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  1. As mentioned elsewhere I have several people wanting these from me, but I have some technical difficulties starting with the fact these blades don't really do it for me. I secretly believe they are a fad fed by some youtube videos, can anybody change my mind? Firstly, and I correct that they are more knife than cleaver? Except for perhaps combining a knife and platter in one, is there a reason for the design? I have a Serbian friend, he can cast a fly like few people I've seen, but he couldn't help me on this topic. Assuming there is some practical rea
  2. Watched that this morning. I assume you've watched the shop tour video?
  3. My first forge was constructed (every time I used it) using a lorry brake drum with bricks for a base and to make space for a Johnny Walker tin with PC fan providing air, powered by a XT PC power supply (XT=old type that still had a switch) Anvil was a counter weight from an automatic washing machine. I'll post some pics of #first and #last
  4. Hi Jerrod Thank you for that English to English translation I told the guys waiting that if I get the heat treat right the finish will be a bit rough, maybe not pretty but hopefully practical......and that sounds like an excuse even to me. Most likely my last attempt with this steel. I want to finish this knife anyway, just feel I need to test it to make sure its not brittle.
  5. Serbian cleavers are still in fashion, and uncomfortable as I believe they will be in use I have at least 4 potential client gagging for one..... The Vanadis is the only steel I have to make a blade that wide, so instead of test blades I made a cleaver as wide and I can fit in my kiln Rough grind was more than an hour, best part of two 36-grit belts shot, but I was happy with the result none the less. I thought I was working it through the grits on the grinder, but realized while hand sanding 220 grit that a) hand sanding this stuff is senseless and b) lots of those lower
  6. I did not experience the early days of the forum, but apart from my eternal and often expressed thankfulness for the help, information and inspiration I get here, I can honestly say this is one of the best no-bullshit forums I've ever experienced. Strangely enough, my experience here caused fatigue for the few other forums I frequent(ed) I hope you are wrong about social media because I'm sick & tried of that.
  7. Not planning, but I've spent enough night worrying about that day. I turned down a job-offer in that mining town next to the river last year, at least 70% because I couldn't take my shop along until the appointment became permanent, and then I'd have to hope my assigned housing would have space. Almost 30 years of renting this is the first time I could do something like this, and now I'm stuck wondering how I could live without making knives. What you said about moving brought back a lot of memories, I mostly always drove pickups, so I was involved in many moves, have to say when my t
  8. The major obsessions in my adult life started with fly fishing, grew to bonsai, and on to knife making. None of these "hobbies" would have been remotely possible without the internet and forums. I put in so many hours learning to cast a fly rod, tie flies, and countless wonderful hours on the water. After fate landed me in a town close to a river I experienced the best fishing of my life, and that left me a bit jaded, nothing close to where I live compares, but when I get the chance to hunt a fat carp with my little 3WT I take it. I joked about bonsai being the only
  9. Ja....seriously don't get the negativity, pretty sure it made a few careers, and I would like to hear of any that it ruined.....won't be holding my breath. Impractical and unlikely as it might be I wanted to take part, but watching the last part of Season 7 changed my mind, they've increased the general difficulty to the point where I don't feel skilled enough. The Beat the Judges episodes were simply impressive, and you won't hear my complaining about getting to watch my betters do some amazing work in a very short time. Also really enjoyed the last few "forging games" e
  10. It will never be easy..... I realized the previous occasion I quit that smoking (and many other vices) are like a drawn out suicide, I guess same can be said for lack of exercise. I don't have kids that might take care of me in my old age, and the government I'd have paid tax to my whole life to that point give us the equivalent of US$60 per month, and the collection of pension funds at employers through the years is largely a joke, so there's no retirement on the horizon. I'm not overly bitter about this because I believe this will be a return to normal, old people sitting around
  11. I'm finding out what this "core" thing is that so many people talk about, currently it's AKA the middle part that hurts. Surprising development, told my Dad I'd quit (again) and offered to pay for his treatment, and he told me today he wants to give it a try......
  12. How wrong can you be.... So a lot has happened since 24 January, I believe after this failed attempt I gave up and started smoking at work, which opened the flood gates. I did okay during the first lockdown our side, boiled eggs for (late) breakfast, intermittent fasting, and walking the dog after work. then the extension.... Lost the plot completely, comfort eating, booze smuggling, smoking like a chimney.....got nice & fat, not sure but I think I turned north of 150Kg. Beginning of August I signed up with a friend that does something similar to
  13. Careless as in being left lying around with whatever was last cut still caked to the blade.....some real world testing. I'm busy putting one of my first four 1070 blades through the same treatment, but 52100&coffee surely impressed me.
  14. I'm tired of the selling business, so while my income from the day job is back (while it lasts) to normal, I'm only making knives for people I like, and most of them are gifts.
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