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  1. Last weekend we camped at an amazing site in the Khomas Hochland, and the long weekend before that a very pleasant birthday escape to the coast. Lockdown has mostly been lifted and since yesterday we can buy booze legally again.....except that the shops were emptied out during the AM. My employer has declared working from home the new normal, renovations have been stopped and they're giving up most of the office space we rent. Thanks to my support function I'm clearly picking up a lethargy (being kind) in many of my colleagues, and since I've only given my best to assist them, this is affecting me. Did some soul searching and close as I can come to an answer, I feel like I'm fouling my home (small flat) with my work. My "workshop" is a garage 5 steps from my front door, and I haven't been in there in two weeks. Juxtaposed with the knowledge I should be thankful for having a job at full pay through all this.
  2. Hi Ross I was wondering when you were going to show these here We're both doing this thing without many of the resources available in other parts of the world, but much more so in your case. I'm constantly amazed by your progress, and IMO the folders are an even bigger step forward than a sword, well done!
  3. Glad you didn't look at my location and tell me we don't have Acacias I've made a handle from what I thought was Camelthorn, figured out it was actually Candlepod Acacia. This piece of Camelthorn was planted as a fence post at least 80 years ago, spent at least 5 years in a pile out in the African sun, months on my porch I've cut up the piece meant to be the handle and used part as a spacer, the wood is solid, no bugs, and that small piece was a (beautiful) pain in the rear end....
  4. Looks great Alan I'm becoming more convinced traditional slipjoints are the ultimate expression of art and function....sort of where knives belong.
  5. Priorities.... My non-functional burners, after purchasing some plumbing, now costs more than my first forge, all in. Spent the best part of Saturday morning trying to tune some life into one of the burners, gave up and started prepping 2 big chucks of 52100 for a project. Winter is here so it was good sweating over the anvil a bit, but all my efforts left me with two questions: -How do I fix those burners? -Do I trust the piece of 52100 that jumped out of the tongs right into a bucket of water? Turned off the forge, took a shower, and for the next seven days life is about 3 days of camping and fishing at Torra Bay in the magical Skeleton Coast park. Spent many childhood holidays at the coast, but I've never been to the two camps in the park. Hoping to get rid of the corona-coma and catch some serious fish, a.k.a fush
  6. I could only get 1.2mm nozzles, the burner seems to run better in general but no matter how I adjusted it the steel didn't get to forging heat. The dead spot on the forge floor is almost double the size and there are tiny flames on the floor, unburnt gas I assume........still can't get it to stay lit outside the forge. Swapped to the older burners and had the forge up to heat in a few minutes. The 0.6mm nozzles have much smaller thread, I think that's the next step so more work for my machinist friend. I have more money into these burners than the first forge, burners and regulator included
  7. I spoke to my friend who built the burners, he's not a burner expert, just a very good machinist and fabricator, explained what was happening and his first suggestion was a large nozzle. Took me a minute, but I agree that's the first step. I got the fire bricks so I NEED to get building.....
  8. Mine are the screw-in type so they won't work with the design....
  9. Cooking with gas (as we say) Billy! Great knife, looks like a Spyderco Manix with a kick-ass handle
  10. Just stunning Gary, I was not expecting that blade shape, really sets that knife apart!
  11. I picked up my new burners yesterday after work and did some testing, not real happy with the results.... Firstly I couldn't get it lit outside the forge except if the gas was barely open and the choke almost closed, open the gas or the choke and the flame just runs out. Stuck it in my existing forge and then it stays lit at least, flame is blue, which I think is not correct? Played around a bit and the best I got it was turning the gas feed way down on the regulator, in that state the choke works exactly like a volume control, and I could get the noise down to acceptable levels and the forge does get hot.....but not great. Also, same as with my original burners there's cold, dark circle right below the burner. I'm a bit stumped, only ideas I have now is to try and get 0.6mm and 1mm MIG nozzles and try them instead of the current .8mm I got some proper fire bricks and will be building a new forge for these burners, plan on it having a slightly higher roof and the burners will come in at an angle on the top edge instead of straight up in the center, but I can't spend the money on that if I'm not happy with the burners. Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. Great knives all, but that tanto (?) with the blue handle wrap really does it for me......
  13. Something I still don't get, watched a video this afternoon of a file being turned into a dagger. The edge appeared very thick when he started grinding, and I can't help but wonder if he's not grinding off all the really hard steel? This can often be seen in FiF as well, to the extent that the damage during testing seems a foregone conclusion, but this is difficult to pin down because they use various steels. This also bothers me due to my own tests with 1070, ground one of the test blades post HT and although the acid showed a hamon, the consensus here was that blade was softer on the edge than the one with a rough grind before HT. I basically decided to put a handle on this blade and use it myself to evaluate the HT, but I would prefer to sell it....which I'm not willing to do if it's only slightly sub-standard.
  14. Thanks, they never show that part
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