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    What did you do in your shop today?

    Two days, two 220 grit belts, 7 sheets of 220 sanding paper on the disc grinder, some 220 grit strips off the shop roll and some sweat later, the choppers are ready for the laser etching this afternoon. These cleavers have been the bane of my existence.....I need to make 3 more...... Very nice @Mike Ward
  2. Gerhard Gerber

    Small gas forge economy

    I've been sitting with a ceramic wool blanket for a while, problem was refractory cement. My occasional partner in crime recently bought a bag while on holiday in Cape Town for almost exactly 10% of the local price.......problem is he couldn't fit 2 x 25Kg bags plus holiday luggage in the Volvo.... I might a able to bum a bit off him, but I have doubts it's worth the effort for a slightly improved forge I had in mind. The bricks I used are 1" thick and the have surprised me time and again, I've used it a lot, it's traveled, and the bricks are still holding up. I want to build small new burners and bring them in at an angle........but this is all just gut-feel and initial planning
  3. Gerhard Gerber

    Beginners beware

    My coal forge is built out of a truck break drum. A standard bag of BBQ charcoal at the gas station is 18kg I believe......that's a good starting feed for my forge. I put the blades in a tube in the forge, that process consumes a lot of charcoal. I've modified it slightly since to eliminate some cold areas in the corners with a taper to the bottom, that should make it easier to use and maybe a bit more economical....a bit
  4. Gerhard Gerber

    Harvesting burl

    There are some huge burls on our Mulberry tree that I want to harvest, any tips on how to go about it and dry them out etc? I have a piece if Peppertree burl and I've found a sealant that might work to stabilize it, the burl is too small to be of much use so it will be a test piece.
  5. Gerhard Gerber

    Harvesting burl

    Last thing yesterday afternoon I took to the Mulberry with a saw, unfortunately termites had gotten in there before me. The tree is covered in burls, but the ring all round the tree where I harvested seems like a reaction to what the termites removed..... Anyway, the tree is already a bit unsteady now, one of the two pieces I got might be worth the effort.
  6. Gerhard Gerber

    What did you do in your shop today?

    So glad to be back at it, guess I shouldn't complain......but it feels like I spent most of my time cleaning up old contact adhesive from my disc grinder yesterday. The disc grinder (side of my big contact wheel) is definitely the answer to getting my current projects finished, but the adhesive sucks, and clearly the sanding paper I'm using as well. I get about 1 minute's productive work from a sheet of 220. Been looking for alternatives but variety has bitten the bullet in recent years.
  7. Gerhard Gerber

    Micarta problems

    Very nice knives.... Super glue is your friend when you want to bring out the beauty of Micarta, but that somewhat kills its best property, the grip....
  8. Gerhard Gerber

    Buffer Q's

    I got mine cheap(er) by modding a bench grinder. Not enough reason to get one, but a quick buff during the finishing process does show up scratched and imperfections very quickly.
  9. Gerhard Gerber

    A tale of 6 blades.

    Oh man that sucks Joshua, really liked where that blade was heading......
  10. Gerhard Gerber

    Harvesting burl

    Thank you very much @Martin Brandt
  11. Gerhard Gerber

    Harvesting burl

    The Peppertree burl was, and I suspect the Mulberry burl will be wet (for the lack of a better word) I was actually wondering how to dry them out without cracking. The Peppertree burl I left in water for a while, had a funny effect on what I suspect was resin leaching out of the wood. Know exactly what you mean, but not that common where I'm at. I've held a few dry ones that people collected, and they're not very large at all.....
  12. Gerhard Gerber

    Rebar spec sheets

    Just search for "rebar axe", I assumed everybody that dares make knives had this video shared to their timeline repeatedly All fine & well, just not sure you can get an edge like that on rebar......?
  13. Gerhard Gerber

    Lesson of the day!!!

    Busy with the chipping hammer yesterday and a piece of flux flew up and burned onto my lip. Welding splatter damage in my shop is yet to be determined......should've moved my belts.....
  14. Gerhard Gerber

    Puukko-ish WIP

    That sucks.....hope you find it!
  15. Gerhard Gerber

    l'm an idiot

    I've done that in an emergency with a brass bolstered knife and it wasn't a complete mess, brass cleaned up easily, SS should be fine. My only issue was FC eats lead solder.
  16. Gerhard Gerber

    Fogg/Kelso Hunter

    Stunning and humbling work. My favourite feature is the tree ring (I think?) effect on the top of the bolster.
  17. Gerhard Gerber

    What did you do in your shop today?

    I have a new least favourite activity: pop riveting At least I've started with the aluminium cladding on my DIY canopy, DIY rubberizing of the load bed this weekend and maybe....hopefully mounting the canopy. More importantly, maximum 10 days before I can resume knife making.....even looking forward to hand sanding!
  18. Gerhard Gerber

    Meteorite Damascus

    Just amazing Gary, thanks for sharing, can't wait to see the result!
  19. Gerhard Gerber

    Puukko-ish WIP

    If you look at the knife pointed at yourself edge up, the outline of the bevel forms a sharper triangle. Looking down at the spine you'll see the tip forms a more equal sided triangle. If the bevel was the same height all the way the tip that would result in a sharper, thinner tip. The result of that bevel is a stronger tip. My idea of the Americanized tanto is a tip with axe geometry that will go though everything, with an edge that will actually cut behind that......this is an understated version of that
  20. Gerhard Gerber

    I'm a potato when it comes to making knives...

    @AndrewB watching your activities constantly reminded of the saying about sculptures, namely you just need to remove the rock that doesn't belong and the sculpture emerges. Knife making is very much the same, but you just seem to stop before all the "rock" is removed.... Also, you might need to divert some time away from online gaming to "study time", namely reading all the advice on this forum.........and watching a few thousand hours of youtube videos. I have no idea what your circumstances are, but most of us have jobs, families and other responsibilities with demands on your time, but you need to make time to study and practice. The knowledge and the skill is not obtained through osmosis
  21. Gerhard Gerber

    San Mai and Koa vest Bowie.

    That knife is pretty much spot-on Steve.....I love it!
  22. Gerhard Gerber

    Meteorite Damascus

    Somebody with a small piece of meteorite asked me about this a while ago........I'm watching with more attention than usual......
  23. Gerhard Gerber

    The Knife making bible?

    I'm a relative beginner and I second you need nothing except this site and youtube.
  24. Gerhard Gerber

    My Humble Beginnings:

    That's a complicated build for a first knife
  25. Gerhard Gerber

    Starting a New Dirk/Dagger

    Knocked it out of the park as usual Gary!