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  1. I should be able to get the acrylic paint, thanks, but I have to ask.....latex? My only experience with latex is a small bottle I dumped in my pontoon boat's floats to seal small punctures, hard to imagine that would survive at those temperatures!
  2. It's the 20th and my clutch is still slipping..... I did force myself into the shop Saturday morning to grind the little timing chain/52100 san mai blade, grand total of my efforts last week was forging out the tang.... My excuse is I was trying to decide on a tip design. During the tang forging I tried to draw it out a bit but the chain layers were getting thin and delaminated a bit, so I was left with just 70mm of blade. Decided this would be a cleaver style biltong knife, I was torn but I went with a hollow grind and I'm not sorry. Quick etch showed me there was still a bit of chain at the edge right by the plunge grind on the one side, fixed that, sanded and ground to 400 grit and etched again. Next is HT and I'm again undecided, from previous experience I only want to do an edge quench, I love the accuracy of the kiln but I don't want to cook out too much carbon, the edge is quite thin. Also considering just cowboy'ing it in the gas forge, if I use the kiln I feel I have to use foil, and I don't have anybody to help with that process. I've been bad about posting photos, nice camera on my new phone but everything else is a mission, will pull a finger and make a plan.....
  3. I would kill to be there.....enjoy!
  4. Teach them a lesson, only 50% refund This one is clearly not on you.
  5. No jigs, freehand all the way. I understand exactly what you mean, my mentor perfectly cleaned up the plunges on my course knife using that basic method without any jig or stop. Have to add that was on a contact wheel/hollow grind, I do better there as well, real problem come in when I use the platten. My old platten is also not equally accessible from both side, need to practice once the new one is assembled.
  6. That's why I mentioned my Achilles tendon issue, between what happened at work, working halfday and making knives for the rest, I descended into a world of not sleeping properly, sitting for 5 hours follow by standing the the shop for 3-4 hours, breathing in shit. Next was a shower followed by beer(s) Thanks to the tendon even if I could make myself take the dog for a walk, I'd be cripple by the end of that. Halfday half pay, so LCHF (expensive) went out the window and started shoveling carb comfort food in my face. I'm not smoking during working hours which is not something I could do before, but I know this will change if I leave it too long. I found the root cause for the tendon issue a few weeks ago, it's steadily improving so I'm hopeful. Also put my foot down this weekend and resumed the diet I know works, cutting back on the beer and I feel a lot better already, no energy dips during the day. It has helped packing out here, to realize again many are fighting the same fight and winning, sad to get all the good advice I know already and finding myself back in the fight anyway. Give the demon a name so you can fight it.
  7. I know this is not as easy as you just made it look, excellent result!
  8. I've been meaning to make a plan since I started replacing my files, thanks for this idea, it allows me to leave them in the same place without them banging together all the time.
  9. EVERYTHING improves when you quit. Not sure if that's a good thing, but my libido went through the roof Biggest change for me was a relief from skin conditions. Knowing all this I find it even more unbelievable I started again.... My dad's been struggling with heart issues the last few months, first got a stent and most recently had ablation done. Not like I don't have an example of what not to do and the consequences.....
  10. Look like an old file? Looks gooooooood
  11. Damascus CPR this weekend. One patient died in the forge, the other is in ICU The neighbours had a pool party Saturday afternoon, figured it would be rude to light my forge 3m away from their braai, so I chilled under the AC with a clean conscience. Gave them till 10am Sunday before I made fire Neighbour poked his heads over the fence and asked to see my results, cool neighbours, reason for thankfulness
  12. IMO this does not belong in the beginner section, looking good!
  13. Round 2 I ground out all the cracks on the billet that didn't crumble, cleaned up the edges etc and it seemed good for another attempt. Cleaned up the timing chain billet, split it in half and trimmed back to two even consolidated pieces. Welded these either side of a flattened and cleaned up piece of bearing race. The first billet did a duck bill as soon as it got heat, gave the rear part a few hits, looked solid'ish but popped apart from one tap on the side. The timing chain seemed to weld, so I went and ground off the welds and to even up the sides. Went well for 2 heats then the layers started sliding at the front. Carried on working from the back and save some of it. I have enough of the bearing race sticking out the back to forge out a hidden tang, and enough for a small blade IF I can hit it on the side and draw it out without delaminations. Unfortunately from all the forging the spots of the leopard spot effect the timing chain gives are a bit large. Cleaned up and etched so I know the layers are even at least....thin but even.
  14. There's a saying in my language that doesn't translate well, but basically a problem shared is a problem halved. During out last hike we were slogging up a mountain when my cousin, same age but much fitter turned to me and said "for an alcoholic you sure can climb a mountain!" The smoking thing happened for one reason, beer Standard advice on hikes here is to take at least 500ml whiskey/brandy/vodka pick your poison, which we did, but I was literally dreaming about beer. Tried non-alcoholic but even my dad feels he would rather drink water.
  15. I know. 2011 was a complete turn-around in my life, became a teetoller, ate good food and exercised, I was in really good shape. Funny thing happened one Monday morning just after 8am at work, started feeling funny which turned out to be the start of a week in ICU with a heart that refused to beat. Severe bradycardia caused by an abscess at a dental implant that poisoned my whole body much more effectively with the hugely improved blood circulation, a huge thing when you quit smoking...... Shortly after this the company I worked for and wanted to buy out, lost a major contract and we couldn't keep the doors opened. Life happens. Spare you the details, but since then everything from weight, fitness, carreer to drinking and eating habits have been on a see-saw. Night clubs and bars are in the past, neighbour Mike is another matter. Him smoking is not the problem, my weakness is. He doesn't offer, I ask. He's older than me by about 10 years, mid 50's, and surprise-surprise he wants to quit as well. But you speak the truth, you need to remove yourself from temptation for a very long time, or forever, in order to succeed. Mike is an interesting guy, I enjoy working with him although he's lead me down a few rabbit holes, but his regular visits over a few beers, along with my weakness, is the reason why I'm where I'm at now..... I believe part of smoking cigarettes is the knowledge you're killing yourself slowly
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