my platen issues with belts higher than 220. It went so well that I had time enough to heat treat these two as well as my 3rd blacksmith knife, also forged from 52100, before a BBQ at a friend.... Stayed over and had a bit too much fun, got home Sunday morning and checked the blades, I basically switched off the oven after the 2nd temper cycle, got in my car and left for my friend's place. They are lovely, everything stayed straight, HT seems to have gone great, happiness. Except, looking at these two kitchen knives I realized they are thin, good HT, bound to be great cutters, but because they're so thin, light and on the small side I will struggle to get a good price for them.... That's where the flies come in Shouldn't complain, hopefully 2 of the knives I have "in stock" will be sold this afternoon.....money for the platen build.
  7. Brian, I love it, I would buy it......only thing I want more is to make some...... Something about #3 bothers me, looking at #2, to my eye the flare right at the end is a bit too much. So #3 with the last half inch of #2
  8. Garry, I'm fascinated to see your results, I tried boiling Oryx to achieve the same but they all cracked. How did you heat up the horn if I may ask?
  9. Put a handle on a large'ish hammer head and lit the forge on the spur of the moment, my recent gift package included 2 small bearing races that have no ridges or grooves, nice & flat, so its just cut, uncurl and forge. Yesterday was the 2nd session with these, forging done on two of what I hope will be 2 x paring knives and 2 x medium kitchen knives. Currently soaking in vinegar.
  10. It lives! Sorry, been bad about sharing recently.....
  11. Garry, simply amazing work, well done and thank you for taking us along on the build.....inspiring!
  12. Going by my recent experiences..... If you have a digitally controlled kiln or any way of reading the temperature the exact steel type matters.....maybe. I got half a (cracked) saw blade from a friend and heat treated several blades made from it for him, last few using the new kiln. At this point I started to google trying to find out the steel type, and as close as I could come to an answer was 1070 or L6........ht temp is the same both. If you do heat treat by eye it matters even less..... My foray into known steels (SAE-AISI 5160) has not been great, very strongly feel I had better results with stuff that used to live under a Toyota and less decarb in a baffle pipe inside the forge than with the kiln.......
  13. Gary, personally I would find it impossible to choose just one of those.....gun to the head 2nd from right with the long clip!
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