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  1. Thanks Alan. So far (technically 2.5 knives) I've been adding extra pins for the scales because I was not willing to peen on the scale material. I peen the spring pin, grind it down a bit and a small divot on the bottom of the scale to accommodate it. Does that pin have to be peened, will glue maybe been enough?
  2. Well, I had a choice between 0.5mm or nothing, maybe should've bought less and tried first, didn't even think about getting SS. But I think you raised a very valid point, I only thought about the pivot that would be reinforced by the bolster, did not consider the spring pin.....or how I've been assembling up to now, if I do the same that will most likely crush those 0.5mm liners. *face-palm*
  3. My first one used 1.2mm brass, but I'm afraid the 0.5mm brass I bought (not cheap) is too thin.
  4. Very unproductive weekend due to the afterwork drinks with colleagues on Friday..... Started with handles on two cleavers which involved boiling fat out of 4 Giraffe bone scales. Fat kept coming off even after the 8th water change, everything seemed to be going well, boiled them twice more yesterday and decided that was enough. Left them to dry and when I checked again all of them had cracked pretty badly...... Due to some recent experiences I've also made up my mind, I have 3 kitchen knives, one hunting knife and four cleavers that need handles, then I'm done with fixed blades fo
  5. I'm busy with your Coke bottle yes Mine will be worse, best I have is 3mm SS en 4mm brass What thickness are your liners generally?
  6. Four months later and finally the monkey is off...... During December I had a surprising occasion early morning, sober, where a friend lighting up almost cracked me, found that very surprising. Currently people smoking in my company no longer bothers me. I'm very surprised my Dad is also still going strong, had a chat with him recently and was surprised to hear that he struggles badly at times, he hides it well enough. After 64 years of smoking to be expected.
  7. Been a bit busy but I'll post some photos. Hole is definitely not marked om the template, but that's not a problem with how I've been doing it till now. Thanks for providing your steps, the issues I've run into with the springs(s) I believe can only be eliminated by changing my process.
  8. @Brian Dougherty I printed out your design landscape and portrait to get different sizes. My biggest concern is accurate drilling, so I drill all holes before roughing out the parts. I noticed your design is missing the 2nd hole on the spring, from the advice above I now understand why, hope I can pull it off.
  9. I'd like some opinions on whether my POA will work..... I have 40mm wide by 3mm thick 1070, 25mm by 3mm thick copper bus bar. 1070 in the middle, then copper and I planned on hammering the overhanging 1070 bits of the outside layers to touch the middle layer, then seal up with the arc welder.
  10. These CuMai videos showed up in my feed, been about a week of thinking how I'm going to go about trying this....
  11. I made a sarcastic remark about lazy people doing a flint knap finish on cleavers, which gave me an idea, and I did just that. I've been struggling with a cleaver out of Vanadis10 after my mentor gifted me a sheet of the stuff....consensus on the forum was its not really a gift... The stuff is horrible to grind, and impossible to finish nicely, so yes it git the flap disk flint knap finish.....with the bevel still looking rather shitty, and a nice Teak handle. Another problem, I heat treated according to spec, but I didn't do the temper correctly, don't have the right equipment. Did so
  12. I will mention my first folder that squeaked across the line on old years day, but I won't dare post a photo in such esteemed company Artists and masters of the craft, this noob salutes you!
  13. I've missed seeing you do your magic Gary!
  14. Really enjoy your videos, you make forge welding look deceptively easy......
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