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    Little Edc WIP

    I prefer to shape the rest of the handle afterwards because that gives you some room for mistakes, but I shape and finish the part that interfaces with the ricasso after drilling the pin holes, then you use the pins to align the scales and shape them evenly....whatever your chosen method.
  2. Gerhard Gerber

    Disc Grinders?

    Anyway, onto more pleasant subjects........I think. After one experiment I now need a proper disc grinder If I hadn't tried the experiment with the belt I'd be done with the one cleaver, but the experiment left very deep furrows, and the deepest dip is left. True enough the sanding paper didn't last long and I have a mess to clean up before attaching a new piece, but at least I have a way to get it done. Not all moonshine and roses, I did manage to put marks in with the edge of the wheel, and for the cleavers a bigger disc would help......dangerous toy.
  3. Gerhard Gerber

    Disc Grinders?

    My (local) belt supplier couldn't find a certain part of their anatomy with a hand full of t-paper What I find really frustrating is it seems even the South African (where I have to source most things) distributor for a company like Pferd doesn't stock the full range of their belts.....none of the good stuff.
  4. Gerhard Gerber

    First Integral

    Next thing on the list ticked off! I assume you ground the tang smaller before fitting the handle?
  5. Gerhard Gerber

    Little Edc WIP

    You should have finished shaping the part of the scales at the ricasso, very difficult to do after they're glued.
  6. Gerhard Gerber

    Disc Grinders?

    Thanks Joshua, that WHOLE video helped! If there's anything wrong with Youtube, this is it.......I get Alec Steele shoved down my throat. which only makes me jealous, and never in a million years would I have found your video if you hadn't linked it.....
  7. Gerhard Gerber

    Clip vs Drop point knives?

    I would go for a straight clip or spear point for durability.
  8. Gerhard Gerber

    Clip vs Drop point knives?

    I might be putting my foot in it because my experience is from 30+ years ago......had an obliging palm tree for a target with lawn around......and an obsession with ninja movies and the like, but.......... I don't think, within reason, the shape matters that much. Sure something symmetrical and durable would work better, but you can learn to throw a particular knife.
  9. Gerhard Gerber

    Little Edc WIP

    I always clean up the blade, pins and scales with Acetone, just careful because it melts some plastics.......
  10. Gerhard Gerber

    Overtime Bowie

    There's a lot to like about this knife. I like the apparent lack of bevels, it adds to the clean look.
  11. Gerhard Gerber

    Disc Grinders?

    Thanks for the tips Joshua. My grinder is reversible and I have speed control, the disc is 9" in diameter. I'll need to add weight to the stand because the setup is not stable with side pressure. I can get flap discs, but the normal sandpaper type. I've seen the Scotchbrite wheels used so many times in videos that I have a few packs of Scotchbrite kitchen scourers that I want to try and turn into a wheel. I've messed up the one side of one cleaver badly with that modified belt, I'll need to go back to 40 grit that side anyway.
  12. Gerhard Gerber

    Evil Tacticool Folders

    Great work.....and I think you're right. I think modern liner lock/frame lock folder would spoil knife making for me, but it sure is a way of making the hobby pay......
  13. Gerhard Gerber

    Okay yes this is going to be a DUMB question

    I can only contribute one of my favourite jokes...... Picture this, London, England, during the late 60's.... Hippy dude walk up to this old English gentleman and asks: "Excuse me sir, how do I get to Wimbledon?" The old gentleman answered him: "Practice my boy, practice........"
  14. Gerhard Gerber

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Started last week and finished tack welding a mild steel frame for an alu-clad canopy I'm building for my Suzuki jeep.......2 years soft-topping is enough. Welding mask fell one too many times and stopped working.........before getting thrown and kicked around the yard. Because I was working outside on the car the sun was badly messing with the mask, glad I didn't get arc eyes in the process. The frame is in the shop now so I can start welding up everything properly. What bothers me is I'm the sort of welder that needs to do a lot of grinding, I want to do the welding inside, and for the sake of everything I'd prefer to grind outside.....
  15. Gerhard Gerber

    Designing a New Project

    Gary.......bravo, as always simply amazing.......
  16. Gerhard Gerber

    Disc Grinders?

    I've got two cleavers I need to get presentable..........then EVERYTHING becomes a problem for another day......
  17. Gerhard Gerber

    Don't weld in tennis shoes

    Spent the whole weekend welding and grinding in Crocs.........set my shirt on fire with the grinding, several shaving lodged in my foot, burn wound at the top of my right foot from a hot cut-off that fell in there... When I forge I wear mine-issue safety boots but the kill my feet, standing around the anvil is fine but I can walk in them for about 30 minutes.....
  18. Gerhard Gerber

    Three cleavers and the lessons learnt

    From bad to worse...... I got a tip I was pretty excited about, everybody apparently has the same problem and this sounded like good advice, namely: Remove the abrasives right at the joint in the belt, thus eliminating belt-bump issues..... Problem being it looked like it was working for a few passes, then I saw the canyons chewed into my blade...... The future owners are p155ed to say the least, my communication skills have not been the best, and I've had to prioritize other matters......like finding work.
  19. Gerhard Gerber

    Disc Grinders?

    Gotcha.......just had zero hope of finding the stuff but I also seem to recall contact adhesive being used.
  20. Gerhard Gerber

    first 2*72 belt grinder, question about grinding speed

    Thanks........not at all what I was imagining.....interesting idea!
  21. Gerhard Gerber

    Disc Grinders?

    Thanks Cody. I know about the 3M stuff from a video, but as mentioned I haven't even been able to find a spray-on contact adhesive. 3M is a sad story, I believe the local agency was closed, we still get 3M products here but just the occasional items that chain stores happen to stock.....like sticky tape I'll try the sanding paper I've got, it's the best I've been able to find in sheets, and I'm mostly using the shop rolls for hand sanding. Two more questions: - What grits are generally used? I was considering 180 - how do you measure the wheel? Diameter? I feel a bit stupid for not thinking of this earlier, I suspect the only way to fix the cleavers would be to remove the handles. That's 2 pieces of unique micarta and lots of hours wasted......
  22. Gerhard Gerber

    Best beginner steel

    Nothing to add....but this thread reminded me that not very many years ago I was very determined to make a large camp chopper from a piece of 403 stainless that was leftover from a roof rack build.... Killed a few files and almost myself.....didn't get far
  23. Gerhard Gerber

    Disc Grinders?

    I read an article some time ago, gist of which was another knife maker showed the author how to use a disc sander correctly, it was game-changing, but not much else IIRC. What abrasives do you use?
  24. Gerhard Gerber

    2x72 DIY for under $350

    Not sure which is more impressive......the grinder built or the full time part..... Well done Ross!
  25. Gerhard Gerber

    Three cleavers and the lessons learnt

    @Joël Mercier profit is not on my mind, but I feel I need to quit when I could make more doing part time gardening..... Funny you should mention that @Zeb Camper, after stewing in my own juice I decided on blacksmith knives...... Got home lunchtime yesterday, made a drawing to get some idea of how long the tail needs to be, grabbed some old files, bearing races, hammer, tongs, gloves and carried them out to the forge. In so doing I walk past my car, decided then and there to start building the steel frame aluminium clad canopy that I couldn't afford to have built when I bought it. Been driving around with a flapping, dust-sucking soft-top for 2+ years now so why not..... I got the bottom frame for down the sides done, and made the first bends in the flatbar that will marry up to the bikini-bar. I will need to remove the softtop and its supports each time when I work on the canopy........which after day 1 reminded me that doing this shit at 43 is not the same and installing eardrum popping sound systems at 23 ......"know when to walk away, and know when to run....."