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    ~W I P~ First Stock Removal Knife Project

    @AndrewB is there anybody you know that could take a look at your grinder and make sure it's setup right? The reason I ask, not sure if we have the same red, 36 grit ceramic belts, but even if not they can't be very far off in performance..... In my case the difference between my original 40 grit belts and the ceramic 36 grit was huge! To me it feels like what took an hour now takes 15 minutes.... How long did you grind on that blade? You should get to that point with about 4-5 passes per side.
  2. Gerhard Gerber

    ~W I P~ First Stock Removal Knife Project

    My grinder has a tool rest, I very rarely use it, I believe it's positioned wrong and not sure how to mod it....so I do without. My mentor insisted freehand is the only way....and guess what? He started me off with grinding bevels on each end of a piece of mild steel flatbar. Not if you're making a knife
  3. Gerhard Gerber

    ~W I P~ First Stock Removal Knife Project

    If anybody asks tell then it's a Scandi grind.......just don't show&tell how thick the blade is because then you'll be listening to ax jokes. At some point during the grinding the bevel becomes large enough that (grinding free-hand) you can feel the bevel is flat on the belt, your bevels are still at the guessing stage. Most people will advise you grind in a 45deg bevel till your edge is nearly at the right thickness, then tilt back on the blade and start grinding in higher bevels. You mark using the edge and reference and grind up to those lines. My advice is still take some old belts and mild steel......and practice
  4. Gerhard Gerber

    Couple of EDC/Hunters and a Chef's

    Hi Ross 1070? Much thinner stock.......looking good!
  5. Gerhard Gerber

    Home built tumbler?

    ........revives a very old thread to prove his google-fu is strong...... A friend recently started using his home-built brass tumbler to clean up his blades. We do things a bit differently, he mostly goes for a near mirror polish on his knives.....not my thing at all. It might be a bit of laziness, but my personal experience using my knives convinced me anything more than a 400 grit finish is a waste of time on a user leafspring ( & such) knife. In fact, on larger knives I would like to stop at 220 grit. Polished 220 grit looks pretty good already, except if it's a close-up photo or you have good, young eyes! I need some advice and don't spare your opinions, would a stone-washed 220 grit look good? Do you think it's an acceptable finish?
  6. Gerhard Gerber

    Hussar sabre. Yes, another classic :)

    Amazing work Kris!
  7. Gerhard Gerber

    What did you do in your shop today?

    @Joshua States I'm so sick & tired of welding and grinding and canopy-building I actually thought wistfully about hand sanding yesterday! roflmao Looking good.......
  8. Gerhard Gerber

    ~W I P~ First Stock Removal Knife Project

    You've got the belt grinder, use that to hog off material then fix any problems, including plunges, with a file.
  9. Gerhard Gerber

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Spent the past more than 2 weeks building a alu-clad steel frame canopy for my Suzuki Jeep, got the rear hatch back after having glass fitted Friday and realised the locks not working was just the first of many problems..... I can salvage about 70% of the frame and fortunately the aluminium cladding is still untouched........but this is a kick in the you-know-whatsit's Everything was covered up but I turned my shop into a grinding and welding mess, so sick and tired of the canopy build I'm even looking forward to hand sanding. Wanted to give up for now and get a few knife-things done this week, but that would not be smart.....
  10. Gerhard Gerber

    Advice on Air Compressors

    I can only second that.....get as much capacity as you can afford..... I had a very frustrating Saturday morning, I got two sandblasting kits at a garage sale, both work great it turns out.......except that I can blast for about a minute before the pressure is too low. Otherwise great bit of kit with a lot of potential is mostly useless
  11. Gerhard Gerber

    EDITa micarta wip and questions

    Strange and wonderful how we watch youtube videos and yet each develop our own little variations!
  12. Gerhard Gerber

    Working on a Potpourri of Styles

    Oh man Gary........love that recurve goodness!
  13. Gerhard Gerber

    ~W I P~ First Stock Removal Knife Project

    If you use the stock removal method it would make sense to start with stock at or close to the thickness of the finished knife. You're trying to do the work of a surface grinder with a belt sander, not impossible but very inefficient. Few years ago I heated up and flattened some leaf springs, handed them in at an engineering shop and then take down to about 6mm using the surface grinder. The springs were free, but the cost after grinding was five times (yes, 5x) what new, unmolested 5160 cost.......when I could finally buy it locally a few years later! Sounds like you're about to add to the cost of that blade by messing up some of your new shredder belts doing something that could be avoided by ordering the right steel for the job. Now you'll sit with 36grit (?) scratches on the flats that also need to be cleaned up. Look here You need knowledge not equipment, and fortunately we live in the information age. Walter is just one example, many of the forum members also have channels, and what easier way to learn than watching a video.
  14. Gerhard Gerber

    Life is getting in the way again......

    I missed several calls yesterday afternoon while I was busy in the shop......calls regarding a job. In many ways a better job than I could dream about at this stage........very small mining town, been there, done that, made the friends and kept them despite the distance. Need to move myself 1000km South inside a week, have to be there by April fool's day, and I'll be in temporary contractor's accommodation.....no garage, nowhere to work. I find it very strange that I define myself by making knives already, since it's not self-supporting and might never be, work.....the j-o-b, is just to support the knife making. I've got enough money once I cash out my pension to sustain myself for about a year, so those are the options.......stop making knives for (hopefully) about 6 months or cut-out completely and try to make the impossible come true...
  15. Gerhard Gerber

    Life is getting in the way again......

    I watched part of a documentary "Seattle is Dying" yesterday, realized again how tough times are, and how thankful we need to be if we can afford to be part of this forum, and live a "normal" life. The guys being sold as slaves in Libya today probably wish they could live on the streets of a US city and eat out of a garbage can......
  16. Gerhard Gerber

    Life is getting in the way again......

    More Yoda'ish Thanks Zeb
  17. My grinders are kit builds, the platten that came with the first one was setup to be mounted on the other side of the tool arm (different grinder I suspect), it worked perfectly but was obviously the wrong way around. Fixing that entailed moving the platten and wheel to the other side of the backing plate. While assembling I put the wheels down on a flat surface and adjusted the platten so everything was nice & flush I'm getting the impression the platten needs to stand bit proud of the wheels to prevent them from contacting the work piece? How much is safe/recommended? Secondly, I need to build a much bigger platten. I was hoping to back it with glass. Recently got schooled by somebody making a living from glass and found out the armoured glass I planned on using would be impossible..... Questions..... Would normal glass work and is this feasible at all? If not, does the platten need to be hardened or would mild steel work? Any further recommendations welcome and appreciated. Cheers Gerhard
  18. Gerhard Gerber

    Plattens - Q's on new and existing

    I've been toying with the idea of making a new platten and sticking a piece of conveyor belt on the front, might that soak up the belt bump a bit?
  19. Gerhard Gerber

    Belt grinder Q's

    If you're worried about the difficulty of a hollow grind, don't be! JMO, I think hollow grind is easier than flat. Also, if I have to limit myself to only one grinder I would take the biggest contact wheel I could find.....or afford at least! Love the look of those Coote grinders.......
  20. Gerhard Gerber

    Wish me luck

    Best of luck Jeremy, hope it works out.... I do have some advice for you, obviously not to be combined with bone spurs, hopefully once you're all fixed: Yoga I'm the last person you'd expect to see doing yoga, and honestly I never got past the Sun Salutation which is basically their version of a warm-up, but it cured my back pain no doubt. It was either that or quiting cigarettes, yoga is more likely.
  21. Gerhard Gerber

    Life is getting in the way again......

    Yes Master! Somebody told me to ask for a sign, but I suspect to the greater universe out there I look like a floating question mark consisting of 80% water Turns out the sign was an email sent to the wrong address for that day, and a weekend later the details of the situation had changed a lot..... I'm taking a huge gamble, considering the state of my career and the economy you don't turn down a job, but you cannot change your life for the better without some risks. Turned down a bank, turned down a mine, guess I better start making some next-level knives
  22. Gerhard Gerber

    RoĆ°inn Hrafn - the Red Raven

  23. Gerhard Gerber

    Knocking Off For the Day--Time for a Little Cooking

    Same here Gary.......I've seen Okra in our shops, don't believe I've ever tasted it.....
  24. Gerhard Gerber

    ~W I P~ First Stock Removal Knife Project

    Looks like your working on the profile and the general design of the blade, but I don't see any center lines scribed etc etc, which makes me wonder - have you watched any of the excellent videos on Youtube that take you through the stock removal process? Like Walter Sorrels?
  25. Gerhard Gerber


    Legal To Carry More sarcasm, my banana republic celebrates its birthday today, they recently, without any qualms, dusted off a law from bad old days of 1956 concerning the length of blade you may carry. Believe these miss by 1mm because Up the System O1 tool steel blades, one with green jelly roll micarta, the other black Hessian, sheaths by my dad. These are for a father and son, family friends, and the last knives I'll finish for a while.